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Other Does anyone else like transformers here?

Rusty of Shackleford

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Mememememe! I love Transformers! (Mainly the original series and Prime, though.) Watched the crap out of the 80s movie as a kid, and Fall of Cybertron is one of the few TPSs I play regularly.

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Love Transformers. Following since G1 and played the War for Cybertron games. Bayformers on the other hand...eh. But Bumblebee was friggin' amazing.
I’m a bayformers fan at heart, but I love G1 also. The only transformers video games I’ve played was the revenge of the fallen game and Devastation


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Seems to be a lot of Autobots in here. Where is the decepticon love! Soundwave is bae.


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Big fan of transformers. Watched most series since G1. I have to say that one of my favorite series is Beast Wars though. :-D


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May be a little late to this but I adore transformers, I started out with the original G1 before anything else.

I adore it all tbh even if I'm not a huge fan of the bayverse version.


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For anyone in this thread who is interested, I am going to be running a Beast Wars transformers thread.



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I actually love transformers. I personally love Michael Bay’s transformers movies, but I feel like it sorta failed as a franchise. Mainly cause, the long gaps between each film. For other movie franchise’s like Marvel it works because there are movies released every year. But transformers, it takes like two or three years between each film. And now with like Bay pulling out of the franchise. It is unlikely it will gain a resurgence. Which is a shame, I actually liked Bumblebee, plus the last Transformers movied ended on a cliff hanger. So it’s a shame it has to be like that.


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I love Transformers.

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Yeah, I feel like Bayformers kinda flopped. Like it was all action but not much good plotting? Like the Last Knight had such a confusing plot. Don’t get me wrong I liked it. But it just feels like most Bayformers movies are like all action and not much character development. Along with convuluted plots lol.


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I saw the first one free, forget how. HATED it but watched all of it. Spent most of the time trying to figure who was who.

I saw the second free, forget how. I walked out after it turned into an after school special about how pot brownies are bad.

I have not seen one since and never will.

To this day I can only figure out who Fumblebee and Fauxptimus Prime are. They all look like monsters from my nightmares.

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I think that was the reason for the game and comic tie-ins for the Transformers movies. If you wanted to know more, then get either of those. Movies can only explain so much in a short amount of time in my opinion, so sometimes i can be lenient with them.

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