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Hello, and thank you so much for taking a quick look at my partner search!

To waste as little of your time as possible, I'll start off by saying I'm an active roleplayer that's currently on the hunt for those with similar interests in style and plot, primarily that of post-apocalyptic or dystopian settings and similarly associated themes. As a preemptive disclaimer, this does often entail very dark elements. I'm also a big fan of extensive world-building prior to the beginning of a roleplay, as it allows us to both get a good grip on ideas for our characters and their designs. If you choose to come to me with a pre-made plot and world, I'm all ears, but please be ready to go in-depth about the world and culture so that I can properly place my own character ideas inside!

| About Me! |
Now that you know what I'm looking for, let me properly introduce myself. I go by Flint most of the time, but you're more than welcome to address me as you see fit. I'm she/her and in my mid-twenties, with a full-time job that I love that is often either crazy busy, or absolutely dead. I've been roleplaying for over ten years now with plenty of breaks in-between. While I started as a fantasy fanatic, I've long since grown towards favoring genres that are more akin to our world, with dystopian or apocalyptic twists that make life a general fight for survival, especially when including some kind of bloodsport. My favorite pairings are generally enemies to friends/lovers, or lovers/friend to enemies. As a partner, I can get very much into the world and story that we're collaborating on, finding music and concept art that serves as inspiration for different aspects of the journey. I also enjoy OOC chatter, getting to know my partners is a part of the fun, but I'm also fine with keeping out conversation solely on things related to the RP.

If you're interested, please DM rather than post here. ^^

  • | What to expect from me |
    • I can play either gender, but prefer female for my lead. I have more experience with female and a preference for writing them.
      • The exception to this is if we plan to double. I can play characters of any gender when doubling!
    • I have a preference for MxF romantic pairings, but I may consider being flexible with this one.
    • Semi-decent activity. I have a busy life, with work especially, and will have periods in which I don't post for a few days, maybe only once a week. However, I can assure you that I will do my best to keep up my activity. I'll try to communicate as well and let you know when I won't be able to post for a bit.
    • Patience. Trust me, I have no problem waiting for a reply. If you want to keep on going with the RP, but don't quite have the time to keep up with it actively, I'm perfectly fine with taking a break/waiting long periods of time for replies if I have to.
    • Ghost-Friendly. No hard feelings, I get it.
    • Literate roleplayer. However, I'm not someone who will have a min/max word count. You can be literate and still only have a paragraph response, especially when there's high activity between characters. What matters is an appealing RP style with nice detail.
    • I like talking ooc!
    • I can provide a writing sample upon request.

    | What I expect |
    • Character flexibility. This includes playing as either gender and doubling.
    • Literate, but no 'word count' requirement. I don't want to be too picky on this one, because all I really care about is getting something back that I can reply to, and that has nice detail to work with. Please try to provide a paragraph at minimum, though.
    • Patience. As I said before, I can get pretty busy. I'm willing to be patient with my partner - and I only expect the same.
    • 20+ Years old. Not necessarily for mature content, but more so because it's a personal preference of mine.
    • Open to darker themes. Personally, the darker and more twisted something is, the better. Be okay with your character losing an eye, leg, friend, life. All within reason, of course.

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