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Fandom Double OC X CC: Arcane, Baldur's Gate 3, Cobra Kai, Cyberpunk 2077/Edgerunner and True Blood


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I'm a 22 F looking for a partner who is open to ooc chat and not afraid to explore our OCs to their full potential. I'm a fan of headcanoning, sharing material connected to our characters and just vibing. Furthermore, I prefer them to be fairly active. Not twenty four seven, but at least active enough to tell me when and if they are busy as long as communicate with me when they are not free to respond to roleplays. I will warn now that if you are unresponsive in OOC Chat for two days without notice, I will drop the roleplay. Now onto fandoms!
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First off the list is Arcane: League of Legends! I love this series and honestly consider it to be one of my favorite shows ever made! I am looking to roleplay the following series using one of three of my OCs. It can be either an OC based on the brothel woman from episode 5, a half piltie half zaunite OC who is the secret child of Silco or the most wanted criminal and escapee of Stillwater who is Sevika's daughter. I am seeking to play against Vi, Caitlyn or Jinx and in return, I will play as whoever you'd like!
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For Baldur's Gate 3, I am looking to play against Shadowheart or Karlach. I do not have a preference whatsoever. For OCs, I have two of them to choose from; An ascended ex-vampiric master and the daughter/avatar of Mystra. I can also use an alternative version of Alfira if you'd like connected to Raphael and Harleep. When it comes to canon characters, I can play a variety of them, however there are a few that I cannot play due to being not well versed in their story or personality (i.e. Orin, Gortash, Minthara, etc.). Feel free to ask me who you seek to play against and I'll be sure to tell you if I can or cannot.
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Next up is Cobra Kai! I will say now that it is a crime that there isn't many roleplay requests for Cobra Kai. As of the making of this post, I am binge-watching the series and enjoying every second. For OCs, I have two with face claims. One is the grand daughter of Kreese, a girl that has been banned by every dojo she's joined. Her face claim is Brittany O'Grady. The other OC is the younger sister of Cheng, a honorable fighter with a dark underbelly. Her face claim is Kim Sae Ron. When it comes to these two, respectively, I am looking to play them against Tory or Sam. In return I can play as whoever you'd like!
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For Cyberpunk, I can play in either a canon divergent or the game, the anime/show or even a mashup of both. The OC I will use is a variant of V named Valeria that is nicknamed "Crybaby" for a sinister reason. I am looking to play against Judy, Claire, Panam, Rebecca or Lucy and will play as anyone for you in return.
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Last but not least is True Blood. I am definitely looking for a partner that is not afraid to heavily change the story. I love the series up until season four so I am open to any changes and ideas for the series. My OC is a Maenad and the child of Maryann, face claim is Grace Phipps. I can play her against Sookie or Jessica. I will play as anyone you'd like.
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And that's about it! If you're interested, feel free to add me on discord @ unluckiestmember or hmu in private messages. Have a good day, stay safe and hydrated!

Discord: unluckiestmember

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