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Falling skies: RP



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In the world we call Aerth only one man has successfully predicted the future, at the time it meant nothing but when the skies fell. The words suddenly held humongous weight.
When The skies fall, a lizard king will conquer all.
Angels from the sky will need the help of those below,
Or darkness will consume all we know.

Our story however begins three months after the islands fell from the sky. It was pure coincidence for the six to meet inside Dunwel... two humans, a hobgoblin, a elf as well as a dwarf, last but not least, a beastkin bird.
(on a mission from the king!)
These six for whatever personal reason they may have, succeeded in reaching the fallen island of Chlokoka.
The Elf Ayda and her flying broom being a crucial component of the plan, she planted the warp stone that allowed the rest to appear via teleportation. (She even had mana to spare!)

Agnis, Azal, Farr, Gruntus and Udgirr arrive in the beautiful (and deadly) Forrest of chlokoka, with only minor problems such as small headaches or slightly upset stomachs. Foreign flora as well as odd noises can be noticed all throughout the new location marked on the map of Barrak. One would need to take a moment to fully appreciate it, but it would seem this moment isn’t it.

Weglas eedit, the tree elf who hired this motley crew of randoms appeared last and was quick to complain. “Urghhh, can never get used to warp stones... ok people”

the thin face grunted at the end as he dusted himself off and looked around in a curious manner.
“Protect me as we move forward. We must not alert the savages who live here” his condescending elvish tone was somewhat called for, the indigenous skyracers may decide this party is intruding.

While weglas hired the team for what he called a expedition. Two in the party had a idea of the tree elf’s motives.
Farr had orders to document anything of importance on the sky Island, but the only thing he could worry about was the constant subtle noise of rustling. As if something is moving about the treetops...

Scanning the branches and leaves trying to spot whatever was giving him the creeps.
Something is watching us” he stated bluntly resting his hand on a dagger by his side.
Weglas responded quickly “well I have all you to remedy that now don’t i” he also drew a small dagger in false confidence.

The light of the warp stone made it easier to see their immediate location but harder to spot things that hide in the shadows that are cast.

“Should we keep on moving or make sure the stone is safe left here?” Farr stated to all about as he glanced carefully.
Being a bit close to the edge, the light of that stone should remind them in the direction to head. To or from that.
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Udgrirr Riki

Location: Edge of Chlokoka
Mentions: Farr ((@Flowiest-D)), Azal ((@Rurnur)), Agnis ((@Fluffykitty9000)), Ayda ((@Juju)), Gruntus ((@Quados))

Udgirr had to admit, the travel towards Chlokoka was an interestingly stomach-upsetting. His insides were never taught to travel in instant translocation, but he had to stomach it. No one needed to hear how the local hobogoblin had a stomach ache when they were finally here at the mysterious piece of land. It's not gonna kill him, and it's bearable. He'll ignore it. He decides to turn his attention to Farr, who wanted someone else's opinion.

"Is it not a good idea to bring this Warp Stone with us instead of leaving it here? We can hide it here in some dirt and rocks then travel back down without risk of dropping it on our adventure, but I believe we should still bring it. We might be able to use it for something else as well." Udgirr said, with whatever that came to mind. The green man himself had no idea how Warp Stones function, but he felt he needed to give input regardless.

The hobgoblin now looks back again at his associates. Ayda, Agnis and Gruntus specifically were ones he had not managed to meet appropriately, unlike Farr and Azal during preparations on the Aerth, but they should prove helpful, anyone can assume. If Udgirr remembered flawlessly, two Warp Stones were needed, and one can go to the other at any time. With the help of Ayda and her broom of flight, this made it possible to traverse Chlokoka. As for Gruntus and Agnis, well, muscle. Udgirr would not dare compete in a test of strength against them.

The hobgoblin decides to be proactive as everyone apprehends their surroundings. Farr mentioned about the upper forages, where the rustle of the greens were unnatural one could assume they were moved. Udgirr moves in stride, and jumps. With verdant gales guiding his trajectory, the hobgoblin semi-gracefully lands both feet on a strong branch, but still not high enough to reach the upper canopy. He flies once more, onlookers able to perceive the winds that brought him upwards. This time, he's in the leaves where anything could hide itself, searching for aggressors his allies feared. This might not have been a safe idea, to let himself be alone with possible attackers.


The Bighead
Azal stepped out onto foreign land with a burst of colour, movement and noise. Letting out a loud squawk as he stretched out his arms, flapping his feathers a few times, unknowingly releasing a number of loose feathers amongst the other party members. "Oho! What a place we've arrived in, my friends!" The bird exclaimed, scratching his head while observing all of the unfamiliar flora surrounding them. It was most unlike the jungles of his home, yet still different from the human forests he had become accustomed to. Of course, being at such a high altitude, the plants here would have adapted to a completely different atmosphere than either of those environments, justifying it's alien appearance. He chuckled to himself happily. "The opportunity to explore an entirely new world does not come often, we must count our blessings! And uh.. tread carefully, of course.."

Approaching Weglas in an overly friendly manner, Azal draped an arm over his shoulder. "Not to worry my good elf! We wouldn't want to interfere with the native ecosystem, after all!" He laughed and gave another loud squawk, before releasing the elf and focusing again on the flora of the island, noticing as well the rustling once it was brought to his attention by Farr. "Now, now, let's not be hasty! I'm sure most creatures would become curious about a group of strange, teleporting monsters like us! Hahah!" He laughed nervously, eyes darting about the forest, searching for any flashes of colour amongst the green. The beastkin began to trace his finger around the metal loop in his blade, as small currents of electricity began arcing across the metal.

"Well, i'm certain it would be safe in your hands, Sir Udgirr! Though I wouldn't be so concerned.." Azal turned to look at the Warp Stone, squinting at it's bright light. "..is there a way to deactivate such a thing? It may not be the best idea to have this beacon with us at all times.."

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Gruntus stomach rebelled against it, but he ignored it, he felt watched and he was cautious. He didn't care for this stone so he just said. "We should move. I will look if there is something interesting in the surrounding area."

Gruntus went to the nearest Tree and just started to climb it, it was a good tree, strong. As he climbed it, he heard how animals, he assumed, ran away, evacuating the tree with the intruder.
When he reached the top of the tree and he observed the area, he just saw more trees except north of them, there were an opening. He climbed back down and just said. "North of us is an opening without trees, if something is watching us and or following us, there we could see it." he watched his comrades and went silent with that.


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As Udgirr lept into the trees he was faced with what the skyrace call... a Yakawho
(If they were on the ground...)
it Stands at a height of 3ft, it’s teeth are small but look pointed and sharp like needles, it flung itself at breathtaking speed from the branch it hung to leap past Udgirr with a outstretched claw, scratching at Udgirr’s torso like a demonic monkey with gripping nails, luckily it wasn’t a deep wound at all, but as The red monster drew blood Udgirr could feel a slight drain in his mana. The yakawho attempted to cling onto the hobgoblin and climb to his neck

Udgirr May have noticed in the surprise that there was more then one... as three more jump and scatter about the tops of trees looking at what disturbs the Forrest floor.
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As Gruntus climbed a tree the small red monsters must have stayed out of his field of view, as he rushed up the tree and back down to deliver his findings. (As if the yakawho were capable of comedic timing)
The moment the tall man fell silent a Yakawho dropped onto his shoulders as if getting a piggyback ride, except it bit into the back Gruntus’s head and began to suck the energy from his body.

Weglas was quick to flinch away from the overly friendly beastkin and stare at where the hobgoblin had jumped off to. Worry was etched onto his face, if fear could be smelt... weglas stank of piss.
“Leave the stone we don’t need it. It’s safer here hidden then with us” he snapped at the discussion the group seemed to be having in a potentially dangerous area.
“We should lea-“ the tree elf was cut off by Gruntus. He stood silently annoyed until a red monster dropped ontop of the large man. He screamed out in surprise and tripped backwards.
Farr saw the creature and almost sounded out in shock at the sight, as he aimed a dagger to throw he to was met with the same fate, a Yakawho landed on him from behind ripping the hood off his head to get a clean bite.
Farr was used to fighting in close quarters, but a red goblin looking thing with its legs wrapped around his neck was not a great position to fight in.

Farr swung wildly thrashing with his dagger and fist at the yakawho trying to get it off him.


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Gruntus, shocked by the sudden attack, screamed in pain and rage. Remembering the tree behind him, he just bashed his head against it, trying to squash whatever attached itself on him but the creature was fast enough to jump down from him. Gruntus grabbed several of his throwing knives and threw them at the creature, hitting it in the chest and stomach.



Fate Be Untwine
After the warp stone was set up in a suitable location the waiting game began. While Ayda was rather patient when it came to these sorts of things, she couldn't help but feel a spark of eagerness. Her mind raced with the allure of the unknown, to find and document undiscovered wonders. What possibility! To keep herself occupied she began updating her expedition log, her quill moving with an excited energy. Even Koh and Moh were restless, and played hide and seek in the vegetation of the clearing.

Eventually a rush of wind and light flooded the clearing, marking the arrival of the party. "Ah, it's about time you lot showed up! I was beginning to fear you couldn't comprehend a simple warp stone!" Ayda said without looking up from her book. She was calmly perched on her broomstick with her bag already around her shoulders.

She didn't even look up when her employer became spooked by the rustling of tree branches. One of her drakes (the red one) seemed to be on edge and stood with an arched back atop its master's hat. Adya simply turned a page in her journal and kept writing. "I've already had a look around, there shouldn't be any sort of threat detectable by magic."

At the goblin's proposition she gave a small laugh. Its attempts to understand the arcane was simply cute. "Warp stones are typically powered by natural nodes of mana found in an environment, such as this. Of course we can take the stone with us, but that does not guarantee we shall find a suitable node in the future. Of course, I can simply put an illusionary spell on it, or a magic dampening aura..."

Her monologue was cut short when she heard a scream. Finally, she put down her journal. How strange, she hadn't detected any threats. Unless they were invisible to magic? Or perhaps they absorbed magic? That was it! She snapped her fingers with a smug look on her face. A mote of bright violet mana appeared a few meters away from the witch, acting as bait should her hypothesis prove to be correct. Normally she would conjure a shield around herself too, but she needed to check.

To her left she saw the woodelf fall down, earning a chuckle from the witch. She stayed where she was, observing the battle, but her blue drake fluttered over to the fallen elf and tried to help him to his feet.
Udgrirr Riki

Location: Edge of Chlokoka
Mentions: Farr ((@Flowiest-D)), Azal ((@Rurnur)), Agnis ((@Fluffykitty9000)), Ayda ((@Juju)), Gruntus ((@Quados))

Red, small, and ugly, these creatures appear nasty, and by no means is it going to touch him-- and with that, it suddenly blindingly leap past him, and Udgirr was too slow to retaliate, earning him a smooth graze of a claw across his body. Udgirr held tight on his position with one hand on the wound and one to the branch he stands on. T'was not a good idea to be alone up hear with these savages. Udgirr attempts to drop down from the alien foliage but the demon returns to clutch at his neck, and they tumble down, landing at the beloved sky ground.

Startlingly, it seems that the rascals have come upon his friends as well, and decides he should at least help those that seem to be having difficulty. Udgirr attempts to get a good hold of the creature on him and when he does he may blast it away with vicious gales. He felt he could faint if he attempted to do so however, but decides that would be the best course of action. He was in too much of a frantic problem to attempt taking notice of his cohorts.


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Gruntus, shocked by the sudden attack, screamed in pain and rage. Remembering the tree behind him, he just bashed his head against it, trying to squash whatever attached itself on him but the creature was fast enough to jump down from him. Gruntus grabbed several of his throwing knives and threw them at the creature, ATTEMPTING TO HIT it in the chest ]
As the Yakawho removes its teeth from Gruntus’s skull the large man would feel as if a leech had sucked something precious from him.
(Ability stat takes a temporary minus of 2 from the yakawho’s bite.
I’ll let you know when your stats back to normal)


the Yakawho was fast enough to avoid a headbutt, it was also agile enough to dodge knives. But the beady yellow eyes of the monster lit up in surprise as Ayda let a small bit of mana fly loose, the yakawho sprang into the air towards it, eating the bait in one go before landing infront of the Elf bearing its claws and teeth.
Ayda having the greatest potential for magic and the largest reserves of mana, the yakawho soon sniffed out the source of such overwhelming energy. The monster seemed to be smiling, as if happy for such a treat to be found in his Forrest.

One more yakawho dropped down from the trees, it would of landed on Ayda’s hat however a familiar sat atop their already. the yakawho bit into the creature... (like a fucked up pokemon battle) to attempt absorbing its life.
The yakawho was sent flying from Udgirrs grip flailing in the air as it is sent from its home in the trees, Sailing off the edge of chlokoka to the land of Barrak below.
Udgirr May feel a bit magically fatigued but physically he is fine.
(Ability takes a temporary minus of 1 from the yakawho scratch. I’ll let you know when that changes)
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Weglas was helped by a familiar and he quickly hid behind it like a coward.
Farr had sliced the Yakawho on his shoulders and managed to get it on the ground to be finished. As his dagger plunged into its chest a thick stream of blue blood squirted from its wound, pulling the hilt of the dagger back out Farr stared in confusion.
It’s blood is like... it smelt poisonous and seemed like a form of acid, especially as it corroded his weapon to ruin. “Their insides are dangerous!!”
Farr shouted as he stepped back from the dying monster, it’s little red arms clawing at the air as it bleeds out.
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Udgrirr Riki

Location: Edge of Chlokoka
Mentions: Farr ((@Flowiest-D)), Azal ((@Rurnur)), Agnis ((@Fluffykitty9000)), Ayda ((@Juju)), Gruntus ((@Quados))

Udgirr only meant for the little devil to be sent flying, but now it seemed to be sent back to the ground, as Udgirr peers over the edge with indifferent confidence. He still holds onto his observably minor wound with one hand, as he now treks nearer to his allies. At the time, he was near enough Farr's discovery about these creatures, and took a few seconds to observe his grotesque discovery. It was a blessing at the time for him to observe, for he could have been open, but the rascals were too busy tormenting his other cohorts. One in particular had two of the devils on her, one in front and want literally on top of her head.

Udgirr did little in the way of a warning, when he suddenly threw a retractable spear from his sack, aiming for the one in front of the elf. However, the winds felt uneasy as he maneuvers the spear to extend it's reach. They felt feeble. Only once it was in the air did the hobgoblin realize that the winds were too frail to throw the spear lethally, let alone even reach the little devil.


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Gruntus were more then just angry at the creature, first attacking him and then ignoring him. That hurted his pride, so he jumped between the Yakwho and Ayda. Letting out a deep growl, Gruntus drew both of his axes. Getting in a defensive stance awaiting an attack.


The Bighead
Azal's eyes widened and he let out a screech as his party members were attacked all around him, drawing his blade and gripping it tightly as magical power fluctuated through it. "Together now! Don't get separated!" He cried out desperately, hoping that the group would not be torn apart so soon into their journey. Thrusting his blade forward, Azal fired off a blast of arcing electricity towards one of the small red creatures, but the attack only succeeded in burning the surrounding flora to a crisp, as the creature sped off towards the mana conjured up by Ayda. Hmm.. he briefly pondered this fact, before out of the corner of his eye, he noticed yet another creature from the tree tops, who quickly began an assault upon Ayda's poor familiar.

Though before he could react, his ears caught onto Sir Farr's cries of warning. "Watch out! Their insides are dangerous!!" Azal repeated the phrase in emphasis, replicating the sound of Farr's voice out of habit. Seeing the others prepare to take down the other creature, Azal remained focused on the one above, tensing the muscles in his right arm as he sprinted forward; his feathers ruffled from the electrical charge running up along his sword. "Forgive me for this.." He said to himself before he thrust the blade forward once again. The arc of electricity that shot forth was on a path towards the red creature, with enough voltage to stun it, putting an end to it's assault, while remaining weak enough not to deliver any permanent damage to the drake, if any collateral damage was to occur.

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Fate Be Untwine
Ayda gave a small nod of approval when one of the creatures charged towards the mana orb. It was just as she thought, although she didn't have much time to bask in her sound judgement. After finishing its snack the creature turned towards her with a menacing look, undoubtedly drawn to her inner mana. Hmm, well that would be a bother. She was considering her options when she felt a sudden weight on her hat and heard a shrill cry of pain. Moh!

The small drake hardly had any time to react before needle-like fangs clamped down on his side, drawing steaming golden blood. In furious pain Moh thrashed around wildly and clawed at the attacker's face, trying to snag its eyes. He was about to bite down on the creature's ear when he heard one of the adventurer's voice rise up above the tide of battle.
"Their insides are dangerous!!”
Moh's jaws angrily snapped shut on empty air. That was the last straw. Suddenly heat began radiating from his scales, growing in intensity with every second. Within moments his scales were smoldering like fresh embers and his eyes were motes of flame. This was then followed up by a blast of fire from the drake's body, perhaps searing the innards of the creature if it was too slow or stubborn to release the enraged drake before the inferno.

... and for the thousandth time, Ayda's decision to pay the extra gold for the heat-resistant hat paid off...

Meanwhile one of the party members, a brute named Gruntus, jumped between Ayda and the creature. How fortunate. She was afraid she'd have to waste a Chillwater potion on it. "Be careful of it's blood!" she reminded the man. "It will turn your blade to rust if you're not careful. I suggest blunt trauma or strangulation."


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The yakawho atop the familiar was set ablaze from the fire, and struck by a stunning bolt of electric which overall stopped its feeding attempt. It rolled along the ground in a dying effort to put out its flames. The yakawho infront of Gruntus and Ayda ran on all fours before jumping at the man, his exposed chest may gain some fresh scars as the Yakawho’s nails dig in so it could ready itself for a bite of neck and or face.
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Farr stood a safe distance from Azal’s display of magic, he could feel it on the back of his neck as the energy built up, and to see it arc from the birds sword... Farr spotted a potential opportunity.
his own magic affinity being lightning. Sure i could of asked a Elf or a human mage, but those kind rarely teach unless good pay was involved. None really worth what they ask for in terms of—

What broke Farr from his thoughts was something more magically impressive. The monster on that elf’s monster burst aflame...
How many red things could there be?
with one off the edge, another dead, that one on fire, one hugging that barbarian looking man..
Farr gazed into the treetops. Weglas had found his confidence somewhat after seeing someone stab the shit out of the threat, and seeing one blown off the edge.. that one still on fire... he got up to stand behind Farr Azal and Udgirr

“There’s just that one on the brute and one more swinging above us!”
He pointed to a flash of red that was visible overhead as It lept!
It lept Toward the warp stone attempting to suck the mana from it. It was instead transported to the beach where the first stone was planted.
“My forces should be able to deal with that” the tree elf muttered holding back a laugh.

Farr Glanced towards the tall goblin, holding his side... a flash of concern and panic briefly washed over The young man’s face. His tone sounded more professionally stoic then worried.
Udgirr! The monster’s blood is like acid, were you poisoned? Does that feel numb or burning?” He pointed to where the hobgoblin was scratched.
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As Agnis the dwarf has no mana the yakawho were basically blind to her presence. She alone watched all this go down with no sense of danger. A dwarf taking on a group of the red buggers would be a awesome fight one could imagine, Given the size of all involved.
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Gruntus smiled, ignoring the pain, he just dropped his weapon and hugged the Yakwho in an attempt to chrush the creature, breaking its bones and squashing its inside.


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Gruntus smiled, ignoring the pain, he just dropped his weapon and hugged the Yakwho in an attempt to chrush the creature, breaking its bones and squashing its inside.
The yakawho was crushed under Gruntus’s arms, it bit down in agony and attempted to suck mana and life from the man. The Yakawho’s spine broke first though.
(Minus 4 in ability from yakawho bites, I’ll let you know when you’re better)
It annoyed Agnis to no end that she had to rely on the Pointy Eared Lawn Dart to get her to the location, but it couldn't be helped. After all Agnis had no proficiency in the ways of magic so the only way she could have gotten here would have been on her own two feet. Even if she could preform that trek, it is still much easier to do it in the way they were doing it. Plus, it saved her energy for bashing in the heads of enemies that they were sure to face.

It seems here energy was going to be used much sooner than most of them thought for these red ape like things were now attacking. Everyone separated into fighting their own little groups and Agnis followed suit with that.

Using her large hammer that was bigger than her she swung at the creatures, shattering their bones whenever she managed to hit them. Most of them weren’t going after her like the others for some reason, so she was able to focus on soloing them out better than others. She was begging to get annoyed with how many of them there was, so much in fact she couldn’t hold back her next words,

“Hey Pointy Eared Lawn Dart, how come you didn’t notice these bastards, you trying to pull something?” She spat out angrily as she bashed another one of the creatures heads in with one fell swoop. Honestly this is why she hated Elves, they were so high of themselves and they couldn’t do anything. They tried to fix everything with their fancy magic, but here Agnis is doing better than their magic with only her hammer. Humorous.
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The Bighead
"Are we clear of them?" He twisted his head around unnaturally, on the lookout for any more movement either in the trees or the undergrowth, before finally, he shook his feathers down from their ruffled state, and took heed of the state of the party. Following in Farr's concern for the hobgoblin, Azal leaned in uncomfortably close to inspect Udgirr's wounds. "Hmm, hmm, you fought valiantly, my friend! Though I must say, you'd do well not to venture off too far from the group! That could have gone a lot worse!" He tilted his head up to face Udgirr, the bird's eyes stern but warm.

Backing up slightly, he squinted a bit while watching the large man crush the last creature, hopefully. After which, he slipped his blade back into his belt, and instead brought up his left hand, concentrating as a soft light began to emanate from his palm. "Now then, the light of the sun will make quick work of any open wounds! Not to mention, it should rid you of any nasty impurities from those creatures!" He said, extending a palm towards Udgirr, looking at him for approval. @Computing Magus


Fate Be Untwine
Moh gave a tiny roar of victory from atop the witch's hat, glaring down at the creature wreathed in flames. Smoke trailed from his nostrils, but his initial rage seemed to be ebb away once it noticed that the creature would no longer put up a fight.

"Well done, Moh" Ayda said, reaching up a hand to give the drake a pat. He gave a grumpy huff, but eventually gave in and jumped down into her arms.

When she saw the fresh bite mark she clicked her tongue in dismay. She lifted the drake's wing to get a better look at the wound but he quickly hid it again. "Oh, Mel'a... Here, let me get an elixir." The witch said, holding the drake in one arm while digging into the side pocket of her bag with the other. At this point the blue drake had flown over and sat on Ayda's shoulder, chirping softly as it sniffed at its wounded friend.

In the end Moh refused the healing drought entirely, though settled for a simple bandage. Ayda had just finished tying the gauze when she heard an irritating voice ask her about the sneak attack. Her eyes narrowed sourly and she turned to face the dwarvish woman, Moh still resting in her arms. "How typical. Leave it to a dwarf to be so pigheadedly ungrateful." she said hotly "I'll have you know I surveyed this area upon arrival and shortly before activating the warp stone. I know it's a lot for your pebble of a brain to grasp, but there are some things that are invisible to magical detection just as there are creatures invisible to the eye."

Mel'a: elvish term of endearment.
Udgrirr Riki

Location: Edge of Chlokoka
Mentions: Farr ((@Flowiest-D)), Azal ((@Rurnur))

That does it. As the fiend falls, so too did Udgirr. Not entirely, however, as instead of falling, his constitution still allows him to only hunch over the stinging pain that was his scratches from the devilish imp earlier. He heard calls of reassuring requests from his allies, particularly Farr and Azal. The former reminds him of the lethality of the liquid that runs through the veins of such creatures, and Udgirr, as he heaves heavy breaths from exertion and the pain, replies as much as he could.

"It, irk, burns... I am alright, however... I think." Udgirr said. If he was any weaker, he could say he felt much more faint, but no; he was far more enduring than this. Farr was right, a burning sensation was more accurate of a description of the pain than stinging. Azal, as Udgirr does not notice, approaches an uncomfortable boundary, and the hobgoblin was unsure if he should take a step back, but was glad the feathered fellow has retracted and came up with a different idea than making him uneasy. He simply nods to the fellows first statement, knowing better than anyone not to leave so far ahead again, but then their hand glows of the blazing sun. No, not the one on his hand that is blazing. Anyway, the beastkin seems to suggest as far as Udgirr understood that this was a form of cure that the beastkin held, so Udgirr agrees to the beastkin with as far as he understood of their intent through another quick nod.


The Bighead
Azal nodded in return and squinted in concentration, as the warm light in his hand increased in intensity, bringing it closer to Udgirr's wounds. "Should ease the pain too, though you may or may not feel the itch of a sunburn. But never mind that, the sun's rays have innumerable benefits! Hastened closing of the wounds, cleansing of bacteria, and a swift rejuvenation of one's energy!" Azal spoke loudly as he allowed the magical light to burn into the Hobgoblin's flesh, hopefully destracting the poor fellow from the momentary burning sensation. Though he was not lying, the magic of the sun was indeed able to mend Udgirr's wounds, leaving behind only light scars and a respectable tan. "There we go! All patched up! And the same may go for all of you, it's better to fix up those scrapes at once! Lest we allow any terrible poisons or infections to catch up on us at an inopportune time!" The bird raised his voice, looking about the party, checking for any more serious wounds.

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Farr couldn’t help but give his new company a minute more accessing as the situation died down. More urgent was the environment though. If these creatures are just what hang about in the trees is there more dangerous beasts? The largest island that survived the fall was what the group was on, apart from villagers newly repaired structures its only notable features described by the tree elf’s bird, was forrest and a temple looking structure built into the mountains at the centre.

Weglas cleared his throat to alert the the group to be quiet as he spoke.
“We make our way north east out of the woods towards that temple”

The elf and dwarf starting to argue was no surprise to Farr, whose side he was on is indeterminate, the dwarf has no magic knowledge surely. Yet the elf is a elf, most elves are the worst.
Farr sighed and slowly started walking what he assumed was north east, basically just need to go to the middle where that mountain-temple whatever Weg Said was is, I’ll try and make a mental note of things along the way.

weglas took a few more steps before realising the group wasn’t infront and behind him already, they need instructions obviously. The tree elf coughed angrily before speaking, “leave the stone, stop bickering like human children and be useful for the pay I’m providing”
it was obvious he cared little for those wounded or in danger, unless it’s him of course. Farr for one couldn’t stand Weglas, and was weighing the potential reward of what they find here vs the elf’s pay.

The feeling of being watched would still be on everyone’s mind, either those creatures or something else.

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Udgrirr Riki

Location: Forests of Chlokoka
Mentions: Azal ((@Rurnur))

The wound heals and closes the wounds, stopping unneeded infection of it, and touching it after the beautiful magical process ceases to hurt. The beam that shone on him prickled intensely, holding a bit too tightly on the arm of the feathered beastkin as a way to stress out the pain until the procedure appears to be finished. However, the winds still felt weak to his command, but nonetheless it was better than an open wound. It's treated, so he can worry about it later.

"Thank you, I'll make sure not to go too far ahead of everyone this time." Udgirr said and straightens himself up to proper form to walk once more. When he was near to one of the alien trees once more, he wondered if he can stay up the branches, albeit near enough for his allies to see him still without necessarily being ahead of them also. The winds unsteadily carries him up, and looking around to ensure no devil is spying at the treetops to scour him, he jumps from the nearest branch to branch once more, just as he wanted to be in position earlier. It's much better to scout ahead from atop the trees, and last he checked, these alien foliage was not poisonous.


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Gruntus pickes his weapons back up and walks past the beastkin. "No need for healing, I had worse." He went silent again, he doesn't understand why these people need to seek so much, it's unnecessary and annoying. He likes that Farr, they seem to be competent and they don't talk that much. But the others, too loud and too much, except the witch but he isn't a big fan of magic so she is as bad as the others.

He rubs his wounds, nothing serious, he just feels a little drained and a slight headache but he had worse, he grabs the claw that he wears as a necklace, someday he will find something or someone who will be stronger then that thing, maybe even here.

He follows their leader, Gruntus doesn't really care where they are heading.



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As Udgirr elevates to a higher position he would see signs of yakawho in the distant treetops, on the trees and ground large insects the size of one’s fist crawl away from the vibrations caused by foreign entities. Keen senses might notice the rabbit like creatures scurrying from bushes. Scared by something...

Weglas was quick to reach Farr, ignoring the bleeding brute. “Do you know any these people?”
The bird and the green man” Farr answered dismissing, he felt uneasy From the moment they arrived. What weglas is after wasn’t obvious to the young man. But he knew weglas trusted a thief if pay is involved.

They are capable, Udgirr helped me acquire the stones, Azal seems a capable mage. The rest of them deserve your respect as well” Farr looked the elf in the eyes, his cowardly gold tinted eyes. I hate the tall spindly sort.
weglas scoffed and dropped the subject.

With Farr on the ground and Udgirr in the trees the party is able to scout out and avoid groups of yakawho and what can only be described as...
“Is that a leopard? with a snakes head?”

It was a good twenty minutes of travel before they came to the clearing that Gruntus spoke of.
By a river is a village, in the mountains in the obvious view is a grand, (in a ancient way) structure.

Weglas hid behind a tree “we don’t want the natives to see us.”
Farr sighed from his crouched position, he was inspecting a red mushroom in the shade “is it so bad? We could ask them about the area.”
The tree elf scowled back “what’s our excuse for being here? They will think we’re here to steal off them!”
“Aren’t we?” Farr’s joke probably seemed more like determination. Not that he knew. He found it hard to read people...

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