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Feudal Japan - Hanging by a Thread OOC


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Its me again

I've been in and out recently, but lore is coming along. I've been trying to do the clan lore so it ties in with the story a bit.

That should be done tonight, and if not, I might just nibble myself.

I may or may not do a map of the general land, but I dont want to cause an even longer delay, even though this has been delayed for a long time already.

But anyway, the reason this message is here is that I'm going to just reboot this (yes, even though it hasnt even started)
I realize that I jumped too quickly into the process and should've established the lore before posting an interest check.

So, I'll be having moderators deleting this thread and the CS thread, cause I made some changes to the CS itself, but before I do that, let me know if you're still interested by replying or something so I can tag you in the new interest check thread I'll be making

Sorry this has been delayed for so long >.<

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