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Fandom Desperate (lol) Need a William, FNAF rp (open)


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Hi, this is another post connected to the last one I made. I'm looking for someone who can be William Afton.

There's no tolerance with ghosting for me. As my rps with this character start off strong. But the next day, the partner I'm playing with disappears with no explanation. I get it, life can get in the way. I only ask that I get some sort of warning or heads up.

Please be 18 or older.
At least be semi-lit. If you're above that literacy, I'm fine with it too.
Please be active online. As I like to have my rps going. I'll also give a heads up when I can't respond for a while.

That's it from me. Thank you in advance to whoever replies.
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I hate that I'm almost there and not there yet... For EVERYTHING... Just a month and 5 days and I'll be there...

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