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General Fall 2020 Contest Results


Bardbarian, the Divine Chordia of Concordia
Announcing the Winners of the Fall 2020 Contest! 🎉

Comedy Art - Car Ride by Dreamtique Dreamtique

Fandom Art - As Our World Burns by Sacrilege Sacrilege
Fandom Writing - A Place Called Home is Just a Memory Away by Reid Reid

Fantasy - Into the Lands of Evasiry, The Twisted Waltz by kase9187 kase9187

General Art - avaloween by yourlocal-eboyy yourlocal-eboyy
General Writing - Secrets in the Wind by camlochan camlochan

Horror - Dear Friend by Crocodile Crocodile

Romance - The Willow by LucyInTheSky LucyInTheSky

Sci-Fi - Curiosity Killed the Cat by idiot sandwich idiot sandwich

Slice of Life - A Drink on a Thursday Night by Pepsionne Pepsionne
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Congratulations to all the winners! You should all have received your badge for your respective categories. ^D^

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