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Fantasy Falconreach College (Victorian Steampunk)

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Moonlight Sonata
Alavor is the thriving heart of Valkia. A thriving country built on the principle of "Tomorrow comes today" Alavor is the capital city where technology is widely integrated. Automatons, Fae, Vampires and Humans live among eachother.

Falconreach, a secretive and prestigious Academy that sends out invitations. One does not apply for Falconreach, instead Falconreach finds those it deems worthy of attending. Falconreach is no stranger to the royalty of Alavor, and yet neither a stranger to the nobles or the poorest folk of the streets. People from every way of life have found themselves at Falconreach at one point or another.

Operating outside the jurisdiction of Alavor and the Valkian Government, Falconreach aims to find the perfect career for it's students. Once attending Falconreach, you will be sorted into one of it's houses. You will fill out a form that aims to help find you a suitable career. You will constantly be tested and have missions that require you to head outside of Falconreach and into Alavor. Those who seek fame and fortune will find themselves infront of crowds. Those who seek to create will be tested for their creation's ingenuity. Those who seek to fight will be tested, perhaps you may find yourself joining the Aerial Supreme, or guarding the streets. There are hundreds of jobs that need people in Alavor.

You will be scored for your participating, your results and your creativity. There will a major test every so often to judge your compatibility with jobs on your house. While on Falconreach you will be held responsible for certain tasks and attend classes regularly. You will be assigned dorms which you will stay in. You may compete against eachother from time to time with consequences. Heed your time at Falconreach well.

Dear Reader,

if you have received this letter, you have been invited to attend Falconreach Academy. At Falconreach we are committing to making your dream career a reality. Your housing and food and education will be paid for you for no cost. Though there are endless amounts of careers that need people, we will do our best to assist you in finding the one that suits you the best.
You will spend the next 3 years of your life at Falconreach should you choose to accept this invitation. Please sign below if you choose to accept, the letter guide you to Falconreach.

Sign here ____________________

House System

House Allure: A Allure is the heart of any public or social gathering. They gain popularity through their Charisma. Perhaps you may seek fame and fortune. A musician, a writer or celebrity perhaps. Or perhaps royalty itself.

House Valor: A Valor person is a brave soul who loves to be in the action. Perhaps it is serving your country that suits you. Or perhaps you simply wish to be apart of the action, always venturing off to various locations. A valor is destined to be the one to journey far.

House Ashmere: A Ashmere person is one who prefers to remain within the shadows of crime. Manipulating events from the shadows, thieving, spying and sneaking. Whatever criminal pursuits you may find yourself in, a Ashmere never forgets their motives.

House Machina: A Machina is a person of intelligent design. They seek to interact with the world and technology around them, creating, innovating and designing new forms of art, technology and constantly innovating the future, a Machina is always a creative minded person

Playable Races:

For this RP I think I will limit the amount of people to about 8. If there is more interest I may have 10 people. I want this to be about a medium-sized RP that can be manageable. Multiple characters will be allowed, preferably that not everyone creates too many, I want the RP to be concise. Teachers and other adult characters are allowed.

This RP will have a stat system where your characters keep track of the money they have/earn through the school activities and their careers.
I want the RP to try to have a concise and memorable cast with focus on the world building and plot development itself. Drama and Narrative will play huge roles so I want people to make their characters have their vices, flaws and problems with eachother, rather than have everyone get along from the beginning. A lot of the focus will be on social status and fame. Tea parties, Balls, Dances, gatherings, missions and exploring the city of Avalor are going to be mandatory.

I think I want to have it be either fantasy art or real life images for characters, one of them will be for all, I'm leaning towards having real life images for characters.

1. foresigh foresigh
2. SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck
3. Blackrose7 Blackrose7
4. Abendrot Abendrot
5. spiralingheretic spiralingheretic
6. ThatGuyWithSouvlaki ThatGuyWithSouvlaki
7. Coffee addict Coffee addict
8. Xcelgamer Xcelgamer
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Moonlight Sonata


I am also interested! However, I see that all 8 spots are full. You mentioned that if other people are interested, you could add 2 more spots.
Is it possible if you can still squeeze me in? I would love to be a part of this!

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