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Fantasy Dream Catchers and Spirits


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Dream Catchers and Spirits
(A human and angry spirit rp)


In the world of humans supernatural beings were nothing but fantasy, things that are part of story books of old and new. But those stores if not most are true. Supernatural being exist in the world around the humans hiding in plain sight all along as one human is going to find out. Finding out at the ripe age of a college student, Plagued with nightmares whenever they close their eyes. They try everything other than pills to take the sleep stealing visions but nothing works. That is until a joke of a dream catcher was brought up. Desperate they bought one in hopes that their nightmares would cease.


Ezra Woods

Ezra comes from a well off family who hold a college degree in high esteem, if you dont have one what are you doing with your life then? To get them off his back he decides to go to college for his electives so he can figure out what he wants to do with his life.

(Spirit profile will go here ^^)

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