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Dice Dragon Heist OOC

Hi all! I'm sorry for the silence. I meant to do this sooner, but my hand has been giving me trouble and typing has been a bit uncomfortable. After giving it some thought, I'd like to step away from this game. Ultimately, I'm not having as much fun with it as I thought I would when I created the interest check.

I hope the new year goes well for you all! And good luck with your other roleplays!


Perpetually Cold
I'm sorry to hear that — I was enjoying it, but I totally understand the need to step away if you're not. Happy new year all!


Two Thousand Club
awww well good luck.

*Diana walks into the void of other past dnd characters I had that had their adventurers cut short*

Stars Above

Star-struck nobody who is stuck on earth
Fair enough, I wish you luck with any future RPs you start or join too.

Well, y'all it was fun whilst it lasted. Thanks for the time, and I hope you have a nice 2022.

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