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Fandom Detroit Become Human search !


Perpetually Exhausted
Hello! I’ve engrossed myself in Detroit Become Human, again, and am itching for a Roleplay as I replay it. You can call my Peachy! I’m 24, and use they/them pronouns.
I played this back when it first came out, and loved it. I love it just as much now while replaying it. Hopefully there’s still some love around here for this game!

Main Rules
I - I understand English is not everyone’s first language. All I ask is that you use good grammar, and please be at least semi-lit; at least 5 sentences ! It’s hard to reply to anything less. Mistakes are bound to happen, I could count more than a handful of times I edit a response because of typos. And some still escape my eye.

II - I ask that my roleplay partners are 18+ but 21+ is preferred as I myself am near my mid 20’s. It’s what is most comfortable for me, I ask it is respected.

III - 18+ mature content does not equal sensual content. Heavier topics are welcomed so long as they are delivered respectfully. So tell me if any triggers you have!

IV - I do have a full-time job and life outside of roleplay, so please don’t bombard me if I don’t answer in a couple of days at a time. If I wind up taking a break, I’ll do my best to warn you before hand! And I ask that you do the same, if you can.

Roleplay Preferences
I - As far as pairings go, I am happy to engage in any gender pairing, and am open to hearing about different pairings. I’m down to include Poly pairings! Romantic and platonic relationships are welcomed greatly!

II - My character preference will be underlined! Sometimes it will just be one, or it will be both! Which means I’ll play as either/multiple.

III - Preferred ships and/or characters will have ‘*’ to indicate interest.

Connor x Markus ***
Connor and Hank **
Markus x Simon. *
Kara x Luther
and Alice (+ Luther)
~ I’ve never seen them talked about, but I’d love to explore the two Traci’s from the Eden club and their story.
~ I’m open to other ships or relationships, so please suggest it if you are interested in something other than what’s listed !

~ I am open to oc x cc , but I ask you double and play cc x cc on my end.

If interested, please comment or DM me

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