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Fantasy Disarray (With TragicTrees)

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Lost: Marbles

Cold, dreary voices filled the- equally as cold- meeting room. Angelo could barely contain the urge to roll his eyes as he listened to his subordinates drone on and on about some kind of new partnership his company was entering. He really couldn’t care less about what the hell they were talking about. He stopped listening about halfway through. He was not interested in any partnerships, as he told these morons many times before. Partnerships were just too much of a hassle. Plus, that just meant more people he had to be wary of.

Angelo’s temper finally snapped, as he slammed his fist down onto the mahogany table. The dull voices immediately stopped their blabbering. He made a silent thank you, as he stood up from his chair. “ There will be no partnerships for God’s sake. How many times do I have to tell you?!” With a sigh, Angelo rubbed his temples as he continued speaking. “ We have been doing just fine on our own for a few years now. We don’t need a sudden change of pace like that. Now, if this meeting is still about the damn partnerships, it's over. Meeting adjourned! Goodbye.” He waved them off, plopping back into his seat. Angelo spun it around to face the wall, hearing their steps awkwardly shuffle out of the room.

Once he heard the heavy door shut behind them, he groaned to himself, still annoyed at their pestering. He didn't understand why they’ve been so anxious recently. It wasn’t like the company was going down anytime soon. Angelo would be sure of that. He hummed to himself, closing his eyes in thought. Maybe it was all his firing recently? Surely that wasn’t the reason. If they were doing a good job, they wouldn’t have to worry.

Sighing once again, he got himself up, stretching out his sore muscles and hearing his joints crack. He was hit with an instant feeling of relief. Now that that nightmare meeting was over, it was time to get down to real business. By this time now, everyone should have gone home. That left Angelo to his own devices. Finally some time where he won’t be bothered.

Angelo poked his head out of the meeting room, checking for sure that everyone had left. Nodding in confirmation. He was on the third floor, so it wasn’t like he could be spied on, but Angelo shut the blinds of the meeting room just to be sure. Yeah, okay- maybe he was acting paranoid, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Shutting off the lights he sat back in his chair, swiveling to face the projector’s screen he lit up. Smiling to himself, he watched the beginnings of his plan unfold before his eyes. Those bastards won’t even know what’s coming to them.

TragicTrees TragicTrees


Local Plant Enthusiast
Ilya Volkov was not a fan of his job.

This did not mean that his job wasn't alright; it paid just fine, all things considered, and he had no reason to dislike it heavily. It just didn't happen to resonate with him. A janitor position wasn't likely to resonate with anyone, but more often than not he felt that he could be doing more with his day if he were not mopping floors and cleaning off windows. He couldn't see himself feeling very fulfilled with the position any time in the near future.

Part of it likely came from the fact that he tended to do the same things, over and over. Because it wasn't as if something new to clean would magically pop up. Instead, he cleaned the same few areas repeatedly, with the only change being what the mess happened to be on that particular day. Unsurprisingly, it was dull and most of the time he ended up being bored out of his mind. It was because of this that he had developed the habit of people watching.

Which was probably invasive. He knew that. But it wasn't as if he actually learned anything personal about the people around the office. He just...kept an eye on them and made wild guesses about their lives. He didn't fact check it or anything. And no one even noticed anyway. One of the perks of being a janitor, if you could call it that, was that he was practically invisible. No one paid him any mind as he went about his business and they went about theirs. While at first it had been a little annoying, seeing as he was consistently ignored in his attempts at polite greetings, he'd soon found that he had exactly nothing in common with anyone who was working in the building and any polite conversation would likely be painfully awkward for one or both participants.

So, people watching. It was a thing he did. Which was probably part of the reason he hadn't thought it was a bad idea to head to the 3rd floor during a big meeting. He'd needed to clean up there anyway, and he wanted to see what sort of people were trying to get involved in the company. To no one's surprise, they ended up being the usual sort- suits and briefcases and an air about them that suggested that if it were not for Ilya's job, they would never find themselves within the same vicinity to one another. What was odd was that not everyone left.

He knew for a fact that one of the higher ups of the company was in that meeting. He certainly hadn't left with them, though. Practically everyone in the building was otherwise gone, and Ilya had expected even those higher up on the ladder to follow suite. It wasn't any of his business, though, so he wasn't going to look into it.

This thought process sustained him for a good few minutes or so before he gave in and found himself making his way to the portion of the building the meeting had been held in. It was probably just the guy getting some extra work done, really. He wasn't expecting to find anyone, and he reasoned that he'd need to clean down that room anyway, wouldn't he? So it was best to just go check everyone was gone to do his job.

To his surprise, though, when he checked through the window of the meeting room door, the guy still was there. In an effort to not interrupt whatever was going on, he went to leave quietly, but before he could he caught sight of what was one the projector, which only served to notify him that he really shouldn't have come over to the meeting room in the first place. He tried to duck away, but in typical fashion, it was that exact moment that his leg decided it wasn't interested in functioning, causing him to stumble and hit into the door.

He was going to probably die, and the only thing he'd accomplished in life was being a janitor. Great.

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