The Great Sage

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  • Hey there, thanks for the follow!
    The Great Sage
    The Great Sage
    I find your discourse intelligent and thoughtful and I don't want to miss the things you have to say.
    Why thank you :) I hope I can meet your expectations.
    They shall pass and their places be taken,
    The gods and the priests that are pure.
    They shall pass, and shalt thou not be shaken?
    They shall perish, and shalt thou endure?
    Death laughs, breathing close and relentless
    In the nostrils and eyelids of lust,
    With a pinch in his fingers of scentless
    And delicate dust.

    But the worm shall revive thee with kisses;
    Thou shalt change and transmute as a god,
    As the rod to a serpent that hisses,
    As the serpent again to a rod.
    Thy life shall not cease though thou doff it;
    Thou shalt live until evil be slain,
    And good shall die first, said thy prophet,
    Our Lady of Pain.
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