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Futuristic Freelancer Legends (Approved Character List)



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Makku Rahjin [Aces]

Thomas Jenkins [Captain, Tom, Tommy]

Lucius Cypher:
Ntaj "Ryo" Tseeb Yaj [Axeman]

Bully Talisi Tupuola [Buj]

Madae St. Francis [Grimr]

Sammea Ahen [Dreamer]

Adam Davidson [Bones]​
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Full Name: Makku Rahjin

Alias: Aces

Age: 26

Height: 5' 7" (170cm)

Weight: 155lbs (70kg)

Personal Loadout and Exo-Armor:
Out of suit-
Carry: Suppressed Hedron Arms 'Whisper'
In suit-
Carry: Thawr HC7 RAM
Combat: Hedron Arms P6LR

Exo-Armor: Jackal Class

Pathfinding: He is a great geological analyst and route planner. This helps avoid hazardous terrain and to ensure the quickest and safest route anywhere on any planet. In addition, He has extensive knowledge of the Space-Tear grid and can plot courses.
Pilot: He's been flying his whole life, A spaceship is like a second body to him. He picks up different ship types quickly.
Spaceship Repair: He flies his ships HARD and when you fly them hard, they break a lot. He has lots of experience repairing a plethora of ship types.

Physical Description:
Visual Reference

A young man with lively facial features, His black hair is rather stiff from all the damage its sustained from putting on and taking off a helmet. He has thick eyebrows over light brown/ red toned eyes.

He has a small athletic build. Compact, Muscular.

He his typically disheveled looking, clothes wrinkled hair a mess.

Still has a hard time growing facial hair.

Behavioral Description:
He's upbeat and carefree.

He gets along with just about everyone, or tries to at least.

He instigates a little trouble here and there but tries to stay out of direct conflict.

Adrenaline junkie through and through. Loves to get into dangerous situations just for the thrill.


His Father (Garn) was a Aerospace shuttle engineer. He ran a ship repair shop in the middle colonies, He was really good at what he did, providing Makku and his mother with the heavily modified and tuned up shuttles they used for running. He taught Makku a lot of what he knows now.

His mother (Illia) was a professional shuttle runner, She had a lot of contacts in the outer rings that she ran cargo for. Unfortunately, most of the cargo was illegal parts and substances. This is where Makku got most of his flying lessons from. By the age of 19 he was given his own ship and joined the family smuggling business. When Makku was 23 his mother was detected by UESC forces over one of the inner colony planets, she had been hired by the CHC to carry Confidential cargo away from one of the ports on C7B. She tried her best to evade and escape capture, however she was so deep in the inner colonies they had more than enough forces and technology to trap her and eventually capture her. She managed to send a STCS (Space-Tear communication systems) message to Garn telling him that she was caught and that she was going to self destruct the ship so that they couldn't trace her back to the shop.

At the time of his mothers death Makku was out on a different run in the middle colonies. The job was to pick up three Jackal Exo-Armors and hold them at the cargo yards at the shop until the contact it was going to came to pick it up. On his way back however, Makku received a STCS message from his father telling him what had happened. Garn told him to stay out of the system until he gave the all clear. Makku had about two days supplies so he stayed out of the system as long as he could. By the end of the second day, there was no all clear. Makku decided to land at a refueling station to stock up for a few more days. However when he was there he heard on the news that a major source from a smuggling ring had been captured. That caught his attention. When he looked to the TV the broadcast was on, sure enough, Illia's mugshot was on display.

He listened intently to see how much information they had. To see if he was next on the UESCs list.

Turns out, Garn had gotten a tip that the UESC were headed straight for him. He scrubbed the shop of all information, buyers, sellers, runners, everything. Most importantly, any existence of Makku. His method? How did he clean the entire shop of all evidence in just one day? Three thousand pounds of smuggled military explosives completely leveled the shop and everything in two sectors of the space station they were in.

Garn was never found. Assumed to have detonated the charges manually, and thats exactly what happened, Makku knew because that was the family plan if anyone ever got caught.

Once he got back onto the ship he scrubbed the serials off each Jackal Suit he had. Ever since he has been working as a freelancer, Practicing in his new Exo-Armor, flying for various Freelancer groups where he sold his other two jackal suits.


Just another guy
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My Interest Check
Full Name: Thomas Jenkins

Alias (If any, If not put N/A): Tommy or Tom

Age: 27

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 165 lbs

Personal Loadout and Exo-Armor: Thomas wears his personal Commando series Exo-Armor that he has designed and tweaked to become almost a second skin for him. He carries an M38 Special Carbine for medium to long range engagements and a 9mm pistol for close contact

The M38 special carbine is a trustworthy and versatile weapon system. It fires 7.62x39mm rounds, is fully ambidextrous, easy to take down and maintain, and has multiple rail systems for the user to add attachments.


  • First Aid - Thomas took a couple of first aid training courses in college and learned how to stop bleeding/bandage wounds
  • Engineering - Tom has gotten a Bachelor's Degree in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, allowing him to develop and work on all sorts of machines as long as he has the time for it
  • Exo-armor tuning - Thanks to the fact Tommy has worked on all sorts of EA and developed his own, he can fix minor/cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents. He can also adjust most armors to be more comfortable for the pilot.

Physical Description (Plus face claim if you have one): Tommy has black hair he keeps medium length and swept to the side. He always kept himself in shape through college to better design his Exo-Armor for the kinds of people who would be wearing it

Behavioral Description: Tom tries to be laid-back most of the time but is pretty uptight. He takes his contracts very seriously and will tell someone off if they're joking around too much. He also thinks very literally and sarcasm often goes right over his head. Many people think he is a know-it-all but he only comes off as one because he wants to share his knowledge.

Background (Major events in the characters life leading up to now):
Tommy grew up in The Lunar Colony, a human settlement of Earth's moon that nearly covers the entire surface. His family is fairly well off thanks to his dad being a savvy investor and a Financial Manager of Leidos Technologies, a major defense contractor for the UESC. In school he was often made fun of for taking classes too seriously and not relaxing enough, leading to him not having many friends throughout his childhood. His father was absent most of his life, spending the majority of his time researching financial investments instead of playing catch. This meant that Tommy only really had a connection with his mother who stayed at home and took care of him and his siblings. Tom has two younger sisters that he often spent his free time with when he was younger. Tom has a very close relationship with his sisters and still keeps up with them as best he can. During his college years he wanted to design something that would change the universe and help protect people. So, finally spending time with his dad, Tommy designed an exo-armor suit that he believed was the best in every possible way. Leidos Technologies bought the patent off of Thomas for a nearly unbelievable amount of money and immediately started producing massive amounts of the newly named "Commando" Exo-Armor to send to UESC troops across the universe. Due to his upbringing and strictly classroom training, he hasn't seen field operations much and prefers to stay back from combat a little ways. (He may also get a little squeamish if he needs to perform first aid on a particularly bad wound)

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
Full Name: Ntaj "Ryo" Tseeb Yaj

Alias (If any, If not put N/A): Axeman

Age: 27

Height: 5'10

Weight: 212lbs

Personal Loadout:
MTS-340. Ntaj's personal firearm he often carries while operating his Exosuit. A revolver that is designed to handle shotgun rounds, it packs more of a punch than even regular revolvers and can be loaded with a variety of shells that shtoguns could use. Typically Ntaj uses flechette shot: shells loaded with needle-like bullets designed to have a tighter spread than conventional buck and do far more damage to flesh and light armor. This enables him to hit targets from a much longer range than a typical revolver without too much loss in firepower.

Armor Pilot Suit. Not an Exo-Suit, but important for Ntaj's own protection nonetheless. This deceptively heavy looking suit is designed to help Ntaj withstand damage from within his Brute Exo-Armor, fitted with padding and plate to withstand shocks and explosions. In a pinch, it can also absorb some bullets and shrapnel, though it's not advisable to rely on it as combat armor. Ntaj's right arm is fitted with a retractable arm blade for self-defense and survival.

Heat Hawk. The weapon which gave Ntaj his name. This tactical tomahawk has a heat blade, enabling it to literally melt through armor targets with ease. It's his go-to weapon for close-quarters combat as it has more range and striking power than a knife, but it's small enough to use in tight corridors. Ntaj can throw it better than he can shoot things, though that has the obvious drawback of losing out on his favorite and primary melee weapon.

Exo Armor:
Zok-II. Ntaj's chosen Exo Armor, a Brute-type Exo Armor designed to provide heavy infantry support in urban fighting. Designed to be able to withstand all sorts of damage while still compact enough to fit into buildings (Through not necessarily doors), the Zok-II has a history of being the favorite armor of insurgencies for it's cheap cost and reliable performance. It's relatively small and compact size is a boon for militias who don't have bases to store larger Brute Exo-Armor, and the fact that it's built for long-term durability ensures that it can walk away most fights it can't win and still have plentiful parts for repairs and replacements. Ntaj's armor has the following armaments:

Norinco QLZ-97 - The primary weapon of the Zok-II is an automatic grenade launcher that fires 25mm explosive rounds. Designed less for precision shooting and more for saturation, it's a deadly weapon on the open field and even just a single shot can rip through a soldier and his squad. Notably however more of an anti-infantry weapon, as the 25mm lack the payload for heavier armors such as some combat vehicles or other Brute Armors.

Shield Plate - A metal/ceramic armor plate fitted to the Zok-II's left arm. Can easily deflect small-arms fire and can be used in conjunction with the Zok-II's main arm. In a pinch, it can also be used as a battering ram to knock over other large targets or creatures.

AER9 - A shoulder mounted laser rifle, considered the sidearm for the Zok-II. Much like the Brute suit itself the AER9 is known for it's durability and reliability in battle, utilizing very little moving parts and designed for long-term durability over power or performance. Ntaj's AER9 is designed for mid-range shooting, having a highly damaging output at the cost of firing rate, making it poor for suppressing fire but great for precision shooting from an entrenched position. While capable of long-range shooting, Ntaj himself has difficulty shooting at that range due to a lack of targeting equipment, so any long-ranged shooting will more-or-less just be free aimed and hoping for the best.

SAP-FF-HO1 "Phantom" - The tool that Ntaj relies most on the Zok-II. It's a short-range Communication Jammer, perfect when infiltrating enemy fortification or disrupting enemy formations. Unfortunately works both ways, cutting off Ntaj's communication along with his allies, thus requires either careful coordination or for Ntaj to operate on his own. Still this tool has the greatest potential to instill both fear and confusion among the enemy when their ability for both short and long-range communication becomes cut off, forcing them to rely only on what they can say and what they can hear. And often the only thing they can see and hear is the Zok-II, approaching with killer intent. As Ntaj himself likes to explain, "If you can break the radios, an entire army will collapses under its own weight into a confused mess. One with no other option than to engage in a frontal assault against the obvious strongpoints."

Specialties: Ntaj is trained for close-quarters combat in both open battles such as trench warfare, or in urban combat. Ntaj himself favorites shock assaults, ideally killing within the first few seconds and more than capable of holding his ground if the enemy hasn't been eradicated, but if they have then he would carry that momentum forward until the complete destruction of the enemy. In particular he is surprisingly able to sneak up on foes despite how heavy his armament is, making him a very good point man in squad assaults. With the Zok-II's durability and his Communication Jammer to weaken coordination and sow confusion, Ntaj is best suited to dive deep into enemy lines and create chaos to allow his teammates better chances to pick off key targets or infiltrate past a guarded position.

Physical Description:

Constantly wears a long clothes, largely for other people's sake. 80% of his body is scarred due to burns, resulting in a complete loss of hair and much of his skin. Conventionally he's very unattractive and looks like a flayed human. Chooses to look like this as a stark reminder of how war affects people. Plus skin grafts aren't cheap. He has very rough, leathery flesh underneath his suit.

Behavioral Description: Professional and courteous. Ntaj is able to keep his composure quite well under pressure, following orders with very little questioning and flexible in ideals to work with anyone. That's not to say that he's not a thinker, he's actually quite analytical and eager to learn. He type of person who likes to gather knowledge where it interests him and apply that knowledge wherever he can. A bit boring: doesn't like taking risks or doing anything outside of parameters. Tends to keep to himself and is very good at keeping himself entertained. In combat he shows little fear, which can be detrimental to squad safety due to having a very poor threat assessment ability. But when you need someone to take risks and storm no-man's land, Ntaj will be among the first to volunteer.

Has quite an opinion on certain humans, particularly of asian descent. Strangely enough he himself claims to be descendant of multiple ethnicity, but identifies as Japanese. It's likely that he's not really Japanese however and he hides his true race for personal reasons. Comes off as cynical in regards to humanities unity, noting that the only place where such unity exist is on Earth, where he believes things are so tightly regulated and controlled that he wouldn't be surprised if everyone is actually a clone with different aesthetics just to maintain the appearance of uniformity. He believes that the only thing that humanity is united on is making themselves distinct from one another. That distinction itself will bring about divides which will create the cycle of war and division that keeps humanity going.

Background: Ntaj was born on a Colony World called Seluna. His people were known as the Hmong, an asian tribe that once lived in what was once Southern China until war dispersed them, with most going to either France or the USA. Wanting a land for themselves, they pooled together their resources and went to colonize Seluna, at the time a world with similar atmospheric conditions as Earth but so far lacking in sapient beings. They lived there for 60 years, growing in population rapidly from 200,000 when they first landed, to 1.2 million by the time Ntaj was born.

As a youth Ntaj was fascinated with history. Not just the history of his people, but of the world before they arrived to Seluna. Of the world known as Earth, and the people there. He was especially interested in the heroes of old, of the things they faced to make the world a better place. But Ntaj wouldn't get to keep that youthful innocence for long. Despite his family's best efforts, Ntaj was born in a world at war. His people were divided in civil war over resources, on behalf of conglomerates who were using them as proxies for their corperate war. For the longest time the people on Seluna governed themselves as peacefully as they could, which meant that when war broke out, there was no limit on the kind of atrocities committed to defeat the opposing side. At the young age of 12, Ntaj's family was killed when chemicals were rained down from the skies, infecting his village and slowly killing off everyone. Ntaj only survived due to the sacrifice of his mother, who gave her life to ensure he reached somewhere safe to be healed.

With his entire family killed, Ntaj was alone. He had no one to turn to, and nothing but anger for the death of his family. He didn't know why they were attacked, why they had to do this. And Ntaj was not only in this feeling. Many young men and women choose to join various insurgencies to fight against their oppressors, waging guerilla war against their enemies. But war was not a simple thing of good against evil. The soldiers who attacked Ntaj's home were other tribes, who themselves had allied to a much higher power supplying them with weapons and armor. In turn, Ntaj had joined an insurgent group who allied with a rival company to receive similar support. It was here that Ntaj started to learn that this battle was not even just between his own people, but between an ancient enemy that his world hasn't seen in a very long time: the Chinese.

Ntaj knew something about them from his history books. About how his people once lived in their lands before they were pushed out, because they were "barbarians". And now it would seem that history was repeating. Once more the Chinese had come to push around the Hmong, turning them against each other so that they could expand the reach of their empire beyond Earth itself. Ntaj fought against them viciously, using that hate to turn him into a killer even as a child. He picked up a weapon and killed his first man at the age of 15, and shortly thereafter joined other men and women in the trenches on Seluna, witnessing the horrors of war first hand. But he withstood, stalwart against danger, to take back his home against the foreign invaders who would sooner see them all dead than to worry about the ethics of their own actions.

Ntaj would fight this war for over ten years. Over time he would gain a reputation for his fearlessness and his axe, a weapon that he had taken from a Chinese Officer during a prolonged siege battle. But what would truly give Ntaj the most accolades was when he used that very same axe to capture a Zok-I Brute Exo Armor. Granted, heavy artillery already disabled most of it's dangerous weaponry, but wanting it captured so it can be used instead of destroyed, Ntaj used his axe to break into the cockpit of the Brute Suit, killing the pilot inside and commandeering the armor for himself. It was here that Ntaj received a promotion and began training to use the Exo Suit, repairing it to combat functionality as the tides of war started to swing in their favor.

It was during his time as a Brute Pilot that Ntaj began to realize that his benefactors were not as benign as he had thought. He learned that they were a conglomerate of Vietnamese people, who like the Chinese came to this planet to drain it of it's natural resources. They simply competed with the Chinese over the same resources, and choose to use the Hmong as the soldiers for their war. Very rarely would there be any of their own men dying in battle, barring a few officers meant to help train the militia with the weapons and equipment they were given. Ntaj learned this from another foreign agent, a russian weapon's manufacturer. They too had a vested interest in this war, wanting Ntaj and the militia to use and test their weapons in battle for data analysis. Somehow, this war for survival became something more like a game to these foreign powers. Despite the suffering and tragedy the Hmong people were inflicting to one another, to the Earth's Elites they may as well have been watching an animal documentary.

Over time Ntaj's interest in this war began to wane. Sometimes they would win, sometimes they would lose, sometimes there was even talks between both sides, but there was always a war going on. Hate had grown so ingrained in their life that most schools incorporated combat training in their education. Deep down, Ntaj just wanted it to end. And unfortunately for him he got his wish. He was in the midst of raiding a city when suddenly the sky was engulfed in a blinding light. Men around him were disintegrated and crushed. Ntaj only survived through sheer serendipity: He was inside of the Zok-I and raiding a bunker at the time, putting him in one of the safest places one could be. And even that didn't completely save him from the blast, destroying the Zok-I and burning Ntaj alive.

There's many theories about what happened that day. Many suspect some sort of nuclear attack, while others point out that the many years of wage have massively destabilized the geographical stability of Seluna. But what can't be denied is that the resulting explosion devastated the world, bringing a sudden end to the war. Neither side were in any condition to fight, with most everyone forced to live in isolated communities eeking out survival. Ntaj was comatose for two years, picked up by the russian arm's manufacturer who he had befriended before. When he awoke, they had explained what had happened and offered to take Ntaj back home. But he had no home to turn back to. He had learned that even the people who were helping him were ultimately just using him and his people for their own ends, and the suffering they went through only went to line the pockets of Earth's elites. Instead of going back home, which was no doubt just a flatten wasteland now, Ntaj choose to tag along with the weapons manufacturers, joining as a mercenary to leave this planet and find a new world. Maybe a better world.


"Always Vigilant."
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  • FULL NAME: Bully Talisi Tupuola

    ALIAS: Buj

    AGE: 47 standard years.

    HEIGHT: 6'6"

    WEIGHT: 260lbs.

    A male of heavily mixed Polynesian descent and imposing stature, stood at an unarmoured height of 6'6" with a solid, well refined physicality as the result of a well-fed labour's lifestyle. Typically sporting a thick beard that serves to compliment his facial tattoos and head of grown out black locks, on the way to greying. They've a pair of brown eyes and a rather uninviting visage.​

    Considered to be an exemplar of Jovian hospitality, jovial to the end of his days. A lover of music, a good game of cards and open to sharing a plate with anyone. Though very likely to feed any guest, he isn't without a fighting heart, known to get into brawls with servicemen and civilians while in spaceports, particularly in Earth Orbit.​

    SPECIALITIES: Search, Rescue, Recovery. Technical Assistance.

    • A940 Assault Rifle - A classic assault rifle design modernised, paying homage to older AK-style rifles., taking both conventional caseless and plastic rounds for ship-boarding.
    • 808 Jovian Journeyman - A caseless sidearm with a high capacity, taking both conventional caseless and plastic rounds for ship-boarding.
    • Europan Survival Hatchet - A typical survival weighted hatched, crafted in the rugged and classic Europa-style.
    • Arch-Knife - A rather crude combat knife definitively designed to puncture reinforced environment suits and, as technology progresses, potentially Exo-Armour.
    EXO-ARMOUR: Jaguar Exo-Armour.



Divine Damsel of Devestation
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Valorous Order x Code by Serobliss
Master of Masks
Freelance agent
Full Name / Madae St. Francis
Code Name/ Grímr
Gender / Female
Combat Experience / Decent
Birthday / November
Race / Human
Height / 5'8"
Weight / 163 lbs
Personal Details
General Description
A fulltime freelancer with experience in covert operations and espionage. Agent Madae St. Francis is a decorated freelancer that will be your serpet and spy. Your eyes within off-limits locations.

Madea is known to be a very no-nonsense person who takes her work seriously. She is known to switch faces in order to mesh into many environments. Some have called her two-faced because of this, but she thinks that she is a social chameleon. She isn't very open to people and prefers to stay within the fringes when it comes to social gatherings. Should she come to develop bonds with someone, she tends to be very doting and ultimately all too caring.
EXP — Grade: B+
0 / 1000— Ascension: 1
General information
❖ Echelon:⠀Espionage Expert
❖ Rank: Double Agent
❖ Position: Close range DPS
❖ Tags: Rouge, Single target DPS, Glass anon
Service Term
Personal Loadout
CQC Tactile Defense Carbine
When things get out of hand, one must be prepared. The CQC Tactile Defense Carbine is a weapon applauded both for its offensive and defensive capabilities. Madae keeps this weapon on her person at all time should she be put in a difficult situation.
LRP 7.62 mm Laser Sniper
Her weapon of choice, the LPR 7.62 mm Laser Sniper is known for its uses stealth missions, particularly within freelancer work. As she practiced, Madae found she enjoyed the feel of the gun and adopted it into her personal arsenal.
Ka-Bar "Tactile Sting"
Modelled after the iconic Ka-Bar knife, the Ka-Bar "Tactile Sting" is a close combat melee weapon built from a material referred to as "Astride" which is excavated from astroids and refined. In the right hands, this weapon allows for clean and efficient kills.
Historical Biography
Year 000
Madae Saint Francis was born an only child on the planet colony CoRoT 7B. Her father, Helio St. Francis, worked as an experienced urban planner within GreyHound Inc. While her mother, Anetta Viotto, was a renowned archaeologist and historian, fascinated by the history that Earth holds. Her early days were spent with her Aunt, Alcina Viotto, A senior codebreaker who instilled within her a love for secret codes by teaching her about morse code. It was her aunt who Madae looked up to the most, wishing to be like her when she grew up.

Year 010
Life was sweet for a while, until tragedy struck within her teen years. At the age of 15, Madae lost her mother during an archaeological trip. She never got the full details of what happened that day. That loss of closure haunted her for years to come, causing her to isolate herself from others. She didn't wish to experience that sort of loss again, nor did she ever want to feel that lack of closure.

Year 020
In her 20s, Madae threw herself into her studies. She came out of it with a master's in criminal justice, and a bachelor's degree in psychology and computer sciences. It was at this point in life she aimed to work as an intelligence officer, following in the footsteps of her aunt.

Year 030
After finishing her studies, Madae began to look for work. Here, she began her work as a freelance agent, briefly working with the USEC as an information officer on the Cyber Hound Cartel, an organized crime group that specialized in artefact smuggling. It was here that she obtained her "Cloak" exo-armour. She left that job at the age of 32.

Year 040
Now, Madae St. Francis, codename Grímr, works as a freelancer. Her expertise lies in espionage and covert operations. She now hopes to find a place where she is able to work as the master of masks, using her skills to root out information and assist in any way she can.




Full Name: Sammea Ahen of Clan Ahen, The Striking Spider
Alias: Dreamer
Age: 23
Height: 6'2" / 188cm
Weight: 220 lbs / 100 kg​

Personal Loadout and Exo-Armor:
The Veres Triarius ELITE is a modification package of the Elite-Class ExoArmor, suited more towards the unique environments of their homeworld, the Veresian Clans have completely redesigned the stock helmet of the Elite, creating a novel system of 360 degree visual sight, with cameras numbering from 8-10 arrayed in such a way as to mirror a spider. The complex array of cameras surprisingly doesn't sacrifice protection, and offers more than just a convoluted and difficult to learn system of sight. The helmet itself, called the Veres Armorworks Arach-8, a rare and extremely uncommon sight outside of the planet of Veres, is often painted personally by the wearer with the designs of the local wildlife. Sammea herself has the helmet painted like the head of a spider, with the front featuring large white fangs, and the cameras highlighted with white rings. The natives of Veres do this to dissuade predators from ambushing them, and statistically, hunters who paint their helmets have a roughly 30% reduced chance of being ambushed by predators, which is more than enough reason for them to get creative with helmet designs.

For the body of the suit, the Ahen Triarius Elite includes the ASUPv2, Ahen Specific Upgrade Package Version 2. The extremities of the suit have been fitted with talons for the feet, and hooks mounted in the forearms, to suit the hunting style of Clan Ahen. The talons and hooks allow the wearer to climb trees, mountains, cliffs, with ease. Ahen hunters are known to use both the talons and the hooks to savage effectiveness in melee combat, and the system even allows them to hang on walls and ceilings, though with some difficulty. Particularly skilled Clan Ahen hunters can use the increased mobility offered to them by the ASUPv2 to fire on enemies from unexpected angles.
The Veres Weaponworks Hasta GM-7A3 40/70 is a 40mm L/70 Railcannon usually mounted on vehicles and battlements, used against the megafauna and hyperfauna that inhabits the world of Veres, and it does it's job spectacularly well. Derived from the already cutting edge Voidex Megacorperation Skunkworks' Spear Mark.5 Railcannon, the Hasta GM-A7 is as lightweight, powerful, and durable as its cousin. Among the Veresian Clans, the Hasta line of Railcannons has an almost mythical reputation, deeply associated with The Path of The Silver Bullet, born from local folk hero, Magni Orvar, one of the first colonists who landed on Veres generations ago, and the first Silver Bullet Hunter, the Skygod Slayer.

The GM-7A3E2, 40/30 SKYGOD, is the latest version of SKYGOD Railcannons, designed specifically for Silver Bullet Hunters, each Railcannon is hand crafted by master gunsmiths and engineers, tailored specifically to the user. SKYGOD Railcannons are the brainchild of Magni Orvar, and are Exo-Armor portable, anti-material weapons created for the purpose of hunting the megafauna and hyperfauna that roam the world of Veres, before they reach the walls of cities and towns. As every Silver Bullet Hunter carries a SKYGOD Railgun, the No.166 SKYGOD, is Sammea's personal breechloading Railcannon. Steeped in the blood of a Tyrant Hawk, it is a GM-7A3E2, and like all GM Railcannons, it launches 40mm shells, with a total gun length of roughly 6.5 feet, the gun is taller than some living humans, while upright. Her SKYGOD Railcannon is attached to her ExoArmor through a solid rail system that places the weight of the gun on her armor, while the entire MULE system is dedicated to moving the gun up and down the rail, which runs over the shoulder and along the shoulder blade, as well as aiming the weapon. While the gun itself has a grip, trigger, and foregrip, the MULE/Rail system is capable of firing the weapon on it's own, allowing the user to use all of their limbs to help brace for the immense recoil of the gun. Due to the solid mounting system, the cannon has a very specific firing arc. Standing upright, the MULE/Rail mount can traverse the gun 10° to the left and right, and the mount offers -15° of gun depression, with up to +60° of gun elevation, for safe firing. It is possible to fire the gun in it's resting, stowed state, granting a gun elevation of +80°, but the mounting may break, as the MULE/Rail system isn't fully capable of handling the gun recoil in that state.

What makes a SKYGOD Railcannon unique is not just its man portability, but also their versatility. As many Railcannons are belt fed to maximize rate of fire, SKYGOD variants are usually magazine or breech loaded, on paper this just means they have a lower rate of fire, but in reality the Silver Bullet Hunter has the capability to fire any sort of ammunition in any order. Meaning during a hunt, the hunter can fire an armor piercing round to penetrate the hide of a rampaging creature, then fire an explosive one into the breached hide. Or the hunter could first fire a proximity explosive shrapnel round at the head, blinding the creature by lacerating it's eyes. Then when the creature roars, fire an explosive poison shell to inflict paralysis. This allows Silver Bullet Hunters to change from anti-armor, to anti-air, to anti-personnel with a single reload, while carrying a portable cannon on their back.
From the legendary Heckler & Koch company, comes the best in laser based portable firearms. Despite the reputation of laser based firearms, the G210 is the cutting edge in laser reliability and ruggedness. We've tested this thing to hell and back, thrown it off buildings, ran it over with tanks, dragged it through mud, submerged it and froze it, and still the lenses stayed aligned and good. No cracks, no breaks, always fires. When you want a laser that always works, HK G210, you could use it as hammer.
The HK G210 Pulse Laser, as marketed, is one of the most reliable and most rugged laser based assault rifles on the market to date. While most laser weapons are relatively fragile compared to their ballistic counterparts, the G210's internals follows the trends set by the famously durable AER9, with an innovative shock absorbing system to protect the most delicate parts of the internals. As the marketing says, the user could literally use this rifle as a hammer, and it would fire perfectly fine afterwords. It's a bullpup styled rifle, using magazine sized batteries as ammunition, featuring flip up iron sights, and rails all along the top, side, and bottom of the rifle. It's bulkier than the average laser rifle, but only just slightly, and still sleek in design. Thanks to the low recoil inherent to laser based weaponry, and the small size of the carbine version, Sammea is able to fire this weapon comfortably with one hand.

Sammea's HK G210K is the short barreled carbine version, firing at the same rate as the G210, 750 rounds per minute, and like all laser weapons, on average more accurate than ballistic weapons. The G210K however has even less effective range than the G210, due to the shorter barrel. The drawback doesn't bother Sammea however, the advantages of a high rate of fire, coupled with the fact that laser based weapons have no travel time, is far more important to Sammea. The G210K also suffers from a lack of armor penetration, like many laser based small arms, though it's effects on unarmored targets is devastating. This particular G210K was a gift from a fellow Silver Bullet Hunter, so she takes good care of the weapon. Her own rifle features a durable holographic sight on the top of the rifle, and on the side, a flashlight laser Vis/IR combo device.

The G210K, sized for unarmored human hands, is a fairly heavy carbine due to a majority of its weight being in the fire control system, despite being made of advanced polymers, weighing in at 3.54kg/7.8lbs unloaded, and 4.17kg/9.2lbs loaded. The weapon is sized at a length of 750mm/30in, a width of 65mm/2.6in, and a height of 260mm/10.2in. For an unarmored, or lightly armored human, the weapon is a comfortable, familiar size and weight, and for the Elite-EA armored Sammea, the weapon is more like an SMG in comparison.
Despite it's simple name, the Veresian Machete is sized more like a massive unwieldy sword to the normal sized person, sized at a total length of 45.3in/115cm. The tool, used much like a usual machete, is used all across Veres as an agricultural tool, an exploration tool, and for hunters, sometimes a melee weapon. Sammeas machete is an upsized, well balanced, well construction, Exo-Armor specific crafted tool made for Veresian Hunters wearing EA equipment.

Specialties: Megafauna/Hyperfauna Hunting. Wilderness survival. Climbing. Stalking and tracking. Shooting her Railgun. Knows enough about Railguns to maintain and repair her cannon, but that's about it.

Physical Description:
Sammea, for a Veresian, is a small person, standing at a slightly below average height for her people, at 6'2" / 188cm. She has black hair, usually kept short, with her bangs in a hairclip to stay out of her eyes when she's on duty. Her eyes are brown, she has a narrow, small nose, and a slim face. She is well in shape, and unusually, the Veresian people despite coming from a lower gravity world, keep themselves strong enough to match a fit Terran human. For the longer, lither bodies of lower gravity world humans, the Veresians hide a deceptive strength behind their appearance. When outside of her armor, she likes to wear fitting, modest, and sturdy clothes often in earth tones. Usually under a dark green hooded cloak.

Behavioral Description:
Sammea is young, and acts like it. She believes in good, in heroes, that people want to help each other, she's quite the idealist, believing in the possibility of a better world and a better galaxy. Because she's never left her homeworld before, everything, even space travel, is new to her. She's eager to learn, attentive, and an explorer, but she knows how to keep herself in check, and will listen to her seniors when instructed. In contrast to her starry eyed nature, on duty, she knows that some things just aren't feasible, no matter how badly she want's it to happen, showing that she's not entirely naive. In actuality, Sammea is a highly experienced warrior, having survived on her incredibly dangerous homeworld her entire life, and since the age of 10, has been training and fighting as a Veresian Hunter. She can behave just like any other veteran of war, but she chooses to hold onto her more innocent beliefs, not letting her experiences jade her.

Born on one of the more recent additions to the UESC, the world of Veres is an incredibly dangerous one. Colonized hundreds of years ago by generation ship before STT Stations were commonly available, the colonists of Veres had been separated from the greater human civilization the entire time. Situated in the middle of the outer ring of colonized space, the world is the very definition of a frontier world, even with its hundreds of years of human presence on the planet. The planet is lush with alien flora and fauna, but of the incredibly dangerous sort. Very specific conditions on the world have promoted a common evolutionary trait, that plants and animals grow larger. By normal standards, most of the life on Veres is considered Megaflora and Megafauna, with more than a handful of species of both being sorted into a newer classification. Hyperfauna. Creatures and plants so large that it seemingly defies logic and science.

It was only decades ago that the sponsors of the generation ship, the Voidex Megacorporation, was able to link up with the colony of Veres again. And under Voidex, the colonists were worked harshly under brutal and inhumane conditions, leading to an 11 years long war of independence. The Veresians emerged victorious, bloodied, but having crushed the private military of Voidex. The Clans of Veres adopted the offworlders who helped them in this war, naming them as a new clan. With their newfound independence, they quickly allied themselves with the UESC, and underwent the process of integration. Today, Veres is unified under a council of Clan Leaders, 7, to be exact, each leader representing their Clan. The world is fairly isolationist, with two major factions debating whether or not they should remain isolationist, or if they should open up their borders and become more connected with the rest of the human civilization. Officially, all transit, trade, and diplomacy is done through the Okin Clan, the 7th Clan, comprised of outlanders who aided Veres against the Voidex Megacorporation. Unofficially, there are other ways of experiencing Veresian culture.

Despite their relative isolationist stance, Veres and its people are enjoying a spotlight. On the Net, they've been compared to Old Australia, with people all over known space drawing parallels between the two places, mostly about how it seems like how everything wants to kill you in the two lands. Media about Veres has been popular since the independence of Veres, since more information about their land and culture spread without the tight grip of Voidex on the world. Documentaries about the wildlife and people are common, with some painting the people with skewed points of view. Popular figures on the Net have made videos about Veres, and there have even been shows and movies made set on the world. All of which have spread information and misinformation about the unique world, a planet so lush, it compares and rivals old Earth in biodiversity. A people, human, but separated from their kin for hundreds of years. And their story, the struggle against nature, which they overcame, the struggle against their corporate overlords, which they overcame, and now their reunification with humanity. Despite all this popularity, extremely few Veresians have left their world. Mostly leaders and diplomats, but very recently, the Veresian Council have approved a measure to command seven Hunters, one from each clan, to leave the world to explore the greater human empire. Sammea Ahen is the chosen Clan Ahen Hunter.

Born to a Clan Ahen Hunter, and a Clan Okin Engineer, she has had a unique life even among Veresians. Born after the Veres-Voidex War, she grew up around war veterans and experienced hunters. Living both the childhood of a Clan Okin child, encouraged to be open minded, educated with science, math, engineering, and physics, and the childhood of a Clan Ahen child, encouraged to be perceptive, agile, stealthy and quiet, she has adopted the teachings of both clans very well. This upbringing, coupled with her drive to achieve goals is what made her the clear candidate for Clan Ahen. Sammea, at a very young age, decided to follow the Path of The Silver Bullet, the oldest of the Hunter Paths on Veres, and she became the youngest Silver Bullet Hunter to ever become attain the title. To the greater human civilization, information about the various Veresian Hunter Paths is rife with misinformation and speculation. Many armchair generals think that the Silver Bullet Hunters are just an impractical form of infantry mobile anti-armor capability, with each Silver Bullet Hunter wielding their own personally crafted Railgun. The more anthropologically inclined outsiders are far closer to the truth, with the megafauna and hyperfauna of Veres, the Veresian people needed a tremendously heavy hitting weapon that traveled fast, was man-portable, and capable of firing inexpensive, mass producible ammunition. The answer was The Path of The Silver Bullet, a doctrine created by the Veresian mythical hero, Magni Orvar. A Railgun carrying veteran Hunter, specializing in being the heavy hitter that the Veresian people need to survive against the creatures of their homeworld.
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Freelancer Application Packet
Full Name: Adam Davidson

Alias: Bones

Age: 33

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 185 lbs

Personal Loadout and Exo-Armor: Bones uses a Spartan Exo-Armor that has been somewhat modified. Visually it looks almost identical to the V3 of the Spartan design, normally painted with the appropriate camo for the terrain and a red crossbones on the left shoulder pauldron. The head faceplate has been replaced with one that sports additional sensors, making it look like the Spartan has six eyes scattered across it's face. An additional laser based range finder and target acquisition unit has been bolted onto the right side of the head as a backup.

A thicker torso and reinforced legs betray the unit's upgrade with a M.U.L.E. package to allow the use of heavier shoulder mounted equipment, though currently only a smaller missile launcher sits on the left shoulder. Of note the arms were not reinforced as Bones did not want to change their performance parameters.

Target Acquisition Gear: The sensor array on the Spartan was modified so that it could better acquire improved targeting information to more precisely direct fire support from friendly units than would normally be possible. However, to relay this targeting information beyond the local area Bones will need support from either another Freelancer with enhanced communications gear or a series of communication relays. To be a spotter for guided munitions being used against moving targets he must maintain line of sight to allow for real-time updates of targeting information, which at times could make him a tempting target for enemy forces. An additional downside is that tuning the sensors for this kind of work has reduced their effectiveness at closer ranges.

M.U.L.E.: This upgrade has allowed Bones to equip a 4-tube missile launcher onto the left shoulder of the Spartan. Ammo capacity is limited, only allowing for a trio of salvos, but the missiles do benefit from his sensor modifications and are thus more accurate than normal so long he maintains line of sight to the target.

Rifle: Other than having a preference for rifles tuned for shooting targets at medium range, Bones largely does not care what make or model he ends up using and will frequently change what he is using to better suit the needs of the mission and his team.

Forearm Blade: An incredibly sharp blade that is normally retracted inside a sheath mounted on the left forearm. His backup weapon for when things go badly or something manages to sneak up on him.

Sidearm: When on duty but not in his Exo-Armor, Bones normally carries a 9mm handgun for protection.

Medical Imaging: Prior to learning how to use Exo-Armor Bones used to be an imaging technologist for a hospital and is familiar with a variety of imaging modalities, though he specializes in x-ray based equipment including DXA (bone density) and fluoroscopy equipment. While he does not have the training needed to fill the role of team medic, he is capable of assisting a medic as needed. It was because of this skill set that he ended up with the nickname ‘Bones’.

Target Spotter: Bones has plenty of experience with directing fire support and knows that sometimes means sticking your head out while under fire for a longer duration than you feel comfortable with.

Physical Description: Black hair kept in a buzzcut and face is clean shaven, athletic, prefers simple and comfortable clothing and as such frequently just wear scrub pants with a t-shirt when not on duty
Adam Option 1.PNG

Behavioral Description: Normally has a good bedside manner with patients and is usually amused by how often they get directions backwards (especially with turning left vs right), enjoys board games and reading books, values punctuality, while he can appreciate moments to relax alone he does have a preference for group recreational activities and is a team player on the field

Background: Born on the mostly oceanic world of Poseidon, Adam has a pretty average life. While it wasn’t the wealthiest world by any stretch of the imagination, his job at one of the larger hospitals allowed him to live comfortably, but it wouldn’t last. Unrest over the world’s poor economic status eventually erupted into multiple riots across the planet. The local militia attempted to gain control over the situation but instead the violence grew worse and soon turned into outright combat. Unfortunately for Adam that included his hospital when it was raided for medical supplies and several of his friends and co-workers were killed in the process. Wanting to put an end to the end of the fighting before anyone else he knew was killed.

Enlisting in the militia he was given a crash course in Exo-Armor training before being given one of the cobbled-together Armors that the militia had and thrown into the fighting along with the other new recruits. Adam wasn’t sure how he managed to survive the fighting, but in the end the militia was able to regain control, at least for the time being. However the planet’s economy had suffered even more from the fighting, and in particular with the damage to his hospital, Adam found himself out of a job with little to no prospects for new employment any time soon. He could have stayed with the militia, but just as many people blamed them for the damage as they did the insurgents.

Not liking his prospects, he reluctantly decided it was time to leave home and the easiest way to do that was to sell his skills to Freelancer units. Not having a Exo-Armor he personally owned he could only sell his medical skill until he found a unit that was willing to provide him with an Armor he could use during his time in the unit. Eventually Adam was able to save up enough money to buy his own personal Spartan years later, giving him the opportunity to strike out on his own or join another unit. After he saved up some money to modify his Spartan a bit he decided to go for the latter option, signing up for an opportunity to join a new crew that was forming.

Captain Nemo

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Freelancer Application Packet:
Full Name: Ryan Anderson

Alias (If any, If not put N/A): Chef

Age: 28

Height: 6’0

Weight: 200

Personal Exo-Armor:
Hive Class armor, Many dents around the chest and head from rocks while mining. It's crudely painted red with an unknown flame like sigil painted on his right shoulder. He prefers to use a large flame belcher and a pickaxe while in combat. His helmet has a sticker of a cartoonish looking chef hat on the top.

He has extensive knowledge with all blasting and cratering explosives his hive suit contains geological data for hundreds of planets and thousands of asteroids.
Ryan enjoys cooking as well. He uses a small removable data pad from his suit that's loaded with extra recipes so he can cook for others.

Physical Description (Plus face claim if you have one):
Shaved head and some light scarring around the right side of his head and face from an accident while planet-side mining before deciding to join the freelancers (I couldn't find a perfect reference image but here's a close resemblance, this is the closest I could find just without hair)
Behavioral Description:
While he mainly just enjoys cooking he loves to go out on missions to other planets to work explore for new ways to cook. He tends to get distracted by food vendors as this means he can explore more ways to make food. He also enjoys to work underground as it tends remind him of being home. He loves to help his friends and tends to be protective of the people that are nice to him.

Background (Major events in the characters life leading up to now):
Ryan was the second of six kids and grew up on a mining planet. His father worked in the mines and his mother operated mineral scanners for the company that owned the planet, Weinhard Heavy Machinery. Because both parents worked full time, Ryan and his older brother, Liam, had to grow up quick in order to take care of their siblings. Ryan and Liam turned out to be an excellent team and went to work with their father in the mines once they both turned 15. In the beginning all they had to do was haul minerals from where they were extracted in the mineshaft out into a sorting facility. After a couple of months, they started working with handheld mining equipment in some of the safer shafts. By the following year Ryan had already proved himself to be a promising miner for WHM. Ryan's love for mining grew as he worked and he was eventually rewarded with a suit of Spartan exo-armor with a M.U.L.E. upgrade to make new tunnels for WHM. While working in the planet-side he used some less than legal explosives to break up a large chunk of rock into more manageable pieces of rubble, unfortunately doing so launched slag and rubble into Ryan damaging his suit and tearing through his helmet causing quite the injury to the right side of his face. Ryan wanted to work off planet so moved to asteroid mining for few years but that got quickly boring, creating a desire to find new work in the freelancers. Because the Spartan exo-armor was destroyed and it wasn't his anyway, Ryan used some of the funds from planet mining to buy a suit of Hive exo-armor that he loaded with mining data from his family's scannings and set off for work in the freelancers. He still sends portions of his paycheck back home to help his family. He also sends mail and videos to keep in touch with his siblings.

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