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heyo just looking for someone to do an anime rp with me anyway i dont have really any strict writing requirements or anything everyone writes in their own way(you dont need to send me a writing sample)<3(i will do OCxOC,CanonxCanon, or OCxCanon and ill also do FxM,MxM,FxF i have no problem rping as a guy!)

any here are the list of animes i wanna rp!

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun(craving)(oc x oc,canon x canon, or oc x canon)
(tbh i can play as any character- i'm mostly better at playing as aoi,nene(i relate to her so much),mitsuba,kou,hanako,sakura)

SpyxFamily(craving im more into a rp inspired by this!) (oc x oc)
(i prefer doing ocs this rp can include more people!)

Komi Can't Communicate(craving)(i'll do canon x canon,oc x canon, and oc x oc)
(i can play Komi Shouko,HitoHito Tadano,Ren Yamai,Rumiko Manbagi,or Najimi Osana)

Cardcaptor Sakura(oc x oc)
(i can roleplay as sakura,tomoyo, or yukito but prefer rping ocs)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(canon x canon, oc x oc)
(i can roleplay as Usagi Tsukino,Ami Mizuno,Michiru Kaiou,Minako Aino,ChibiUsa, or ocs)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica(craving) (canon x canon or oc x oc)
(i can roleplay as any of the girls!(madoka,sayaka,kyoko,homura i do relate to madoka a lot!)

Sanrio Danshi (canon x canon or oc x oc)
(i am willing to rp as Yuu Mizuno,Ryou Nishimiya,(if you want we could do a girl version of sanrio danshi!)

BNA:Brand New Animal (oc x oc,canon x canon, or oc x canon)
(willing to rp as michiru or nazuna)

Doki Doki Literature Club(craving)(oc x oc,canon x canon, or oc x canon)
(i can rp as any ddlc girl!)

Splatoon(craving) (oc x oc or canon x canon)
(i can rp as marina,callie, or agent 8)

Pokemon(craving i am interested in a scarlet and violet rp)(oc x oc,oc x canon, or canon x canon)
(i can rp as penny,grusha,iono,rika,nemona) (preferably ocs)

Bee and Puppycat(craving) (oc x oc or canon x canon)
(i can rp as bee,cass,toast,)

Pink B*tch Club(oc x oc or canon x canon)
(i can rp as gyaruko or minako)
lesbian makoto.gif

Romance(is a must!)

Slice Of Life

School Life


(i dont have many genre preferences i am willing to rp any other genres so if you have any ideas let me know!)
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