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Hana City


Zero Mortal Plan!
Are you good or evil? Do you fight to stay at the top and rule over others or so you fight for survival and equal living amongst the middle class and upper class? Three realms with the realm of the living in the middle. Everyone lives on earth with the animals yes? Well what about the holy realm and the dark realm. The two realms collide with each other and their battleground is the realm of the living!

The dark realm is beginning to dwindle in numbers due to the constant battles within their race and combat with the holy realm. Those of the dark realm are considered the underdogs to some that have knowledge of the two realms that dwell on the realm of the living.

The holy realm, those who serve justice to the other two realms. They are the top of the top, authority, religion, fancy living, anything you can think of at the top. The holy realm protect the realm of the living from the dark realm. They are the gift givers (another chance at life.
Another war broke out into the world of the living between the angels and demons, but this time there’s two more participants, the fallen angels and the Relcs. This war takes place on hana town. Many people from both sides try to live normal lives or to spy on the other race.

Some spies are sent to the Hana City High to spy on demons that are attending the school in hopes to learn knowledge on the angels.

The ocs born a demon or became one through death attend the high school continuing their normal lives but at night fulfill their duties.

Hana City (Flower City) a town i made up thats located in japan, hopefully everyone character somehow found there way here. Has a fancy coffee shop that most teenagers go to just to relax in groups or alone. There’s a shopping district of the city that you have to take an electric train to, it also keeps an Amusement park on the docks. The downtown of Hana City is one of the most dangerous place to be as it’s almost the slums. There’s a main center with skyscrapers for business. You can visit other locations such as Toko Toko Town, and Moru Town.

Hana City High: The high school I’d like most the characters enrolled so we can have interactions with each other. The school is pretty large in mass and numbers. Many students from around the world attend there as they prepare you for college level. They provide you the normal GED, PE, and even Combative classes.
Hans Coffee shop: The popular coffee shop all the teens go to just to relax and get their minds of things. The owner been around for 15 years and he’s well known around the city even by the mayor, he’s nearly 80 years old.

Toko Town: Known as a Tourist location, has many memorial buildings, statues, and artifacts from Japans history. You may even find something to do with the angels there. Can get here by taking Car, or electric train. Nearly impossible to walk here if you’re a normal person.

Moru Town: Biggest shopping center and where most people get their nice jobs. This area is the more of a job and date site type deal. Can get here by taking Car, or electric train. Nearly impossible to walk here if you’re a normal person as its the farthest from Hana City
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oh and maybe a little bit on the plot just so people can get an idea about what they're getting into! :3

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