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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls: Missing Link (A Cyberpunk-Themed Doubles Grail War with Fandom Characters as Servants) [RE-OPENED]


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The year is 3000, and the World's Mysteries are on it's last vestiges.

This is the time where science and technology have fully outgrew mysticism, therefore magecraft is now on the verge of becoming non-existent. The Mages Association have done their utmost best to preserve whatever Mysteries they could hide from the general public, but as time went on, almost all of what is yet to be debunked have become common knowledge. Mage society is now on the verge of collapse because of this. Everything from the Age of the Gods to the Holy Grail and Recreation Gem Wars have become knowledge that even children can become aware of.

Seeing as their end is nigh, the Mages Association had decided to pull off one last hurrah before the inevitable comes; a war that will go down in history as the most spectacular one yet. Eight Masters accompanied by a pair of Servants; a True Servant of the Holy Grail and a False Servant of the Recreation Gem, shall fight each other for the prize of both the Holy Grail and the Recreation Gem. It will take place in New Free City, California and since the general populace now knows about the wars, with the help of the Californian government, this war will be both televised and streamed live for the world to see. Corporations will also lend their aid in the war via sponsoring their selected Master.

The stage has been set for what will be the very last war the Mages Association has ever put up; the Doubles Grail-Gem War. And to ensure that everything during the war will go about smoothly, it has been decided that an additional two Masters will join the fray as mediators. Unfortunately due to the number of capable Masters down to the exact number needed to participate, it has been decided that to fill-in the additional Masters, they hired robot manufacturers to build what would eventually be the first robots capable of performing magecraft.

The results were rather mixed. One was successful but went insane while the other has yet to be awakened, or rather be "born".

The war has gone off to a very bad start.

This is a Fate RP that combines the concepts of two installments; the True/False Servants from strange fake and the Doubles Grail War from Lost Einherjar. In this case, the True Servants are the ones associated with the Holy Grail and the False Servants (AKA Fandom characters) are of the Recreation Gem. A Master has control of two Servants, one for each type.

As this RP is set in the far off future, there is a reason why it is cyberpunk themed. Cybernetics and robots (called "Cybers") are the norm in this time and most of the world is controlled by various corporations. Flying vehicles (called "Airides") also exists, but only people with a ton of money can afford them. Otherwise, the setting is pretty much your average cyberpunk affair, except for the fact that magic is still active but is now on the verge of becoming nonexistent as technology marches on.

1. RPN rules applies.

2. You are required to play as three characters (a Master, a True and a False Servant). You can have as much NPCs as you like so long as they do not make much of an impact to the overall narrative.

3. Just because this RP sets in the far off future doesn't mean that it is an excuse for you to add in elements that is not part of your False Servant's canon. Stick to what is officially canon at the moment (unless your False Servant is an Alter).

4. No OP characters (especially when it regards to False Servants).

5. No drama within the OOC. Take them outside or you will face punishment. We're only here to have a good time.

6. Please be active. If you happen to be going on a hiatus, let us know in advance. Otherwise, you will be punished severely if you don't post within 7 days of the time of your last post.

7. Your posts should at least have about two paragraphs with five sentences each.

8. In the case of True Servants, I'd highly recommend you pick the ones that were already established by the Fate series just to play things safe. Otherwise, you're free to make your own so long as you've done your research.

9. In the case of team compositions, you are not allowed to have True/False Servants of the same class. It would be very unfair to other players if you have Servants of the same class.

10. Be creative and have fun. This is mostly an open world RP where your main objective is to kill other teams for the prize of both the Holy Grail and the Recreation Gem, though this may change once we've reached a "certain plot point".

If we get about four people interested, I'll be working on the CS thread. The RP will start once we have eight people ready with their completed CSes. There are 10 Classes (2 of which is exclusive to the GM) that your Servants can take up;

Knight Classes
Saber, Lancer, Archer, and Shielder

Cavalry Classes
Caster, Rider, Berserker, and Assassin

Extra Classes (GM Exclusive):
Avenger and Ruler​
I think I'll call dibs on a False Rider. As for a True Servant - I'll think a good while but I have some ideas.
Oh my. Two servants?
Also, dibs on true Assassin. As for my false servant.... what is a false servant? I never heard of em before

Ok, after learning what False servants are, My Assassin is a False Servant. I gotta figure out what my True Servant will be....

I'll take True Lancer & False Assassin.
Looks like we're one more person away then. Alright, here, have fun.

I guess it's time for me to close this thread this quick, holy crap.
It's a fate rp, ofc it'll fill up in seconds xD
As of this day, 3/8 players have been declared "forfeit", therefore applications have been reopen.

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