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Fandom Anyone interested for a God Eater RP? (Testing-the-water check)

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The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
Guess who picked up GE3 in winter sale, fall in love with the franchise again, and now itching for an RP? It's a me!

Basic plot:
It is a well-known fact that when a God Eater broke their armlet, there is no reversing it. The oracle cell within their body will start to lose control, devouring their body from the inside, turning them into what they've been fighting their entire life-- An Aragami. In that moment of desperation and panic, instead of giving up, you decided to go out with a blast of glory. Taking down the Aragami that caused this, perhaps. Or becoming a bait and giving your friends a chance at survival, something that you know you no longer have.

You swing your weapon, you pulled the trigger, and the cells tear you apart from within. You started to see red, your despair turning into rage and anger, and before you know it you already clawed into the Aragami that you have been fighting. You ripped it apart with a monstrous strength that came from nowhere, and upon finding its Core, you instantly took a bite of it. Perhaps it's the oracle cell within you, puppeting your mind as it's taking over your body. You don't know, but it tasted so good, and you eat more and more and more until you passed out.

According to the procedure, God Eaters who have broken their armlets must be executed or hunted if they ran away. There are even God Eaters with such specific jobs. But upon finding you, somehow remaining human with the oracle cell stabilized despite a broken armlet, the organization remembered the accident in Far East Branch and decided to take you into custody instead.

To the world, you are dead already, executed or died in the same mission that caused your armlet to break. But the reality is that you have been discreetly transferred to a new mobile research crawler station based in Central Asia, named "Hel", where they are doing an intense study on the phenomenon of Humanoid Aragami. Here, they learned that upon eating the Core of an Aragami, you have not only managed to wrestle back control from the oracle cell within you, but you have also gained powers similar to the Aragami whose Core you have eaten. You ate a Vajra? Now you have skills to control electricity. That's the idea.

Code-named "Draugr", you are the "undeads" that are tasked with suicide missions and secret ops missions to ensure humanity's survival.

Draugrs (3-5 spots):
You literally clawed yourself out of the jaws of death, performing the impossible, although the price is losing what little humanity you have left. You are seen with suspicion, treated like a dangerous beast that is the center of a new experiment, but you have been given a second chance at life

Guards (3-5 spots):
God Eaters, whether a Regular one or AGEs, you have been trained to fight Aragami but most importantly-- other God Eaters. For some that might already be your side task, to hunt and put down rogue God Eaters, stopping them from becoming a bigger threat. You've been transferred to Hel to help making sure that a new kind of threat will never happen.

Scientists (3 - 5 spots):
You might be former God Eaters yourself, or you might have lived since before the Calamity and survived long enough to see how much change oracle cell done to the world. Your experiments on oracle cell and Aragami are well known, and may even considered to be a breakthrough. Now you are given a new opportunity in Hel to study something new, that may affect humanity as a whole.

Note: The numbers draugrs and non-draugrs god eaters, if possible, should be balanced so they can form a pair. The Scientist role, while still will be important to the story, are just mostly for people who are still interested in joining but Draugrs and God Eaters have no more open slots.


local they/them
I am down, though I'm definitely going to need to refresh myself on the world lore because it has been a hot minute since I last was in the fandom lol


The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
No problem! The fandom wiki is pretty detailed so I think they'll help a lot in this RP lol

Let's wait until there is 4 - 6 of us!


The (Not So) Evil Mastermind
I only played the first game....
And that's okay! A bit of story elements from from the second and third game will make it into the story, but there will be no spoilers, and I'm trying to keep it simple so that even someone who only watched the anime can still join


The (Not So) Evil Mastermind

Now that there's 4 of us ( me included), I'll start working on the IC thread. It'll take a couple days since I'd like to polish the details a bit more, but I'll tag you guys once it's done. Until then, feel free to discuss your characters and maybe even plan stuffs with other players!

As for rules, somethings are just basic. Follow RPN rules, no god-modding, no mary sues and gary sues, no puppetting.

As for roleplaying deets:
  • I'd like everyone to start with 1 character, with a second character slot added after you prove yourself to be an active player in the RP.
  • Your character may get injured or even die, but it will not happen without your permission as the player, so I ask your cooperation to write your characters reasonably (Like, if you write them as hot headed shonen hero who jumps head first into a fight, it will only makes sense for them to get injured or suffer worse).
  • I will be playing a number of vital NPCs to keep the story going. But you are welcomed and encouraged to register and play NPCs that might be vital to the story and growth of your character, feel free to DM me to discuss this!
  • No one-liners, and a minimum of a paragraph (give or take, 5 sentences long) per post.

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