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Galaxy Busters Voting Thread


Hue Master
3. Always show of the kick finisher before the weapon one since the roleplay toys are sold after the transformation device is released.
Oh look... A BRAND NEW TOY! Each accessory sold separately go to your local toy store. Buy now now now now now!

Coming Soon: A new Power-Up toy! BUY BUY BUY! WHO NEEDS MONEY?! WASTE IT! God damn it Rider Belts are expensive.

Coming Soon: An exclusive toy where Star Phazer summons Niles Xenos and fights off an enemy.

Coming Soon again: A new Grimm Mask that Niles Xenos wears but instead summons Star Phazer. Oh lord it's going to become the Kyuranger Crossover all over again.
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Hue Master
1 and 4 are literally tied. Either I get a tie breaker or I just flip a coin. So this means I'll be extending the deadline to 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

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