1. Hi. While I am obviously new to this site, I have experience on others. Mainly tumblr and fandom specific forums. I'm interested in Miraculous Ladybug, Voltron: Legendary Defender and original storylines.
    If you want, you can call me Artemis.
  2. Oh...hi.

    The names Melody, and welcome to RPN! This place takes virtually an eternity to figure out, but everyone here is pretty nice. Feel free to contact me!

    *free hugs*
  3. Welcome Artemis to RPN! Glad to have you here.
  4. Welcome to RPN!! I am the Mechanist! The hero of the commonwealth and of RPN!! There are Tons of RP's to join, and even more people to RP with, myself included ^D^ We've got all kinds ranging from modern to medieval to futuristic. I myself am prone to fantasy, medieval or futuristic rp's, and I am a sucker for romance and a good love story. Trust me when I say we almost have it all!! Feel free to help yourself to the cookies and punch at the table.
  5. Welcome fren, from the local panda/otter/octopus enthusiast!
    Hopefully you find everything you're looking for! I myself can usually be found lurking around the fantasy forums, general chat areas, and (of course) the discord chat :3 feel free to come say hi any time if you have any questions ^D^
  6. Salutations. My name is SmugViking. My User Number is 49952. I joined RPN on July 15, 2017. I am a male. I enjoy writing very detailed and intricate pieces. Welcome to RPN, User Number 50780, "thethirtysecondqueen". I hope you enjoy your time here. RPN provides a large array of roleplays that satisfy all tastes for adventure and creativity. I'm sure you'll find things you're looking for and you'll successfully enjoy your time here. Just make sure that you stay within the user guidelines, and you should find your time enjoyable.

    You can also find RPN's Discord server here. Do note that the user guidelines are also applicable to the Discord server. You should find a relatively welcoming community on the Discord server, just as you did here.

    Good luck, and have a nice day.

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