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Fate's Rebirth: Civilization's Shards. (Always Open)


Novelist and Word Whisperer

Destiny shattered in an instant. The highway of life stabbed hundreds of times. Choices run thin, the very frames of worlds shiver in fear. Fires across the civilizations of the known universe, mad kings slaughtering with eternal blindness, democracies falling into the impossible corruptions; the apocalypse riding at the back of Death. No political, technological, or military power can save us now. Worlds split, fleets tossed around in ever circles. Not a shard of memory distinguishable from the sound of screams. The beginning started five months ago, it started as a shadow. Not matter, not energy; its existence baffled all. Not that it mattered, the few who ever laid eyes on it have perished in ways none could have imagined.

The Great Sciayn Empires fell, the Antrim Theocracy imploded. Panic ripped all apart, families desperately held together in hopes of the last shard of their lives staying together. One fortress stood against the wave, one planet in all of the supercluster held out. The Bashéir Conglomerate's capital world of Ulnar faced the entity alone. The being that wiped the fleets as toys. Somehow it stayed alive, but the grip on this world faded. Ulnar will fail, civilization will die. Or would it?

That's when the brave stepped forward, the races of the supercluster summoned their strengths to make one last attempt. Ulnar began to shatter, so little time they had. They know little can come with them, little could see the breath of the universe in unending glory. The dream came before their lives. Sacrifices were made to make this world. To continue, blood must be shed. All corners of the supercluster met on Ulnar, planning the Attempt. They gathered as many ships as possible, using every ship not needed against the entity to transport as many as possible. A gamble that any would survive, but some did.

Bursts, fighters colliding with the entity to distract it. Drives humming to life as the Attempt continued. It spoke, crushing ships in tentacle manifestations. The few who studied the entity relayed it to the ship's database, so those who made it to the destination would always remember what destroyed their lives. Their families. Everything. They ventured to a unified colony beginning in the supercluster over, distant, and alien. Danger skulks over the corners of space as nothing remains of the old world except embers.

Rally the races, found markets, seize the government, slaughter rivals... not even the surface of the troubles and virtues awaiting the new world. Will you place family or colony first? Will you give or take? It is all a game of power and threats. A game of factions fighting like houses for the seat of colonial power. Once they arrive at the coordinates of a cluster very far away from the entity, how will they survive and give life to Fate? When it comes to them again, will they be ready? Will they divide and die from things that poison us all?

Read through these items completely please. I will assume you have.

    1. Solid posts: Good grammar, moves the plot, develops characters, creates developments, etc. I would recommend at least a paragraph. But I am laid-back about it, please put effort. All I ask.
    2. Tracking your resources: Self-explanatory. Makes my life easier. Place your resources at the end of your CS so I can see that at all times.
    3. I expect to start with 7 PCs. Please be ready to commit.
    4. Characterization: I ask that you get into the factions and characters you create. At the beginning, slowly flesh out your characters and deeply portray them. I would prefer third person limited as the point of view, but you can have a first person or flip-flop. Whatever is comfortable.
    5. Activity: Try to be active as you can, at least two posts a week. However, let me know if something comes up. I'll work with you. So don't sweat if something comes up.
    6. Diversity: While I will never expect you to get extremely creative, I highly encourage it. I often reward my players for their effort.
    7. Voting: During the roleplay, expectations can be added and subtracted by player vote.

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