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Fantasy Guild of Heroes: Recall Protocol - OOC

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Guild of Heroes: Recall Protocol is a parallel-continuity, side-expansive, hyper-achronological mega-crossover pseudo-sequel roleplay to the Guild of Heroes franchise.

Which never seems to die, and perhaps never will.

As its basic premise, Recall Protocol will tell the story of the Guild of Heroes and its glorious (or not-so-glorious) return to the conflict-shorn kingdom of Albion, as well as its surrounding territories. Although the focus will be on the Guild's return and its activities, you can play as anyone - a villain, a non-member, or a mere bystander whose fate happens to be entangled with the events brewing around them. Around you unfolds an endless fractal beach of possibility, whose waters are dreams, and whose shore is the mind's creative spark.


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All OOC discussion shall take place here.

However, I also recommend joining the Discord server which I use for running my games. It can massively expedite any question-and-discussion process, and make it overall more pleasant. For those who are interested, here is the [link]. As soon as you join, I'd suggest tagging me, or, if I seem offline or otherwise not at your disposition, someone who might have the capacity to give you different roles, so that you can be put in as a Guild Member.
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Kovacs Kovacs , hey, any ETA on when you'll be done with your characters? Roleplay's started already, so I don't want you to miss out on it.

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