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3. Always show of the kick finisher before the weapon one since the roleplay toys are sold after the transformation device is released.
Oh look... A BRAND NEW TOY! Each accessory sold separately go to your local toy store. Buy now now now now now!

Coming Soon: A new Power-Up toy! BUY BUY BUY! WHO NEEDS MONEY?! WASTE IT! God damn it Rider Belts are expensive.

Coming Soon: An exclusive toy where Star Phazer summons Niles Xenos and fights off an enemy.

Coming Soon again: A new Grimm Mask that Niles Xenos wears but instead summons Star Phazer. Oh lord it's going to become the Kyuranger Crossover all over again.
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1 and 4 are literally tied. Either I get a tie breaker or I just flip a coin. So this means I'll be extending the deadline to 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

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