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Fandom God Eater RP Lore page



The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
It is a well-known fact that when a God Eater broke their armlet, there is no reversing it. The oracle cells within their body will start to lose control, devouring their body from the inside, turning them into what they've been fighting their entire life-- An Aragami-- or an antagonizing death. In that moment of desperation and panic, instead of giving up, you decided to go out with a blast of glory. Taking down the Aragami that caused this, perhaps. Or becoming a bait and giving your friends a chance at survival, something that you know you no longer have.

You swing your weapon, you pulled the trigger, and the cells tear you apart from within, Corroding you. You started to see red, your despair turning into rage and anger, and before you know it you already clawed into the Aragami that you have been fighting. You ripped it apart with a monstrous strength that came from nowhere, and upon finding its Core, you instantly took a bite of it. Perhaps it's the oracle cells within you, puppeting your mind as it's taking over your body. You don't know, but it tasted so good, and you eat more and more and more until you passed out.

According to the standard procedure, God Eaters who have broken their armlets must be executed or hunted if they ran away. There are even God Eaters with such specific jobs. But upon finding you, somehow remaining human with the oracle cells stabilized despite a broken armlet, the organization remembered the accident in Far East Branch and decided to take you into custody instead.

To the world, you are dead already, executed or died in the same mission that caused your armlet to break. But the reality is that you have been discreetly transferred to a new mobile research ship based in Central Asia, named "Hel", where they are doing an intense study on the Humanoid Aragami phenomenon. Here, they learned that upon eating the Core of an Aragami, you have not only managed to wrestle back control from the
the beast within you, but you have also gained powers similar to the Aragami whose Core you have eaten. You ate a Vajra? Now you have skills to control electricity.

Code named "Draugr", you are the "undeads" that are tasked with suicide missions and secret ops missions.


The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
You literally clawed yourself out of the jaws of death, performing the impossible, although the price is losing what little humanity you have left. You are seen with suspicion, treated like a dangerous beast that is the center of a new experiment, but you have been given a second chance at life.

Being half-Aragami, Draugrs actually doesn't need to wear armlets anymore, but they are still made to wear a new one to replace their broken ones. The color is bright yellow and red, to signify the danger that they are, with its main function being to monitor their vitals (for data), GPS tracking, and a paralyzing injection. An explosive chip is also embedded within their head, to be detonated whenever they go rogue or stray too far from the guard they are assigned to in the field.

Draugrs are given a new numerical name that is also their ID, that is how they are formally called, but it's known that they still use their "human name" between themselves

God Eaters, whether a Regular one or AGEs, you have been trained to fight Aragami but most importantly-- other God Eaters. For some that might already be your side task, to hunt and put down rogue God Eaters, stopping them from becoming a bigger threat. You've been transferred to Hel to help make sure that a new kind of threat will never happen.



The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
The story will crank up the usual "fight against the impossible" theme that GE series have up to eleven, delving rather heavily into the theme of humanity and politics that has been strongly touched upon in GE3

The existence of draugrs leads to the horrifying implications that perhaps, the only way for humanity to survive is to give it up and become half-Aragami, which will be a heavy topic of discussion among the top-level politicians and officers. Some factions might have fully bought into it, discretely making their move from the shadows, that will appear at one point in the plot.

Hel is a secret facility built inside a crawler. The only way in or out is by helicopter or car such as jeeps, making an escape by foot for draugrs near impossible, for if they survive the Aragami attacks chances are they won't survive the weather or the Aragami within them. Hel is mainly based in Central Asia, however, they are often deployed to special missions in Europe or Asia to assist local branches.

There is another secret facility known as Nilfheim, where there are reports of draugrs being constantly put on the sedative collar and treated in inhumane ways. The scientists in Nilfheim are the firsts to float the idea that the only way to survive Calamity is perhaps, to turn into half-Aragami. But this means that not all humanity will make it, considering the exams needed to become God Eater, and then the survival rate of corruption itself.

As noted in previous cases, Aragami are highly driven with the desire to devour humanoid Aragami. Once they detect the presence of humanoid Aragamis, they are known to completely change their direction and chases the humanoid Aragamis. This is why, Hel and Nilfheim are deemed to be safer to be constantly on the move, rather than staying stationed in a base and risk a major Aragami invasion that will be devastating.

Hel and Nilfheim traveled all around Eurasia as required for their research and missions, the only time they ever recorded together was when they leave the HQ base to start their operations. As a cover, Hel uses "Gladioli" while Nilfheim uses "Lilies" as codenames, and externally registered as a simple scouting crawler.


The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
As if the world is responding to the Draugr phenomenon, a new breed of Aragami arises. Sightings are rare, and reports are even rarer, considering the 100% casualty rate on squads sent for recon or unfortunately bumping into one. For now, they are known as "Jotunn", a giant-sized Aragami that seemingly have a high intellect (for an Aragami) with what appears to be distinct humanoid features.

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