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Fandom Genshin Impact 18+ oc x cc

Hello! I’m Legs, but feel free to call me Q as that’s another alias I go by! I’m a 21-year-old woman who has gotten back into Genshin Impact! I absolutely have adored the game for the time that I’ve played it and getting back into it, well I’m excited for all the shit that’s new!

Alright here’s some more about me to let you know what to expect from me in an rp setting

- Novella-style writing if given enough motivation and product to work with. Though on a more reasonable level I write 300-500 per character, usually more, but let’s have it on the lower end for now.
- Once a week replies unless otherwise stated for RP content while OOC content should have replies every day with fun fanart and headcanons about our characters
- Plotting for new creatures, worlds, and other things that can be implemented into the Genshin Impact we know. As well as plotting for AU’s and other cool things!
- No real triggers, I mean yes I do have some that are probably escaping me. But I truly don’t have any thing that bothers me due to AHEM *rainbow* TRAUMA!
- I have Mental health issues, a job, and am possibly moving. So I’m going to be hella busy as time drags on, so patience is a virtue! Though if you need someone to talk to I’m always there to help <3
- Amazing grasp on grammar and storytelling. Have been doing this since I was 11 years old, if not when I was 10 so I’m VERY into all of this and have had years of practice.
-Willing to give a writing example!

Here’s what I’m looking for in my partner. Please note I WILL BE PICKY! I will want a writing example from you via pm’s as well as some chatter between us both before I confirm that we’re compatible and would work well together.
- Accepting of poly ships. I ship poly for most if not all my ships, I usually play the secondary character in the ship so do not worry about being forced to play a second character.
- Minimum of 300 words PER CHARACTER. This is so things can keep moving. I’m fine with every now and then we both do maybe 150 per character, but I really want something that has depth and gives me something to work with.

Now, here are the characters I have the most experience with!
Childe; I’ve written him so damn much that I know him like the back of my hand! I can depict him in many ways from being simply a harbinger of death, someone who kills for the thrill of it and to fill the void in his chest, to a simple boyish man who enjoys the fun things in life and seeks out those who amuse him. You propose a way to play him, and I’ll make it come to life!

Kaeya; A flirt to end all flirts, I can play him well. Either as someone who is experienced in a relationship and is trying to find the one while navigating his life in Mondstadt or as a man whose psyche is fragile and who puts a mask so others wouldn’t guess that he’s struggling as much as he is.

Diluc: A stoic man who doesn’t always know how to interact with people, he still holds a deep resentment towards his brother, but secretly longs to be close. I can play him other ways, but this is the way that I have the most experience with.

These are the characters I know the most, but I can easily write others and if examples are needed I can give you examples of how I would write them! PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT CAUGHT UP IN FONTAINE AND SOME CHARACTER STORY QUESTS IN SUMERU ARE STILL UNDERWAY FOR ME!
UPDATE: HEADING INTO FONTAINE SOON, CURRENTLY COMPLETED TIGHNARI, CYNO, AND NAHIDA'S FIRST STORY. Currently working on Alhaitham's story, will likely work on Kaveh's after that!

Now, these are the characters/pairings I’m looking for! If the character’s name is bold then that means you’d be playing that character.

Childe x Scaramouche (wanderer iteration or Fatui iteration) x OC

Zhongli x Azhdaha x OC

Itto x Gorou x OC

Ayato x Itto x OC

Venti x Xiao x OC (Can play either Xiao or Venti, I have no preference)

Aether x Xiao x OC (Can play either Aether or Xiao, no preference)

I do have other ships in mind, so if you have someone you want to play do let me know!
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B U M P Currently looking for someone to play Gorou in a Itto x Gorou x OC where Aether never reached teyvat and the war in Inazuma with the vision hunt decree is still ongoing!

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