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Villain Shoto Todoroki

I was once a hero....but now ima human/demon manic

my head is in the sky
and when i see you walking among the clouds with me
i cant
into you
and i won’t be afraid of crashing
because i know you’ll be there
to catch me
So ummm ima give this to my gf today cuz she came back from vacation I wrote ur username next to it so u still get all the credit......she just really like poems...


boots with the fur
could we probably go back to the sixth grade?
valentine’s day, those lovely gifts
a small box
the swift interaction of passing papers.
when i got yours, i couldn’t help but
hang it on my wall
and the one i made with my bare hands
staying up at late, glitter and tape
the cutting the bleeding.
everybody else got the generic walmart kind.
but for you, it was special. you admired the design
but all you wanted
was the candy that came with it


boots with the fur
that careless, forgetful you.
the you without the right tool.
don’t worry dear,
you can borrow my pencil.
covered with teeth marks,
it’s been my favourite.
but to give it to you means everything.
after class, straight to the trash.
tomorrow’s another day.
can i borrow a pen?”


boots with the fur
and so what if i’m not allowed to eat citrus? i’d gladly share lemonade and sour patch kids any day with you.
i just won’t let you see me when i have to throw them up later.


boots with the fur
i can’t seem to get a grip on you
yet, i can’t let go.
you're so great and funny, you have your whole life ahead of you.
and yet somehow, you pull yourself down with an anchor like me
and you won’t unhook yourself.
i never understood
why you’d stay
why you’d care
why you’d love me
but what do i know about love?
maybe there is something good about me.
that something you love so much.
i promise, for you, i won’t lose it.
just don’t lose your smile.
just don’t lose your laugh.
just don’t lose yourself.
and maybe
we can be anchor weights together,
holding this ship in place
so it never strays from the dock.

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