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Nation Building Failed States: The Annals of Muwar

The Elusive Shadow

Comte de Fuyant

A British Pathe radio broadcast

The official colors of the newly Independent Sultanate of Muwar
A State In Limbo
Staff Reporter John Day
15 August 1947
As celebrations rage in the two sister nations created in the wake of British withdrawal from the subcontinent, Bashakbad the capital of the independent state of Muwar lies in eery silence. Ever since Lord Louis Mountbatten arrived in India the situation has been tense amongst those 500 or more princely states that have made up an important part in the unique administration of the British Raj, these states were told that they would have to choose between either joining the Union of India or the state of Pakistan. Already the representatives of the respective governments have begun to court the many Maharajas. One state is in a unique position, however. The Sultanate of Muwar has long been an important territory for the Raj, prosperous in mineral resources land and labor - it has been the only place in the region where large-scale British immigration was attempted. The problem? It never gained any sort of legal recognition as a princely state even after the Queen's declaration in 1857 which solidified Crown rule over the entire colony. The state of Muwar remained for all intents and purposes an independent, autonomous territory allied to the Empire. At the wake of independence, his highness Sultan Fahri Ali bin Osman Al-Muwari Khan declared the INC and the Muslim league to be Illegal and imposed martial law on his people; curfews, random searches, and routine raids are commonplace here. The western press has been allowed restricted access, whilst the Sultan's forces crack down on indigenous papers.

Reportedly the Sultan has called for an Interim government to be formed under the supervision of Sir Benyamin ul Haq a notable scholar whose works on the History of the region and his staunch support of the colonial government has garnered great praise. What Sir Benyamin's mandate would be is anyone's guess, what is certain though is that Muwar intends to stay independent, which will not be an easy thing to achieve with more than half of the country Hindu and the rest largely Muslim. Like the rest of the subcontinent, Muwar seems ready to tear itself apart in a haze of senseless violence.

Vol 106 No.572 Page 12 The Observer

Dear Prospective RPers,

I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to check out our humble RP idea, hopefully, the "news article" above gives you some sorta idea about what exactly is going on. If it wasn't that helpful, don't fret I'm here to help. First some context; when the British left India they left behind some 500 plus "princely states" which were up until then ruled by feudal monarchs, who were given the choice of either joining India or Pakistan and of course remaining independent (which wasn't really an option what with both these countries having more than a few troops stationed at their borders). Most of the Princely states finally decided to join India but that's beside the point. Our RP is going to be set in the land of Muwar, a fictional state somewhere in modern-day Baluchistan. The state is called Muwar after the dynasty that rules it, which is fitting because there is literally nothing else that unites the people who live there. There are ethnic Turks, Pashtuns, Tajiks and even some Ashkenazi Jews littered all across the state. A large population of Europeans concentrated in and near the city of Port Clive tries desperately to hold on to their colonial legacy and indeed their property, if necessary with their lives. Just like in India and Pakistan the Hindu-Muslim divide plagues the country. With a majority of the population being Hindu, ruled by a (allegedly) tyrannical Muslim ruler, the stage seems set for a grinding conflict.

There is a reason this RP was named Failed States, we are not meant to survive this. Muwar is supposed to burn to the ground, whether we like it or not. The only question is, what part will our characters play in its demise? will they work to heal wounds to try and make Muwar survive or will they accelerate the process and laugh as Muwar tears itself apart?

Now some important tidbits you should probably know, the RP is character based. You shall create an individual(s) who is in some way related to the working of the government or its opposition - be it a member of the interim parliament, an army general/officer or a rebel party leader. For now, I and @High Moon (Your GM's) shall be taking the roles of the interim PM and Sultan respectively. Every 3 or 4 days depending on the number of posts you will receive an update in the form of a newspaper article, which should give the RP some direction and keep the flow going.

We'd welcome anyone who shows interest, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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