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Fandom Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba AU; Rise of the Devil Emperor---Character Sheets


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Demon Slayer Corps [Recruitment Papers]

Example Papers

(This is an NPC)

Name/Nickname: Santiago de Acosta or Santi; others know him as "El Asesino de la Costa" which translates to "The Slayer of the Coast". This title has been passed down through his family for generations and it holds significates to him.

Junsuina Akuma

Age: 22

Experience: 6 years of hunting experience. Rose through the ranks of the Corps in less than a year; is considered one of the best Slayers in Spain despite his young age and lower experience compered to older and more experienced Slayers with the country. Currently a Tsuguko (Hashira in training) for one the European Branches top Slayers, The Blood Hashira: Morgan De le Fey. Morgan is apart of the 24 Knights, which are the European Branches top 24 Slayers that serve as Hashiras on the 24 Knights. She currently ranks in 4 among her fellow Hashiras. In his 6 years of hunting, Santiago has killed around 52 demons.

Gender: Male with he/him pronouns

Country of Origin: Spain

Demon Slayer Branch: The European Demon Slayer Corps

Family and Friends: The Acosta family comes from a long line of proud and powerful Junsuina Akuma; considered to be the strongest in all of Spain. Santiago has a very close bond with his mother, who trained him starting at the age 12 and who previously held the title of "The Slayer of the Coast" before she retired. Santi looks up to her and seeks to live up to the title that his mother passed onto him. Also has a red and black Demon Rooster familiar named Diablito or Little Devil, how this rooster came into existence nobody truly knows but what they do know is that he hates everyone except for Santiago and his family.

Personality: Composed and surprisingly stoic for his age, Santi tends to keep to himself. Having seen his fellow Slayers fight and die all his life, he is rarely ever phased by anything anymore and Death is just another part of life. Most people aren't sure whether or not he ever shows emotion. Once you get to know him better, Santi is a rather sweet guy and is very easy-going with people that he is close to, engaging in vast amounts of physical affection. Often going out of his way to help those in need and to ensure his loved ones are safe, he is also highly protective of them. But piss him off enough and you risk fighting one of the strongest Junsuina Akuma in Spain. When he loses his composure which rarely ever happens, he attacks with reckless abandon and without regard for his safety, but even this state leaves him a force to be reckoned with. Best to stay on his good side if you want to keep your head.

Appearance: Santiago stands at about 5'2, to which most people would all him short although he doesn't mind. Weighs in a 120 lbs. and has a somewhat muscular build for someone of his small stature. He has piercing dark yellow eye sand white colored hair. Is often seen wearing a navy blue suit the slightly resembles an outfit that a matador or bullfighter would wear along with navy blue pants. the shoes that he wears are black in color and he often wears a black sombrero to go along with his shoes. wears a pair of white gloves that he rarely takes off to hide the many battle scars that he has on his hands. He also has several scars on his back from his short time fighting demons. Lastly, he has 2 small horns that sprout from the top of his head that grow in size when he uses his Blood Demon Art.
(For reference)

Breathing Technique(s) or Blood Demon Art: The Blood Demon Art that Santiago and his family has wielded for generations is known as Mark of The Judas Chair. Known to many as one of the most dangerous Blood Demon Arts in the world for the horrible and agonizing effects that it has on attackers. When activated, a pyramid-shaped mark appears on the stomach and back of the attacker. The attacker then starts to feel a sharp pain in their stomach, as if they are being impaled by a sharp object. Slowly but surely the pain worsens, getting sharper and sharper with each passing second. After about 5 minutes, the pyramid-shaped mark then burst through the attacker's stomach and out through their back, leaving them stuck in an agonizing and immobilized state at which point the wielder of the Art can finish them off. Based off a Spanish torture method known as the Judas Chair.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: Wields an Nichirin Espada Ropera (Rapier) with deadly precision and grace. The color of the blade is a blood red.
(For reference)

Fighting Style(s): prefers to fight at an arm's length with his Espada Ropera, keeping his quarry on their feet and slowly whittling away at them before finishing them off with his Blood Demon Art.

- Excels at prolonged fights: constantly keep his enemies on their toes with quick and precise strikes.
- Demon Arts mastery: all in part due to his mother's training at a young age.
- Quick movements: Due to his small stature, he is very quick with his movements, and he keeps his enemies guessing as to where he might strike next.

- Can't take to many hits head on because of his somewhat smaller body.
- his Demon Art can drain him of energy if used multiple times on the same target.
- When losing his composure, he loses all sense of reasoning and tends to attack without safety for himself. Making him a danger to anyone that is around him.

Goals: To uphold his family legacy and to protect his home country from the rising threat of the Devil Emperor

Backstory: The Acosta family has been a part of the Demon Slayer Corps as far back as the founding of the European Branch of the Corps. As such, Santi was practically born into the role of a Demon Slayer. Trained at the young age of 12 by his mother Maria Acosta, one of the most powerful Jinsuina Akuma in Spain; the young boy was shaped with every death and trial that the Corps had faced. Being the son of a previously powerful Demon Slayer meant Santi and his family wielded a very powerful Blood Demon Art. Mark of the Judas Chair has been in his family for generations and is well known throughout Spain and Europe as a Blood Demon Art that is not to be trifled with, unless you want to experience absolute agony of course. Santi also wields the title of "El Asesino de la Costa" or the Slayer of the Coast which was held by his mother before
retiring. Being The Slayer of the Coast meant that Santi was the protecter of Spain's coastlines, protecting the cities and towns that lined them from all kinds of Demons that would seek to bring them harm. With that being said, Santiago's family legacy is something that he constantly strives to uphold. But with his Espada Ropera and his family's Blood Art in hand, Santiago will be sure to make his family and the Corps proud.

For further help if needed and for lore references! Breathing Styles
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Name:Marcus O Malley
Demon slayer branch:North american.
Personslity:Calm and collected but rather shy at times. Is rather smat and a bright tactician. Can be laybacked at times too.
Appearence:Messy brown hair and blue eyes. Wears glasses.
Breathing techniques:Thunder breathing
Weapon:Nichirin rapier ( light blue)
Fighting style: Only fights if opponent attacks first.
Strengths:Excelent strategist
Weakness: Will easilly get affected emotionally if a love one is attacked.
Goals:Marcus dosen't have goals in particular...or he does not eant to reveal them.
Backstory During his stay at Harvard university in Boston,where he studied,Marcus was the unfortunate witness of the murder of his friends by demons. He was saved by a proffesor who retruited him into a special club which turned out to be part of the american branch of the Demon Slayer Corps. Marcus joined to protect his familly and friends.
Name:Lilly Carlson
Country:usa ( texas)
Branch:North american
Personality: Excentric and upbeat.
Appearence: Long brown hair tied in breads,green eyes, has freckles on her face,wears a cowboy hat and a red cowboy vest over her demon slayer uniform.
Weapons:pistols with nichirin bullets(red) nichirin lasso( orange)
Breathing techniques: flame breathing
Fighthing style: long range Shoots first asks questions later
Strengths: exels in targeting demons.
Weakness: Vulnerable to short range attacks.
Bio: Lilly joined the Corps after witnessing her uncle and her familly's cattle of cows being slaugthered by demons.
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Name/Nickname: Higuchi Tetsuo

Species: Human

Age: 17

Experience: Tetsuo has been training as a demon slayer for 6 years, possessing the skill necessary to be an effective fighter. However, he's only fought 4 demons in that entire span, and failed to kill one of them. So, he lacks in demon encounters.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual

Country of Origin: Japan

Demon Slayer Branch: The Asian Demon Slayer Corps

Family and Friends: Tetsuo's social circle is limited to his family as he prefers to devote his time to training rather than making friends. However, his family tree boasts of several demon slayers who participated in the war against demons ages ago. Tetsuo didn't learn about their heroic deeds through popular stories, but rather through their memoirs, where they chronicled their experiences as demon slayers.

Personality: In general, Tetsuo is an undisturbed and gentle person. He rarely gets angry and usually stays calm even in the most difficult situations. He is passionate about his work and always strives to do his best. He is also very loyal to his friends and protective of those he cares about. Despite this, Tetsuo can be very quiet. He's not the type to start conversations. In fact, he barely speaks unless spoken to. Tetsuo also takes things too literally most of the time. Jokes will fly over his head and he'll end up taking something lighthearted seriously.

Appearance: Tetsuo has a distinctive appearance with jet black hair styled in a messy ponytail, fair skin, and a black and white haori that he wears with his trusty katana. He prefers clothing styles from the Sengoku period, as he feels it properly represents his cultural background as a demon slayer. Tetsuo stands at 5'11 with a weight of 164 lbs and has slightly defined muscles due to his moderate training.

Breathing Technique: Water Breathing
+First Form: Water Surface Slash - The user crosses their arms and generates enough momentum to release a singular, concentrated slash which is often horizontal.
+Second Form: Water Wheel - The user leaps forward into the air and performs a front flip, releasing a singular vertical slash in a circular motion.
+Third Form: Flowing Dance - The user swings and bends their blade in a winding motion along with their body and dances in a flowing pattern, slicing everything in its path.
+Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust/Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve - The user performs a precise, fast and accurate thrust with their blade/ A modified strike that hits from a specific angle corresponding to the sword's structure which nearly nullifies the impact and momentum of a moving object.
+Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin - The user cuts the target vertically in a flowing motion which is most effective when they are falling downward.
+Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent - The user changes their footwork in a way that minimizes the landing time and surface needed when landing, allowing the user to move without limits. Ideal when fighting in a place with no solid foothold.

Nichirin Weapon: Tetsuo wields a beautifully crafted katana as his chosen nichirin weapon. The blade boasts a deep and rich midnight blue hue that gleams in the light. Its sharp edge is a testament to Testuo's dedication and skill in mastering the art of the sword.

Fighting Style: Tetsuo prefers to engage in close combat with his opponents during battles. If there is distance between them, he will swiftly close the gap and attack with powerful slashes. He does not prefer to use long-range weapons like guns or arrows. Instead, he uses his agility and strength to overpower his enemies with brute force. But, Tetsuo has to take breaks frequently in battle depending on the intensity of the fighting due to his asthma. Sometimes he'll deliberately hide from an enemy so that he can catch his breath of use his inhaler. While in battle, Tetsuo prioritizes his breathing over anything else. Why? So that he can avoid having an asthma attack in battle. For if that was to happen, he could die in battle. Whether it be by foe or asphyxiation.

- Proficient in close ranged combat
- Parrying
- Blade-wielding
- Synchronizing with his allies' attacks

- Long-ranged combat
- Lack of Breathing Style Options: Tetsuo had difficulty learning total concentration breathing due to his asthma, which hindered his lung function. This caused the process to take three years. To this day, he still hasn't mastered it due to his condition. And because Total Concentration Breathing is crucial to using breathing styles, Tetsuo struggled to learn the techniques of a breath. So, he chose the one that was easiest to achieve: Water Breathing. But despite this, Tetsuo was still only able to master six out of the ten water-breathing techniques.
- Low endurance; cannot fight for extended periods of time due to his asthma.
- Tetsuo's katana is inferior to many modern weapons, such as snipers and heavier weapons. He relies on using breathing techniques to avert these kinds of attacks.

Goals: Tetsuo's goal as a demon slayer is to eradicate all demons, just as his predecessors had done years ago. In his mind, he feels that he cannot let all of their hard work be in vain. So, he's vowed to finish what they started.

As a child, Tetsuo grew up listening to tales of his ancestors who had successfully defeated the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. He was fascinated by the bravery, determination, and sacrifices made by those who fought against evil. However, after a century, the demons returned in vast numbers under another leader who called himself an emperor. This new threat motivated Tetsuo to become a demon slayer himself so that their past efforts would not be put to waste. He could not let all his predecessors' hard work and sacrifices be for nothing.

So, Tetsuo began training to become a demon slayer at the young age of 13. As his ancestors did, he picked up wielding a katana. It wasn't the most efficient option, considering that nowadays there are much more powerful and effective weapons such as rifles and snipers. However, Tetsuo wanted to fight demons in the same way they had done before. By getting close and beheading them.

But when he initially started, Tetsuo quickly realized that training would be much harder than he expected. The boy spent hours a day practicing different slashes with a heavy wooden sword, often to the point where his arms were so sore that he could barely lift them to open a door. But, swinging such a heavy weight greatly increased the speed at which Tetsuo could deliver a slash. And, he practiced multiple stances, all in extensive repetition, which helped his defense drastically but was just as strenuous.

For 6 years, Tetsuo endured many types of training, but none of it was as challenging as learning Total Concentration Breathing. The technique that would allow him to use water breathing. No matter how many gourds he burst, or how long his daily sprints were, he no longer had enough stamina to breathe for long periods of time.

Tetsuo's symptoms, including shortness of breath and wheezing, had become worse over time and he had begun to notice an increase in his coughing fits. He had also started to experience chest pain when he tried to take deep breaths. And after his family suggested it many times, Tetsuo finally made the decision to see a doctor. And what he learned from his diagnosis was that he had developed asthma.

The news devastated Tetsuo. The doctor advised him to stop his rigorous training and give up on his dream of becoming a demon slayer. The reason being, his asthma could greatly increase due to the intense physical activity required for demon slaying. The doctor was concerned about the strain it would put on his lungs. However, Tetsuo wasn't willing to give up after the years of hard work and training he had put in.

Despite remembering the advice to train less and using an inhaler, Tetsuo still pursued a career in demon slaying. He was successful in achieving his goal and now serves at the Asian Demon Slayer Corps, continuing the legacy of his predecessors by striving to rid the world of demons.
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  • Name/Nickname: Ariiasq Suth Raa

    Species: Human

    Age: 16; nearing 17

    Experience: When it comes to killing demons, Arii is—let's say—a novice. They've experienced a grand total of ten demons, and at least a few of those were part of Jet's merry gaggle of midlife crises. Their current killcount sits at a magnificent two—one by partial accident one by desperation—and possibly the only reason they're still alive is because weapons and hunting has been an integral part of their family for centuries. To Arii, there isn't that much difference between taking a shot at a deer and taking a shot at an idle demon. Arii is fresh out of the trial, and somewhat unprepared to take care of themself, much less hunt demons while they're at it—so says Jet, at least.

    Gender: Enby; they/them

    Country of Origin: United States

    Demon Slayer Branch: North American Branch

    Family and Friends:
    Songue Raa (father)​
    Elosien Raa (mother)​
    Szae Raa (older brother)​
    Sol Raa (older sister)​
    Jet Kaedos (Family friend)​
    Vihaan Kaedos (Family friend's husband)​

    Animal Familiar: Barnacle goose

    Personality: Arii is something of a living contradiction. An oxymoron, if you will. They're somewhat shy and quiet, taking their steps light and their breaths lighter. They've obviously lived something of a sheltered life for all that they don't seem to understand how people work... well, unless they don't care about them, and in most aspects of life, they are exceedingly oblivious to even someone speaking directly to them, often having to take ten seconds or more to just register the words thrown at them, and longer to formulate a reply. From an outside view, this has no reason for it, and they're simply very stupid (which, granted, they sometimes do very stupid things), but to Arii, it makes the most sense out of everything.

    In their world, Arii is always paying attention. To the trees; the wind; the birds. Often, they're the first to know when something happens just from the disturbance of what they're used to—though this skill is dampened quite a bit by the presence of other people who make noise and bend grass and other such things. By all evidence, Arii would have done best alone, yet they actively chose to work in a group, which neither Jet, nor themself have yet to figure out the reason for. If asked, their only answer would be that they "just felt like it," which is obviously weak even for someone who wouldn't know a good excuse from a bad one.

    Despite their apparent career choices, Arii despises the smell of blood. They have a good nose—not quite so good as the demon slayers from the past, yet still notable mostly just for their ability to pay attention to said smells—and as such find the scent of death, blood, or heavens forbid rotting or gangrenous flesh a horrific kind of experience. They aren't a neat freak, but more often than not, they refuse to so much as touch their kills and after a fight will often wash just to remove the smell.

    Arii enjoys swimming, regardless of where it is (so long as it adheres to their seemingly arbitrary sanitation criteria. They're perfectly fine to swim in a lake but they wouldn't touch a river if someone paid them to do it).

    Briefly returning to the first point, if Arii wants something and don't care too much for the person who has it, they have no qualms with manipulating their way into getting what they want, though this is far less frequent with people they know better.

    Appearance: Standing at a solid 5'9", Arii would be nothing to sniff at... if it weren't for the fact that their entire weight amounts to something in the same vein as a bag of rice. They're skinny beyond all reason in no little part because they don't like eating all too much.

    Breathing Technique(s): Flame breathing

    Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: For the most part, Arii wields some approximation of a 223 Armalite rifle, though it has a modified stock and a scope far too expensive for the weapon it's attached to. Only the muzzle break of the barrel is nichirin. For emergencies,, they carry a nichirin kyoketsu-shoge. Both weapons show an almost damascened orange-silver in their metal.

    Fighting Style(s): Arii, due partially to their aforementioned disgust of all things bloody or smelly, more often than not finds themself stalking more than ambushing. They slink about the shadows, far enough away that they won't be seen, gathering and storing information until they've made up their mind. From there, it's a stake-out and a well-placed shot before they move on to their next mission. Though this fighting style is somewhat restrictive, Arii is an excellent marksman, and more often than not, can find a perch suitable enough for them to make a kill, though granted thus far their only long-range kill has been deer and other such wildlife. Arii is somewhat of a hazard to those who might stand behind them, as they often contort themself to steady their weapon. Every now and then, the kickback can slip the firearm from their grip and woe to any who get smacked by a flame-hot barrel.

    In their close combat encounters, Arii has only ever displayed one fighting style; pure, animalistic instinct. They aren't well equipped for close combat, and as such, often panic when faced with it. That's not to say they aren't dangerous as it is to say they are easily outsmarted when out of their element.

    Though not exactly a fighting style, Arii has been known to manipulate their way out of situations—quite often, actually. Their initial introduction to the corps was nothing but them finessing their way into training. Though, this "skill" has somewhat of a caveat, as Arii only seems to be able to use it if they really, really want something. They could swindle a shopkeeper out of a doughnut, but loathe are they to try the same thing if they don't actually want the doughnut. It's almost like the knowledge of how to be charismatic leaves them as soon as they don't need it.

    • Long-range combat
    • Reconnaissance
    • Infiltration
    • Desperate improvision

    • Close combat
    • Leadership
    • Physical durability
    • Somewhat naïve
    • Shaky morals at best
    • Poor multitasker

    Goals: Arii's tired of being afraid. They're afraid all of the time that something is going to come out of the dark for family and friends, so when one time it did, they decided they'd erase the things that threatened them from the face of the planet.

    Before the corps, Arii was a model student. Straight As; spotless record, the works. Much of their life had been spent molding themself into the perfect college candidate with perfect grades, perfect attendance, and a perfect attitude. If someone had asked them who they were at that point in time, Arii would have answered quite plainly "my grades" and moved on with their life, because that's what life was for them; an endless chase of some vague concept of success.

    Now, the catalyst for them joining the corps was something of a traumatic day for them, and it happened a very long time ago. They were, perhaps eight or so, and had been spending their second half of a weekend at a family friend's house. Why, they wouldn't be able to recall now, but either way, it made them an unfortunate sort of witness. See, the thing about small houses off the beaten path is that they make an excellent hunting ground for demons of all shapes and sizes. This one just happened to pick that day to decide to grow its army.

    Though Jet's combat experience lied in fencing in college, he put up a remarkable fight—enough that by the time Arii came out of hiding, the walls were coated in blood. Furniture was tipped, and in the middle of it all, Jet's gored body stared sightlessly at the ceiling, the mess his insides made of the house nothing compared to the state he was in when Arii finally managed to call the police.

    So, anyway, his body went missing the next day.

    Long story short, little eight-year-old Arii had to find out what demons were the hard way, with half their support system ripped from them until they found him again shambling about the fouler edges of town in the middle of the night. From there, their life plan fell in order. Finish at least highschool, and while doing that train for the coming eventuality of a life full of murder, then after graduation begin the aforementioned life full of murder.

    Understandably, Jet was not thrilled with this development.

Demon slayer Jet n Arii.png
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George Heartmann, The Red Mist



George had officially first started his demon slaying career at the age of 19, working with the Slayers for 13 years. Throughout this time, he has managed to claim the heads of 72 demons, earning a nickname amongst his peers known as the Red Mist, an title he had gained from the way that he dispatches his threats with his shotgun made it seem as if he was turning them into nothing but a fine red mist. He is rather relentless when it came to accepting missions and going on out to slay demons, seemingly passionate about his role as an Demon Slayer to others but this couldn't be farther from the case.

Male, He/Him/His


Country of Origin:
United States of America (Florida, more specifically)

Demon Slayer Branch:
North American Branch

Family and Friends:
George Heartmann doesn't have much when it comes to friends, but when it comes to family, he has quite a decent number. His father side of hisfamily has decent number of individuals from Cuba, known for their skill when it comes to using firearms while his mother side of his family come from an line of citrine farmers who owned an rather decently sized citrine orchard within the middle of Florida.

Animal Familiar:
Floridian Blue Jay

George at first glance to be an rather joyful individual, often cracking jokes with others and always trying to maintain a positive mood within the group. He is an rather friendly individual at that as well, often being the first one to approach someone and talk to them about their days, even going so far as to lending an ear in case someone needs to talk about their problems. Seemingly unfazed by most things, even the death of his allies, he always seems to keep a smile right on his face, although this often make him appear as if he didn't even care if someone had died and create tension within the group. However, when left all alone, his seemingly joyful mask is taken right off, George being nothing more than a miserable pessimist. The years he spent fighting against the demons and seeing the damage that they did to others and the gruesome sights he witnessed alongside the fact that demons becoming resistant to the sun made him unsure as to whether or not there even would be a future for humanity. And despite such, he keeps on going forward, more than ready to fight till his last breath than to simply sit down and let himself be killed by the demon threat, in the hopes that one day, he could finally retire once things become safer again, or die trying. After all, it is far more better to take as much as he can down with him before his spark finally disappears.

Standing at the height of 6’4”, George’s key defining trait is the lightweight body armor and gas mask he wears on his body. While it does little to disrupt his way of combat, it helps to protect his body in case any stray attacks were to head his way. Underneath his armor and gear, George has an rather athletic form, muscles mostly apparent on his arms and legs. George has an rather average looking appearance, brown chin length unkept hair and hazel colored eyes, with a small stubble beard growing on his face.


Breathing Technique:
Lead Breathing:
Lead breathing is an subform of Sound Breathing, maintaining the key components of attacking in a rhythm with an internal beat made after analyzing an pattern with their opponent(s). However, it is unique with it's heavy use of an firearm paired with an one-handed blade such as an sabre or an hatchet. First created in 1887 by an man in Arizona in North America (part of the Northern America Branch of Demon Slayers), this style has improved throughout the years with the bettering of firearms that made for more dangerous tools to be used against demons. The key components remain the same, however, an heavy emphasis on attacking foes at high speed in devastating bursts of damage with firearm and blade, often following up one attack with another one in rapid succession as to maintain pressure and prevent their foe from attacking. It also utilizes dirty handed tactics to gain the upperhand, such as blasting off limbs or blinding their opponents with a slash so that they can maintain the advantage. Users of this style must be exceptionally talented when it comes to using both their blade and firearm, being able to quickly reload and aim their weapons in just a few seconds in order to attack or slash heavily with their blade, requiring the user to be good at using both hands. It also requires for users to be athletically fit, in order to not only close the distance between their targets but to also have the stamina to keep up with the pressure that this style puts onto its user. There is also a minor need for the user to be able to maintain their balance as well. However, this style, while dangerous at first glance, suffers from the fact that it requires ammo for most of its forms to be effective, becoming far more weaker without the use of an firearm.

Lead Breathing Forms:

1st Form: Backstep Blast
An more defensive form, the user quickly backsteps from an approaching opponent, utilizing their speed in order to fire an shotgun blast with the intention of significantly injuring their foe. Often leads into another form instead of being used entirely by itself, but this form can also provide an window of opportunity for the user to reload if low on ammo.

2nd Form: Spear & Flash
The User dashes forth towards their opponent before moving right ahead to stab their blade directly into the chest of their target before delivering an disorienting blow from their knee to their target's head, followed up by an blast from their firearm directly into a place of the user's choosing.

3rd Form: Onslaught
An Form meant to deal with multiple opponents (but one foe is fine enough) by utilizing the user's speed, the user of the Breathing style charges forth with an specialized running technique that allows them to slash with their blade and shoot with their gun without stopping one bit. The user dashes right at an threat before either slashing at an specific limb with their blade or blasting the threat with their shotgun, before dashing to the next target to repeat the same process, an heavy emphasis of spreading out damage to as many opponents as possible.

4th Form: Cyclone of Bullets
The user of this form engages their target, often starting off with an disorienting blow to their target's head or blasting off an limb. The user then follows this up by quickly spinning around with blade in hand to land a followup slice, continuing to spin and unleashing blast after slice in a rhythm, turning into a cyclone of slashes and bullets. If nearby multiple targets at one, the user can injure more than one target.

5th Form: Hellfire
Ditching the use of their blade entirely, the user lets forth an devastating storm of bullets onto one target, unloading their entire magazine into one or more target(s) with the intention of reducing them to nothing more than a fine red mist. Requires the use of all the gun's bullets, leaving the user with none left to use.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors:
M1887 Lever action shotgun with Nirchirin cartridges (has a series of different shells as well, ranging from standard 12 gauge to a flame causing dragonsbreath to set his opponent on fire and even shotgun slugs for medium range and devastating singular strikes), Dull gray colored Nichirin Machete

Fighting Style:
George, just like other user's of this style, have a preference for fast paced combat, pairing both his shotgun and machete to followup his attack with either an machete slash or shotgun blast. Often following the beat of an song within his head that changes based on who he is fighting, with George making great use of his weapons in combination to wear his opponents down piece by piece. And he certainly isn't afraid to use dirty tricks as well, such as throwing glass shard dust into an demon's eye to blind them or make use of dragonsbreath to set his opponent on fire.

+Excels at close-medium ranged engagements
+Devastating damage in quick bursts
+Versatility when it comes to dealing with either one or multiple foes
+Stamina and being able to keep up in longer fights.

-Becomes far less effective in combat when low or ran out of bullets, as most forms require the use of ammo
-Suffers in longer ranged engagements
-Breathing style is dangerous to allies if they are nearby any targets

To make the world more finally safe once more so that he may finally retire and work on his family's citrine orchard once again.

George Heartmann was born in Florida, raised on an citrine orchard, as soon as he learned how to walk, he was already helping out with his mother and father to maintain the orchard. He had first gained an love for firearms when seeing his father shoot an M1887 shotgun when doing target practice out in the backyard, the eight year old George, while scared of the noise at first, was amazed by how an small and seemingly unassuming weapon was capable of doing so much. From there, his father had helped him learn the many ways of properly using an firearm, from something as simple as loading a fresh shell inside or moving the lever to reload all the way to taking apart and putting the gun right back together again and cleaning the weapon. A practiced routine he learned after attending school and helping out on the orchard once he gotten freetime, he learned the ins and outs of his gun enough to be nothing more than an instinct when using it.

However, on one unfortunate day at the age of 17, he was sleeping soundly within his room when he heard his father scream at the dead of night. Worried for what was happening, he made his way downstairs the living room only to come across an grizzly sight, some 'monster' feasting on his mother's corpse while his father was knocked right out nearby, seemingly next for the 'monster' to consume, his shotgun laid right on the floor. And feeling a rising anger within him as well as instincts screaming at him to pick up the gun, he went right ahead to grab onto the M1887 shotgun and began unloading the entire weapon into the demon, taking out chunk after chunk of flesh with each blast until running out of bullets. He didn't get much rest, as after a couple of minutes, the demon began to slowly regenerate from its wounds, George scrambling to grab the box of shotgun shells his father kept within the house and loaded the shotgun once again before continuing the same process of blasting the demon to kingdom's come. He didn't know how long he had been shooting the demon for, but the first rays of day were beginning to pour through the window as George tiredly loaded the last shell remaining into his gun. However, strangely enough, the demonic mass that used to be an demon began to disintegrate when the rays had reached its body, becoming nothing more than a linger memory.

And from there, George was left angered at the fact that he couldn't even properly get revenge for the death of his mother, saddened that his own mother was an unfortunate victim to this 'monster', and confused as to what the hell just attacked them. He wanted answers, and so, he began asking around, trying to figure out what the hell happened, And he was answered when the sheriff of the town nearby his Orchard answered him, who was in fact, an former member of the North America Branch of Demon Slayers, telling him what he needed to know. With vengeance on his mind, George wanted to join the group, the Sheriff. understanding of his situation but not wanting to willingly send someone to their death, had trained George in the style of Lead Breathing, to give even a passing chance to George. And finally, at the year of 19, George had finished his training and went to become an official member of the Demon Slayers. Throughout his years, he had taken as much missions as he could, anger and frustration fueling his early attempts, before the flames of war soon became diminished throughout the years, leaving George as nothing more than shell of what he used to be after killing what seemed to be an never diminishing group of demons. While he maintained his mask of joy to cope with the stress, he is growing tired of the same old sight time after time again... wishing for a chance to finally end the demon threat once and for all.
Name/Nickname: Marco Bernardi

Species: Human

Age: 19

Experience: He's been training since he was 13 when he was taken under the wing of a retired demon slayer. He’s become a bit of a prodigy slaying around 30 in his time as a slayer though none of those demons were of particular power.

Gender: Male, He/Him

Sexuality: Asexual

Country of Origin: Italy

Demon Slayer Branch: European Branch

Family and Friends:
Aria Bernardi- Mother (Demon - MIA)
Enzo Frabbi- Mentor/Father Figure
Brandi de Santis- Friend and fellow protégé of Enzo Frabbi.

Animal Familiar: A common kestrel

Personality: Marco is a rather impulsive young man, often jumping into danger with little or no thought. He’ll either be the loudest guy in the room or completely silent on a matter depending on whether or not he has any care for it. He sees himself self-interested compared to other demon slayers though he does reluctantly admire the drives of other slayers. Marco sees his own motivations as solely selfish in nature and he’d be right in some ways.

He's professional on a job but if working with others he doesn’t know he’s pretty cold to them, Marco can seem pretty unapproachable due to a general poor attitude and short temper but he’s decent at tempering himself when around company he enjoys. The utmost authority that Marco respects is his mentor and the respect he has and reason for joining the corps in the first place comes from Enzo’s urging.
Appearance: Marco is a young man of lean athletic build. He is rather tall standing at 6’0 but he normally carries himself with poor posture which can make him seem shorter. He is clean shaven and has long dark hair which he refuses to style, he has tan skin.

Breathing Technique: Wind Breathing.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: His main weapon is a Nichrin Glaive which has a green blade, as a backup for range he carries a handgun with Nichrin Ammo.

Fighting Style: Marco’s fighting style consists of quick, agile and aggressive movements. He fights head-on and most of his combat style is pushed forward by a mix of emotion and strategy. He makes use of his glaive’s reach and backup sidearm to keep his enemies on their toes and be a decent threat at close, mid and long range. A lot of his fighting style is held back in a fight until he can find an opportunity for a finisher due to how energy intensive his fighting style is.


Good Fighter at any Range but Best at Close to Mid

Quick Thinker

Greatly Skilled at his Breathing Style


Literally Negative Charisma

Brash Nature in Combat and Life

Prolonged Battles Can Exhaust Him

Goals: To stop the spreading of demonhood and try to find a way to help his mother whatever that would eventually entail.

Backstory: Marco grew up with his mother, one Aria Bernardi, in urban Italy, his father was never in the picture and Aria did not care much to give her son any details on him. Marco was raised poor with Aria often having different grand ideas on how to raise the family’s social and financial status. None of them ever truly worked out and a lot of the lessons that Marco learned were to be out for oneself and for the people you considered family. Friendship wasn’t something he worried about and fighting was just something he grew up with to get by.

It was a boring and hard life with the small family scraping by however they could with no real place to call their own. Eventually Aria made a discovery that would change their trajectory. She told Marco about a man that she’d heard about who had the power to change things for them, Marco was twelve at the time and after his mother went to speak with this man she came back as a monster, more vicious than she had been before and with inhuman capabilities and goals. She tried to take Marco to meet this man so that he could change like she did but was stopped when a demon slayer by the name of Brandi de Santis appeared and engaged the newly turned demon in a battle. When it was over Brandi was bloodied and Aria was gone.

Marco was terrified and asked the slayer what had happened. Brandi explained to the boy the concept of demons and slayers and that his mother had been turned into a demon. Marco asked how he could fix it and Brandi pushed forward the idea of becoming a slayer. Marco showed interest and Brandi took him to a man named Enzo Frabbi who had once been a highly skilled demon slayer but had retired after being horribly injured in a battle with a powerful demon. It took awhile for Marco to accept the tutelage but Enzo was persistent for some reason still unknown to Marco and it wasn't long before Marco was learning Wind Breathing. A technique that well fit his aggressive personality. Marco took up the glaive and joined the corps at Enzo’s advisement and has found more content in the life of a demon slayer than he ever did in his childhood.

Though most of his pushing forward to get stronger is to try to find the person that’d twisted his mother into a monster that goal has pushed him to take a place among the slayers though he is mostly accepted for his skills and results than much else as his mentor was seen as an eccentric even when he was still on the job and Marco’s own personality isn’t the most pleasant to work with.
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[Recruitment Info]

Name/Nickname: Dao "Shiryoku" Daiyu

Species: Junsuina Akuma

Age: 20

Experience: Somewhat experienced, Dao has been hunting demons for four years, two as a normal Slayer, and two as an Akuma.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Country of Origin: Israel

Demon Slayer Branch: N/A

Family and Friends: She has an older brother, living a normal life in Kyoto-Japan after marrying a Japanese girl; He used to be a slayer and is not aware of the changing in his sister.

Animal Familiar: western (white) hognose snake

Personality: What once was a happy-go-lucky slayer now turned into a shell of her former self; upon changing she distanced herself from the corps. and society, living as a hermit and hunting demons she comes across. Silent, cold, and deadly.

Appearance: Standing rather tall, at (1.81) metres, Dao has a slim yet athletic build. She wears a ceremonial kimono in teal, white ocean waves drawn upon it. Its accents daringly gold, shining in the sunlight. She wears Geta (Japanese wooden sandals), and carries with her her Haja-no-Ontachi (A massive type of Odachi). Her tanned skin riddled with scars; her eyes blind and covered by a gentle by a gentle golden band.

Breathing Technique(s) or Blood Demon Arts:
Blood Demon Art #1; Anacondas tail: Dao controls an invisible snake-like subject, using it to strangle and trap her foes, or hold herself easily upside down.
Blood Demon Art #2; Vipers Venom: Upon biting into her victims, she inserts her poison through her fangs, Causing them blindness and eventually death (depends of course on their strength and resistance and its curable aswell.)
Blood Demon Art #3; Vipers Sight: Upon removing her handicap (the eye-cover) Dao can see both at night and day by allowing more ultra-violet light to enter her eyes, or block it. (Much like how a snake sees)
Blood Demon Art #3; Cobras Strike: Using all of the muscles in her body, she springs forward at incredible speeds, allowing her to surprise (almost) any opponent with a finishing strike.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: Haja-no-Ontachi (A massive type of Odachi) coloured White with golden accents.

Fighting Style(s): Dao prefers finishing a battle quickly with the right amount of surprise and stealth. Much like a snake hunting its victim.

+Senses (sight, hearing, scent etc)
+Mental Calmness

-Social (anything to do with it)
-Revenge centred

Goals: She seeks revenge on the demon who turned her.

Born to a small family of China-based slayers (which her father married into before moving to Israel), Dao grew up around the idea of eradicating demons. Her older brother became a slayer--not for long however as he ended up losing his best friend to a demon; and chose normality over revenge.
Serving the Middle Eastern demon corps for over two years, one of her mission; much like her brothers, goes bad. An ambush is set for her and her comrades, they are quickly beaten. As a result, she ends up turned and decides not to return home.
Today she travels around the world in search of the monstrosity who did this to her.
Unlike her brother; she chose

Junsuina Akuma

Number 1 Hashira of the NA Branch of Demon Slayers
(Has been approved by Le Goon Le Goon )

No one is quite sure who the first Junsuina Akuma was, but most assume it was him. He has hundreds of years worth of experience. Power wise, most compare him to an upper Moon, though no one really knows how strong he is compared the the demon elite.


Country of Origin:
Demon Slayer Branch:
North American Branch
Family and Friends:

Animal Familiar:

A Cinereous Vulture

Monarch is incredibly reclusive. He doesn't really speak to anybody unless it's about a job or about hunting. No one really cares to speak to him because of his incredible size and intimidating nature. Despite this obvious ferocious look, he is actually quite a gentle soul. He doesn't like to hurt humans, will actively play with children that are not scared of him and will put himself on the line for anybody who needs him. He is a loyal soldier, powerful Ally and probably the greatest deception the Slayer corp has ever seen. Most of them don't know what to make of him. He doesn't talk enough to let anybody know what he's about, but they do know that he doesn't match up with his look. He is patient, focused and battle-hardened. However, in battle he is a warrior beyond any measure of the word. A protector unlike any other, and just lacking in social skills.


Blood Demon Arts:
His Blood Demon art is called Black Zodiac. He has 13 powers based on signs from a zodiac, commonly used in satanic practices or necromatic practices. While it has no direct link to any sort of dark religion or cult, it seems to hold power in his hands. He can only use one sign at a time. While he has a versatile arsenal, he has to make snap judgments in order to pick which one he uses.
The First Born Son
The first sign in the Black Zodiac. This zodiac gives him the power of superiority. His normally threatening presents becomes even more intense. Hashira and upper Moon demons cannot ignore his presence.

The Torso
The second sign in the Black Zodiac. This zodiac unlocks his vision into the unseen world. He can see muscle movements, muscle groups, bones, internal organs and pretty much anything else. Allowing him to make snap judgments on where to attack.

The Bound Woman
The third sign in the Black Zodiac. By stabbing his weapon into a person's shadow, it locks them in place, not allowing them to move at all. It also inflicts the damage equal to the actual body.

The Withered Lover
The fourth sign in the Black Zodiac. This is the only healing sign within the black zodiac. It allows him to temporarily see the spirits attempting to take a soul. It then coats his blade in a veil of darkness, allowing him to cut these creatures to save his companions life. This does drain him of energy and he will need a long rest after using it.

The Torn Prince
The fifth sign in the Black Zodiac. This sign enhances his cutting power. Normally he could cut his way through Stone, but this one allows him to cut through entire buildings with little effort. Simultaneously dropping his defense to near nothing.

The Angry Princess
The sixth sign in the Black Zodiac. This sends him into a battle berserker state. His movements and actions are honed to a fine point. However, he loses all concept of companion versus foe. As such, he will not use this sign unless he is completely alone. Eventually it will wear off or he will drain himself until he can no longer continue.

The Pilgrimess
The seventh sign in the Black Zodiac. This is his movement sign. This sign allows him to travel instantaneously up to 300 ft.

The Great Child and The Dire Mother
The eighth and ninth signs in the Black Zodiac. These two signs work simultaneously. The great child reduces physical stamina of whomever he strikes, be it sword or fist. The dire mother is a guardian technique, setting up a 30 ft radius area around him. Anything that enters that radius is subject to an automatic attack. This attack happens without his knowledge and he cannot control it.

The Hammer
The tenth sign in the Black Zodiac. This zodiac increases his physical strength to its maximum. So much so that it actually damages his body as well.

The Jackal
The eleventh sign in the Black Zodiac. This allows him to use 10 different levels of slashing attack. One fold to Ten Fold. Each one adding the corresponding number of slashes to his attack. This allows him to add extra cuts, but in return is swinging arm is damaged. More damage per fold that he uses.

The Juggernaut
The twelfth sign in the Black Zodiac. This sign maximizes his speed and defense. Allowing him to trample his way through pretty much any situation he finds himself in, but his reaction time and energy are greatly reduced.

The Broken Heart
The thirteenth and final sign in the Black Zodiac. This sign allows him to use all of his power simultaneously, ignoring any contradictions within them. However, he will suffer from necrosis, slowly eating his body away to which he cannot regenerate. The longer he uses this power the longer he remains in this state. Effectively, using this power makes him completely useless until this state is over. Then his body will slowly begin to heal, but using it too long can result in his complete death.

Nichirin Weapon and colors:
Nichirin naginata, allowing him to have greater reach. This Nichirin weapon is Black.
Fighting Style(s):
Monarch prefers to be the first in line when it comes to battle. Stronger than most than able to hold his own even against the likes of the upper Moon, he sees no reason as to why he should not be fighting on the front lines.

He is exceptional in battle prowess. Focused, accurate, agile and stronger than most. He excels in Frontline, melee combat and prefers to use the battle of skill method.

Given that he can only use one power at a time, he must make snap decisions, but just like anybody else he is prone to making mistakes. He has to manage to juggle his powers while simultaneously focusing on the fight, but he can manage. However, his powers usually have a drastic effect on his body. As such, even as a demon, he has done irreparable damage to his body. As such he is not at 100%, but he is still a dangerous force to be reckoned with. He also has a particular weakness to poison.

All he has ever wanted to do, since the moment he could remember, was to protect people

To be honest, not even he knows exactly where he came from. The process of becoming a Junsuina Akuma was so traumatizing that he had lost all of his memories. The first thing he remembered was waking up as what he was. He was sent off to Japan to learn to fight, but he didn't know anything else to do. For some odd reason all he really cared about was enhancing his combat. For some reason it always felt natural to him. It felt like something he had been doing his entire life. He was told that he was meant to slay demons, so he simply accepted this as his ultimate purpose.

On his first actual mission, he bore witness to normal demons and their cowardice. They're cruelty. Witnessing as they ripped their way through a town without any regard for what that person might be to someone else. Seeing that they care little about what happens to anybody else. It was then that he realized that he had been doing the same thing. Focusing on killing demons as a singular thought, he never thought about what could happen to others in the midst of his fight. What kind of monster was he? Why on Earth did he not care? It felt so wrong. From that point, he decided that he would be the protector. He didn't need anyone to tell him to keep humans safe. It was his mission. It had been a very long time since he had even thought about humanity, but something about it felt so warm and familiar. Demons couldn't handle the pressure of a human life, which is why they fell to Muzan. It was not worth the risk. So, he was able to rise quickly, gaining a name within the Slayer corps and gaining infamy within the ranks of demons. His visit burned into the psyche of anybody who has ever met him. He accepted his role as the intimidating one, knowing that sometimes it had to be the nicest person around. And he didn't mind being an outcast anyways.
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Junsuina Akuma Placeholder

# Demon Art: Rune/Glyph Creation

# FC: nakiri ayame

♡coded by uxie♡


Esme Lourent
'The White Witch'


Number 1 Hashira of the European Branch of Demon Slayers.
(Approved by Le Goon Le Goon )


Esme is considered to be one of the greatest sword practitioners on the planet. She has been training since the moment she could lift the sword and has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous people on the planet. At least within the Demon Slayer Corp.


Country of Origin:

Demon Slayer Branch:
European Branch

Family and Friends:
- Mother: Isabella Lourent. They used to talk a lot more than they do now, but they are still really close.
- Father: Franklin Lourent. Her father was her driving force, much to her own chagrin.

Animal Familiar:
Snow Owl

One could never ask to meet such an elegant woman. It's as if she is just naturally Royal. Every movement is calculated, refined and held to the highest standards of civility. Being such a lovely and bubbly girl, she is widely considered to be the living embodiment of what old school people think a woman should be. She is refined, poise and never forgets the common manners. This is all in stark contrast to what she's like in battle. There she is intense, ready to kill and completely Savage in her attack. There is a certain lady like quality to her. Everything oozes old world elegant. She is cheerful and quiet, eloquent and precise. Some might say she is actual royalty, but no one really knows. Despite all these confusing attributes, she is one of the friendliest people to ever walk the planet. However, every interaction with her can seem a bit rehearsed. As if her responses were predetermined.

Breathing Technique:
Snow Breathing is an aberrant Breathing Style derived from none of the existing Breathing Styles.

The Snow Breathing combat and breathing style mimics snow and it's color, specifically the somewhat blinding coldness associated with it and the slow yet powerful way snow can devastate the land, and replicates it with the user's movements, techniques and abilities. Most, if not all, known techniques and forms involve different movement patterns based on different movement patterns of actual snow, involving slow movement, swings or strikes. When utilized properly and masterfully, the user visualizes themselves manipulating and generating snow of all kinds and forms and snowflakes that are white and grey-white in color with icy-blue specks, causing it to seemingly emanate from their weapon, surroundings or themselves. It packs a punch for being such a slow style, preferring grace and power to speed.
First Form: Billowing Snow Storm - The user swings their sword forward, unleashing a powerful straight blow. This move is not meant to be the finishing blow, but rather to overpower enemies with stronger skin.

Second Form: Snow Drift - The user performs an upward swing, blasting snow in a straight line towards the direction of the swing, cutting anything down in its path.

Third Form: Eternal Snow - The user takes a stance, putting the sword back as far as they could reach. The user will then sit and wait. Waiting for the proper time to actually swing. Once someone enters the area (represented by a snowflake) the user will take a swing. This is the fastest attack snow breathing has to offer. This is the final blow.

Fourth Form: Snow Heart - The user will use all of their bodily Force to thrust their sword forward. This move is generally used to cause massive impact damage and push an opponent back if they are being overwhelmed. It requires much physical ability.

Fifth Form: Dancing Snow - The user will mimic the falling snow, moving and very erratic and unpredictable ways. This move was specifically designed after seeing the Hinokami Kagura in action, developed to allow for optimum dodging on top of slow and powerful attacks.

Sixth Form: Driving Blizzard - The user takes position, holding the sword to the side before swinging The sword back and forth, creating a flurry of blows and cuts. This is a devastating attack that hits anything within range, using the attack has actually cleared a forest before.

Nichirin Weapon:
She wields a massive Nichirin greatsword. One larger than she should be able to wield. This sword is colored in a silvery white, almost mirror like. Ornately decorated and well kept.

Fighting Style:
While most demons slayers try to match demons in skill, she prefers to outmatch them with strength and durability. She moves slowly towards her target, almost begging them to attack her. It is then that she uses her overwhelming power to end them quickly without any fuss.

She excels in drawn out combat. Given her power based fighting style, she doesn't expend too much energy fighting. This allows her to last longer than most demon slayers. Not to mention, she is exceptional in melee combat, particularly with enemies that have defenses most cannot penetrate.

The very basis of her breathing technique is slow and powerful. Her durability is off the charts, but this leaves her open to massive attacks. If she can't manage to land a blow in enough time, she will just become a walking punching bag. Granted she has gotten skills and battle prowess to make up for this, but she is still slower than most, the drawbacks of focusing on power.

To save the demon race. She believes that demons are a cursed race. Believing that they were just too weak to sustain a human life, which is why they turned to becoming a demon. As such, she feels it is her duty to save them from this cursed life that they have chosen. Knowing that those who are too weak to maintain a human existence, are simply pitiful and should be saved.

Esme was born into the corps. She was the failure of a family that held constant positions within the Demon Slayer core. She didn't have the capacity for the type of breathing that the family was known for. As such she was mostly ostracized, focusing mainly on her courses in manners and elegance. This never sat right with her. Just because she didn't have the same capabilities didn't mean that she didn't have any. However, even she and her family noticed that she had an ability that none of them had. She was abnormally strong. Stronger than even most men. It was this strength that made it impossible for her to use the breathing style that her family had become so accustomed to. She always kept putting way too much power into things. This was why she decided to create snow breathing. It was her answer to why she was so terrible at the other forms of concentrated breathing.

Once she began to apply her own style, she quickly outpaced her family. Try as they might, none of them could ever beat her in a sparring match. She Rose to fame within her family and even other members of the Slayers corps were in all of her ability. It was a very unorthodox style, but she was effective.

At the young age of 14 was when she first killed one of the moons. She eliminated upper Moon 6 after a 3-day battle. This battle left her broken and bloody, but she was still able to claw victory from the hands of defeat. After this she was recognized across the world as one of the best swordsmen, despite using her own specific style. Most people found this style completely unorthodox, but her effectiveness with it in battle left most of them in quiet despair. She was widely considered a prodigy, mastering her own form of breathing and wielding a sword that none of them could ever hope to lift. Having a style that is completely disconnected from the original five and self teaching her own style, this gave her a name. She was ruthless in battle, but everyone seems so shocked to see how elegant she was outside of it. A smile on her face is she approached, happy to see anybody. Now she simply waits for her people to send her a mission worthy of her skill.​


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[Recruitment Info]

Name/Nickname: Yaotl “The Hunter” Ocelotl. Yaotl and Ocelot translate to War and Jaguar respectively in Nahuatl, the native language spoken by the Nahua and other indigenous peoples of Mexico. Since most people have some trouble saying his name, he goes by Hunter or Jag.

Species: Junisina Akuma

Age: 26 but he doesn't seem to age much…

Experience: Trained in the ways of tracking and hunting demons at the age of 10 by his people and his tribe's best Slayers, which included his father. Upon completing his rigorous training at the age of 15, he was sent on his 1st mission and after about a week tracking the demon he was sent after, came back to his tribe covered in its blood but otherwise unscathed. Due to the nature of how effectively and professionally he disposed of the demon, He was given the nickname “The Hunter” by his people. In his 11 years' experience, he has killed 65 demons, most of them without mercy. He has been asked by the Top Slayers of the Latin American Branch on multiple occasions if he wished to be granted the rank of Hashira due to his skills. But he has turned the offers down, as he is content with serving his people and prefers the thrill of the hunt rather than having to deal with the duties that come with being a Hashira.

Gender: Male; he/him/his

Sexuality: an easily flustered Bisexual

Country of Origin: Mexico

Demon Slayer Branch: Latin American Branch

Family and Friends:
  • His mother: Eztli Ocelotl, who trained Yoatl in tracking and hunting. Eztli’s name means “Blood Jaguar”
  • His father: Namacuix Ocelotl, whom he inherited his Blood Demon Art from and trained him in its use. His father was once a former Hashira known as the Jaguar Hashira and Yaotl tries to live up to his legacy despite not wanting to become a Hashira himself. Namacuix’s name means “Battle Jaguar”
  • His younger sister: Tlachinolli Ocelotl, who he has close bond with as she also aspires to be a Slayer like him. Tends to show her with tons of affection when he sees her. Tlachinolli’s name means “Fire Jaguar”
  • His tribe: having known them for most of his life and having been trained by the majority of the tribe, he views all 126 members as extended family. His tribe of Nahua people are called the Necalli or “Battle” Tribe.

Animal Familiar: A Quetzal named Tototl. Her name literally means “Bird” in Nahuatl (Jag was 10 when he named her, so give him a break).

Personality: Yoatl is a jovial and sociable guy. He tends to strike up conversations with just about everyone he meets and seems to leave a lasting impression on them. One moment he’ll be talking to someone about small things like how their day is going or what they had for lunch and then the next moment, He and said person will be drinking shots at a local bar all the while bar patrons are cheering them on. It seems that whenever he isn't slaying demons or training; he’s making new friends, causing all sorts of mischief, and always brightening up whatever room he happens to step into! But when slaying demons is involved, he becomes an entirely different person. When it comes to the job of a Demon Slayer, he takes it to a whole new extreme. Using his Slayer training and skills in tracking, Yoatl becomes a cold and calculating predator that hunts his prey with near-relentless instinct. He will track his target for days on end, learning of their movements, where they have been, and their weaknesses. Striking when the demon least expects, he dispatches them with ruthless and quick efficiency. Yaotl shows no sympathy to people who became demons for greed and power and hates them with a burning passion. Prays for those he has killed that were turned into demons against their will.

Appearance: Standing a height of a 6'5 and weighing in at 135 pounds, Yaotl is much taller compared to an average human. His skin is a lighter brown, and his body as well as face is covered with innate war paint and tattoos. His eyes are a milky white and it gives of the impression that he is blind, but his vision is perfectly fine. He wears a jaguar pelt to signify his rank as a warrior among his people while on his shoulder there is a jaguar-shaped pauldron that is decorated with eagle feathers. Carries small pouches on his waist that contain useful items such as medicine, flares, and rope laced with Nichirin fibers. He has much longer and sharper nails on his hands and feet due to his Jinsuina Akuma heritage. The pelt on his body seems to merge with him when he uses Roar of the Jaguar King.
Blood Demon Arts: Roar of the Jaguar King. What makes this Blood Demon Art special is that it is utilized as both a support and hinderance ability. When activated, the user lets out deafening roar, boosting the fighting and defensive capabilities of the user as well as those of all allies within a 20-meter radius. While at the same slowly sapping the strength of all opponents within said 20-meter radius. Yaotl has his 6 senses boosted ten-fold, allowing him to become much more in-tuned with his surroundings. He also begins to take a much more Jaguar-like appearance, gaining a tail, claws on his hands as well as feet, and growing a jaguar-like pelt across his body. The downside of this Blood Demon Art is Yaotl's humanity. The longer Roar of the Jaguar King is active, the more animalistic he becomes, to the point where Yaotl turns into full-blown massive jaguar. In his Jaguar state, he can no longer distinguish between friend or foe and attacks anything in his line of sight. The only way to stop him is let him exhaust all of his energy or fight him head on and knock him out, only then will he turn back to normal. This has only ever happened to him 3 times in the past. The longer he stays in his jaguar form, the more permanent the effect becomes. Which is why he tries to limit the use of his Art to dire situations. Should he ever go over his limit, he risks becoming a jaguar forever.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: his weapon of choice is a Nichirin double edge war club and a shield whose frame is reinforced with Nichirin alloy. The shield can be used for offense as well as its circular edges are sharp to the touch and can be thrown with deadly effect. The color of both weapons is of a bright silver hue. the Nichirin shield is adorned with eagle feathers and has the insignia of a jaguar on it.

Fighting Style(s):

- Close quarters combat: Yaotl likes to fight his demon foes head on. He dishes out damage with his Nichirin war club; keeping his foes in a constant state of defense and pressuring them into attacking. When they do get the chance to fight back, he counters them with his Nichirin shield; holding a bulwark defense that holds fast on the onslaught of most attacks. Yaotl relies on a good mix both offense and defense to get the job done. For whatever reason, he often draws out fights on purpose. He enjoys the thrill of his prey being backed into a corner and fighting for their survival.

- Hit-and-Run Tactics: When he wants to quickly finish a demon off, he employs quick and precise strikes. Attacking his foes and then retreating back into the shadows. All the while slowly whittling away at their weak spots before finishing them off with a crushing blow from his war club.

- Great stamina
- Expert in close-ranged combat
- Survival training
- Tracking and Hunting
- Information gathering
- his Blood Demon Art

- Long-ranged combat
- Little to no armor
- No projectiles
- his Blood Demon Art

Goals: To eradicate the demon scum that have plagued his country for hundreds of years and to personally send this so-called "Devil Emperor" to the bowels of Mictlān itself. Mictlān is the Aztec Underworld

Backstory: Born into a tribe of Demon Slayers located just a few miles south of Mexico City, Yaotl was of the next generation of Demon Slayers to become guardians of Mexico's capital and of his tribe of Nahua people called the Necalli. Beginning his training at the tender age of 10, he was taught how to survive in the lush jungles of Mexico, often being left to fend for himself for days on end. His mother Eztli, how to track and dispatch prey, both animals and Demons with quick effectiveness. His father, Namacuix and several other members of his tribe taught him how to fight. His father, known as the Jaguar Hashira in the Latin American Branch before retiring, personally oversaw his training in their families Blood Demon Art, Roar of the Jaguar King. After 5 years rigorous training he was sent on his 1st mission at 15 years old and after about a week tracking the demon he was sent after, came back to his tribe covered in its blood and several scars but otherwise unscathed. Due to the nature of how effectively and professionally he disposed of the demon, He was given the nickname “The Hunter” by his people. Since then, Yoatl has been hunting and ruthlessly dispatching Demons that have plagued towns and villages around Mexico and other parts of Latin America. Upon hearing of the rising threat of the so called "Devil Emperor" and the dangers it brought to his home country and his people, Yaotl has made it his mission to send this "unworthy king" back to the depths of Mictlān and to show this demon who the true king is!
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Name/Nickname: Vatn Erobrer, The Fisher King. His names roughly translates to Water Conqueror

Species: Human

Age: 58

Experience: Having been trained in the art of slaying since the moment he could walk, Vatn is one of Norway’s most seasoned and accomplished Slayers. In his 42 years of gutting demons like the fishes they are, he’s procured 150 kills. He holds the title of the Fisher Hashira and is ranked in 2nd among the 24 Knights: The European Branches' 24 Hashira. Esme Lourent otherwise known as "The White Witch" currently holds the top position, but he feels that she has rightfully earned it, in spite of the amount of experience he has over her.

Gender: Male; he/him/his

Sexuality: As straight as his Nichirin Fishing Spear

Country of Origin: Norway

Demon Slayer Branch: European Branch

Family and Friends:
- His wife: Ada Erobrer; whom he loves with a burning passion, and he acts like a child with a huge crush when she is around.
- His granddaughter: Sigyn Erobrer; he loves his granddaughter up to the point that if someone were to make her cry, he will quite literally drown that person with his bare hands. She is the last living reminder of his son, Ragnar.
His childhood friend; Friedhelm Baumer; a fellow Slayer from Germany and Vatn's partner in crime during their younger years. He considers Friedhelm as his closests brother-in-arms.
- his fellow members on the 24 Knights; having known most of them since childhood, the 24 Knights have seen it all and have to hell and back together. They all view each other as extended family.

Animal Familiar: A Great Cormorant by the name of Jarl; named such for his explosive personality and his warrior-like attitude.

Personality: Vatn is a family man, through and through. When not on assignments; he is usually spending time family in their small fishing village of Moskenes. He is very jovial and affectionate, more often than not, he'll be drinking chamomile tea with Ada on the porch while talking about their past adventures or playing make-believe with Sigyn as she dresses him up in the silliest dragon costume he has ever seen, but he enjoys it all the same. When not with family, He'll usually be hanging out with Friedhelm. These 2 are usually seen at the local tavern getting drunk while talking about their glory days or fishing out on the bay that surrounds the town. Outside of the interactions that he has with his family and close friends, this side of Vatn is rarely ever show to others. When on the job, Erobrer is serious and stoic by nature. Having fought with his fellow 24 Knights for as long as he has, Vatn knows that sacrifices and pain that comes with being a Demon Slayer, all that they do is for the future of humanity, and they are willing to give everything they have to protect it. No matter how much death he bears witness to, it's always a given in this line of work. But Vatn's determination and battle-prowess hardly ever seems to waver in spite of it all, no matter how much the odds are stacked against him.

Appearance: Standing at staggering height of 6'8 and weighing 156 lbs. one would think that they are standing face to face with a massive troll and not man. In spite of his age, Erobrer sports well-defined muscles and scars that line his body, which further cements his prowess as a Demon Slayer and proves that experience pays off. Sports intricate runes and sigils that are hand painted, which line his body and face. His face sports a rather large mustache and beard that is surprisingly soft to the touch. His beard is adorned with golden clips that hold his snowy white hair in place. Covering most of his body is a larger, tattered navy-blue cloak. the cloak itself is covered in battle damage and is lined with fishhooks of various sizes. The cloak also seems to have 2 giant tusks on it, one of which has is broken. Erobrer is seen carrying a fisherman's lantern on his person at all times, why he carries is unclear.


Breathing Technique(s): Fishermen Breathing; a combination of Water Breathing and different fishing techniques from around the world. Developed by Vatn during his many travels. Fishermen Breathing relies on hindering opponents and baiting them into attacking. once they are immobilized, attacks with quick and precise strikes are used to finish the job. Has evolved to become its own form of Breathing technique in its short existence, which very few have mastered.

1st Form: Noodle Lure; has the user create watery illusions of themselves, with each illusion being placed in strategic locations surrounding the user. opponents will recklessly attack these illusions, slowly being lured toward the user. Then user attacks them when their opponents least expect and retreating behind their illusions.

2nd Form: Fisherman's Bow; the user creates a made bow of pure water. Drawing back and let the bowstring go fires a volley of pressurized water arrows. For a more powerful attack, the user channels their energy and surrounds their spear in water. When fired, this Spear arrow transforms into a barracuda that homes in towards a marked target. Upon striking its target, the user can the reeling in their quarry and finish them off with a clean strike. Used to disrupt enemies and hinder their movement has much as possible.

3rd Form: Weir Trap; the user creates a massive water-like lobster trap within a 30-foot radius and consumes anything caught inside. Anything caught is unable to escape once caught and only the user can go come and go as they please. The user can use this technique to detain high priority targets or to enclose and finish off anything caught inside.

4th Form: Kite Fisher; the user creates 6 water-made fishing kites that fly idling overhead. Once directed to by the user, the kites will fly over their intended targets and encase them in pillars of pressurized water. This skill is used for crowd control.

5th Form: Flight of the Cormorant; the user calls forth their familiar Jarl and encases them in water, creating a giant cormorant that is 20 times Jarl's original size (the giant cormorant can be compared to the size of small biplane). At the user's command, Jarl attacks anything in his line of sight and captures them in his mouth. Once having captured one or more targets, he returns them to Vatn so that he may finish them off with his spear. Jarl is immune to most damage when in this form. The skill is used clear away hordes of enemies but it also to allows Jarl to get in on the action as he loves a good fight!

6th Form: Ice Flow Strike; The user creates fish-shaped ice projectiles that are launched at designated targets. Upon hitting their targets or any solid surface, the explode into sharp shards of ice that freeze anything they hit. Used to scatter enemies and limit their movement options.

7th Form: Electric Fish Net; the user creates water net that encompasses a 20-foot radius. Anything caught in the next or so much as stepping on the area of net; gets electrocuted with 50,000 volts of electricity! Enemies are left in a temporary stunned state. Used to incapacitate enemies and allows for the user to strike them down.

8th Form: Spear of the Fisher King; the user envelops their Nichirin spear in water, making it much larger than normal. When thrown it creates a massive whirlpool that hits everything behind it. When the spear hits an opponent, they are impaled and dragged back to the thrower to be finished off. When in the hands of the user, creates near impenetrable walls of water and ice that protect against most attacks. The skill can be used defensively and offensively, making it a very formidable skill to go up against.

Nichirin Weapon(s) and colors: his weapon of choice is a massive Nichirin barbed fishing spear. The spear is tied to a rope infused with Nichirin alloy, which further increases its tensile strength and the spear's reach. The rope also allows Erobrer to have many more movement options with the spear, allowing him to attack from much further away or to quickly transition into a state of defense. Near the shaft of the spear that connects to its pole, is a curved hook for extra damage. The barbed spear is a faded snowy white with the hook attachment being a moss green.

Fighting Style(s): Disruption and Counter Attacking. Much like an experienced fisherman with a fish on the line; Vatn use his Fishermen Breathing to disrupt and hinder his enemies as much as possible, leaving them unable to act on the current situation. Slowly but patiently biding his time to counterattack and take them out in with a precise strike.

- Experienced Slayer
- Fisherman Breathing
- Sabotage and Disruption
- Patience
- Battle-prowess

- Speed
- Durability
- Vulnerable when pulling his spear back to his person
- Stamina

Goals: To eradicate the demon threat that took his late son once and for all, so that he may finally retire to his small fishing village with his wife and raise their granddaughter in peace, as per his dying wish.

Backstory: Vatn Erobrer otherwise known as The Fisher King, Norway's most accomplished and greatest Demon Slayer. In his time with the Corp, Vatn has seen the greatest and most powerful Slayers fall to the near endless onslaught of Demons, most of these Slayers being close comrades of his. But he has no time to mourn, if the life of a Demon Slayer is fraught with dangers and at some point, any hunt could be your last. But how does Erobrer do it, perhaps it has to do with the dying wish of someone close to him, a promise to protect the most valuable thing on this earth, his family.

Born and raised in the small fishing village of Moskenes, He was trained in the way of slaying Demons since the moment he could walk and hold a blade. Trained in the way of combat by the village elders and honing his craft with the fishing spear, which was his weapon of choice, young Vatn became a prodigy among the European slayers at the age of 16. It was also the age that he was sent on his first mission. His mission was to slay the demon they called the Jotunn, a massive 30-foot-tall demon that terrorized the Norwegian countryside for decades with its ice-like powers and its strength. After tracking it to its lair and an almost 4-day long battle, he had slayed the beast and taken its giant tusk as souvenirs. Soon after he began traveling with his fellow slayers, slaying demons in all parts of the world and continuously honing his skills. During his travels, Vatn created new a Breathing Technique he called Fishermen Breathing, had certain aspects of Water Breathing but added techniques used by fishermen in different parts the world. With his new technique in hand, Erobrer began making a name for himself as continued to rack up kills. Known for using his Breathing techniques and Nichirin fishing spear to impale demons and dragging them to him, much like a fish on a hook, he was given the title of "The Fisher King".

Upon returning home after 10 years of traveling, life happened. Vatn found the love of his life, they got married and had a son named Ragnar. Much like his father, Ragnar was trained to become a Demon Slayer and he grew up to become a well-respected Slayer amongst the European Corps. Ragnar eventually married an Amercian Slayer and they had a daughter named Sigyn. Life seemed good for the family, until one fateful night changed everything. Several powerful demons, who bared a hatred for Erobrer and his family, had followed Ragnar back to his home and attacked him. Erobrer and several other slayers tried to respond to Ragnar's distress call but by the time they arrived, they already were too late. Ragnar and his wife had fought and slain the demons who had attacked them but were both mortally wounded. As he and his wife lay dying, Ragnar has asked his father to take care of Sigyn after he was gone. Before he died, Ragnar had pointed his father and the other slayers to a small secret compartment that was hidden in the walls, and there they found a crying but thankfully unharmed 4-year-old Sigyn. After his son's passing, Vatn continued his job as a Slayer while he and his wife Ada lovingly took to raising Sigyn in their small village. But with threats of a new Demon progenitor on rise, The Fisher King must raise his spear to protect his family and fulfill his duty as The Fisher Hashira. Any that stand in his way shall be gutted like the sorry fish that they are.
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Richard Durand | Human, 46, Male | European Demon Slayer, Experience: 25 Years

Country of Origin / Demon Slayer Branch / Familiar
Newport, Wales, Great Britain / European Demon Slayer Corps / Western Nightingale​
To eradicate all demons.​
Richard is a blonde-haired gentleman who, at first, presents a mean aura. In terms of his physique, Richard is both tall and built like a tank. He’s 6’5, and despite his age, he’s still bulging with muscles. In the end, however, the muscles and the height - which are normally desired qualities - only add to his meanness factor…​
He’s not actually mean, but the harsh features on his face - combined with everything else - certainly don’t do him any favors. Speaking of facial features, he has a nice pair of brown eyes. He tends to narrow them though, but that’s mostly a byproduct of his training as a demon slayer. He seems like he's always on the lookout for threats, and while that might be great in combat situations, it’s less than ideal for social ones.​
...Okay, there's really no skirting around it: Richard is a handsome guy, and he ticks the boxes for having conventionally attractive characteristics. A chiseled jawline? Check. A projected nose? Also check. It's just that the RBF he constantly puts on basically spoils the entire ensemble. That's why, when he finally decides to smile, it makes it all the more special.​
As someone who’s been a demon slayer for so long, he’s bound to have the scars to show for it. Richard has plenty, but the most prominent one would be the one across his chest. Lifting his shirt, you’ll find an ugly-looking scar that stretches from his left breast to just short of his waist. He received it during a fight for his life against an Upper Moon. He was reckless, and in that momentary lapse of judgment, the Upper Moon managed to severely wound him. If he hadn’t been taken out of the battle then, he reckoned he would’ve died.​
Richard’s current personality is a far cry from what he was like previously, which makes sense given what he’s gone through. Previously, Richard was a bit of a bad boy: he liked to party, and he was often the life of one. A social butterfly through and through, he was. Nowadays, Richard has mellowed out. Whereas previously he was a bit more reckless with his words, now he’s wisened up. Before anything ever leaves his mouth, it goes through several filters in his head first, like baggage through airport security. Except in his case, there are a lot more checkpoints.​
On first impression, most people strike Richard as a hardass, and they aren’t wrong: he is a hardass. His former student, Jian, has confronted him about this, and although he’s gotten a lot better in putting forth a more amicable front over the years, there are times when his old habits shine through.​
Jian knows it, and most of his students know it: Richard is genuinely kind. He just chooses to show it in… questionable ways. But what’s not in question is whether or not he cares, which he does. That said, he’s managed to make strides in showing his care in more affectionate ways, with the help of others (Jian in particular). Still, it’s not something that comes naturally to him, and it's a conscious decision he has to make. Ultimately, to the people who are able to penetrate through his shell, what they find is a man who is still in the process of licking past wounds.​
Richard originally enjoyed a mundane existence prior to his involvement with the Demon Slayers. Born to an accountant and a teacher, Richard was sufficiently cared for by his parents. As a child, he was never really left wanting for anything. Though, as he grew older, Richard developed somewhat of a rebellious streak. A series of bad decisions later, and together with his high school sweetheart, he found himself with a child of his own - a baby boy named “Ethan.” His parents were fuming when they first heard the news, which was a perfectly reasonable reaction. But, once they calmed down, they were as happy as can be, having a grandchild in their lives. Richard, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. It was the first time he had done something that had lasting consequences, so he was rightfully scared. Eventually, his parents’ happiness rubbed off on him, and soon enough, he became his child’s biggest cheerleader. It was through bringing another life into the world that Richard stumbled upon a newfound purpose.​
Richard and his wife Lena had Ethan when they were both 18. After graduating high school, Richard immediately thrust himself into the workforce, while Lena went off to pursue college. It was a warehouse job that Richard took on, and though it involved long hours and back-breaking work, he was willing to endure it for the sake of his family. Seeing his boy grow up little by little kept him going. Richard’s sacrifices did not go unnoticed by Lena. Kicking her studies into overdrive, she would graduate from college 2 years early, and then enter the workforce as a nurse thereafter. She felt bad for not being able to financially contribute to her family, and try as Richard did to convince her that it was okay, her stubbornness wouldn’t allow her to let it go. So she decided to work. Not only that, she had hoped to give Richard a break, telling him to ditch his current job, which was causing him all sorts of aches and pains. Argumentative words were exchanged between them, and at first Richard was wholly against the idea. However, in time, he would come around it. Relenting to Lena’s demands, Richard made the leap to transition into a traditional desk job, specifically an IT Technician job at a local company.​
Although their family still led frugal lives even with Lena now also working, they were content. The money wasn’t a big issue. After all, they had come a long way from where they were previously. That was all Richard, or Lena, could ask for.​
Unbeknownst to Richard, this temporary peace would only last for a little while longer. An encounter with demons would permanently change the course of his life.​
It happened when he was 21. He was returning home from a long day at work, and it was already night. As he entered his parents’ abode, he smelled it immediately: the stench of blood. Then, he saw it: the demon, and the corpses of his loved ones that lay behind it. His mother, father, Lena, and… his son. He could barely recognize them.​
Bearing its blood-stained claws, the demon lunged at him with a speed he couldn’t possibly react to. He resigned himself to death. Life, however, had other plans for him. As the demon’s claws drew near, a blade swiftly cut the demon down. It was one clean cut, aimed at the neck. Before Richard could blink, the demon’s head fell from its body.​
His savior was a Chinese woman by the name of Li Hua (丽华). Li Hua introduced Richard to the world of demons and demon slayers. Indirectly, she also gave him a new purpose in life. After working through his grief, Richard found himself a new home in the European Branch of the Demon Slayers. Fighting alongside others with the possibility of death looming over the horizon has a way of bringing people together, and in the Corps, Richard was able to forge long-time friendships with the people he worked with. More surprisingly, he even started to put himself out there again in the dating scene, though nothing ever really came from it. After brushing shoulders with countless demon slayers, he learned many of them suffered similar circumstances as him. Hearing that, he dedicated himself in the years that followed to slaying demons. Under the guidance of Li Hua, who took him on as a student, he quickly rose the ranks. Later on, he himself became a mentor to others, even to his own mentor’s son. Upon Li Hua’s death, Richard took it upon himself to care for her son: a bright-eyed young man named Jian. At first, he was apprehensive to teach him how to wield the sword. He had known the boy for quite a while at this point; he practically watched him grow up. In a way, Richard saw him as his own son. But eventually, the young man’s persistence won him over, and Richard - defeated but willing - taught him all he knew about breathing techniques.​
Richard reached the rank of Hashira rather late, at the age of 35, which is 14 years into his demon-slaying career. As a fledgling Hashira, he felt… inadequate. Compared to the other Hashira around him, who he perceived as “better,” his talents and abilities were just a drop in a well. Regardless of how he felt, however, it wouldn’t change the fact that he had more than earned his stripes, defeating 2 Lower Moons - who had chosen to team up against him - all on his own. Richard’s Hashira colleagues would continually remind him of that. He had even created his own breathing style, for God’s sake. Over time, as he grew into the role, his insecurities gave way to confidence. And before he knew it, he would find himself in the same position as his other Hashira colleagues back then, serving as a mentor figure of sorts to newly-minted Hashira.​
A claymore with curved edges at the tip forming an upside-down “W,” and a circular shield with a decently large surface area. To suit his breathing style, both his claymore and his shield are made with strong Nichirin magnets, which he can control using magnets of his own. Those particular magnets take the form of bracelets that Richard wears on both wrists.​
Special piezoelectric batteries, which Richard uses to magnetize things, also run in segments through his sword and his shield. The batteries serve as a means to augment their natural magnetic fields, which are strong to begin with.​
So, in essence, when Richard hits anything, no matter how brief the contact, he can assign the thing he struck with a positive or negative charge. Affected individuals might run into random bouts of static electricity and, for humans with hair, they might notice their hair suddenly sticking up. These are all indicators of Richard's magnetization. And, as luck would have it, he can attract or repel anything or anyone he has magnetized, which - more often than not - works to his advantage.​
Breathing Style
Breath of the Sword and Shield. This unique breath style is inspired from the Breath of Stone. It is also a breathing style that capitalizes on the magnetic properties of Richard’s equipment and the unorthodox design of his claymore.​
First Form: To Keep From Harm’s Way - Pushing Thrust
By strengthening the magnetic field of his sword, Richard can perform a polarized thrust that blasts away his foes in one direction.​
Second Form: To Prepare The Perfect Attack - Pulling Strike
Functionally the opposite of the first form, Richard forcefully attracts his opponent to him while readying a powerful slash.​
Third Form: To Throw Caution To The Wind And Forge Ahead - Shield Rush
With his shield postured in front of him, Richard rushes indiscriminately towards his enemy, intending to ram into them and mow them down. To ensure a guaranteed hit, he draws his foe in first using magnetism.​
Fourth Form: To Crush Without Mercy - Shield Bash
A simple bashing move. After assigning his foe with the same charge as his shield, Richard then slams them into the ground with it. The crushing magnetic force exerted by his shield, along with his brute strength, can turn most demons into paste.​
Fifth Form: To Obfuscate and Catch Unaware - Two-Pronged Assault
Richard vigorously throws his shield forward, causing it to miss on purpose. However, as he clashes with his opponent, through magnetic attraction, he forces the shield to return to him. The result is a hit from the front by Richard and from the back by his wildly-rotating shield. Richard has beheaded many demons from this form alone.​
Sixth Form: To Render Danger Harmless - Hook, Line, and Sinker
A slash meant to disarm an armed opponent. Due to the curved tips of Richard’s sword, he can use it to hook an opponent’s weapon during an exchange and promptly yank it away from them.​
Seventh Form: To Become One With Nature - Continental Rend / Impregnable Domain
The final form of Breath of the Sword and Shield, and a form that has an offensive and defensive variation.​
(Continental Rend) Richard stretches his sword’s magnetic capabilities to the absolute limit, producing a sucking force that coalesces all sorts of rock and debris on his sword as well as pulling his foes to him. Once enough mass has collected on his sword, he lets loose a devastating slash that unleashes it all on his enemies.​
(Impregnable Domain) Defensively, he could also use the mass he has gathered to form a barrier that covers himself, his allies, or both. When fighting demons with strong omnidirectional attacks, he frequently resorts to crunching together the collected mass into a protective dome as a means of defense.​
Having been in the game for nearly 30 years, Richard is both a battle-hardened veteran, and someone his younger peers look to for guidance. He took the seat of Hashira 11 odd years ago, initially ranking 15th. But, since then, he has climbed the hierarchy; 5th is the highest rank he’s ever been able to achieve, and at present day, he ranks 8th among the Hashira in the European Branch. Although one of his students, Jian Yu, has recently inherited his position as the eighth-ranked Hashira, he still maintains an active presence in the Hashira meetings, helping Jian to learn the ropes. Upon hearing the news of his stepping down, many of Richard’s colleagues were expecting him to permanently put down the sword and peacefully live out the rest of his days. That… didn’t happen. “Old man Richard” - as his students sometimes call him to poke fun at his age - is still very much around. He doesn’t see himself quitting anytime soon.​
One of Richard’s greatest achievements, and one he himself is quite proud of, is his defeating 2 Lower Moons at once. It is by no means his greatest achievement, but it’s one that holds the most sentimental value to him, as it’s what propelled him to the rank of Hashira - a rank that even his master Li Hua, as exceptional as she was, wasn’t able to reach. The Lower Moons were unremarkable in terms of physical ability, but their Blood Demon Arts were fearsome.​
One of the Lower Moons, a man in his previous life, possessed a reality-bending ability that forced those who looked him in the eyes to follow a set of rules. If you were to break one of these rules, you would incur a penalty determined by the non-affected party. The Lower Moon himself was not exempt from his rules. Standing beside him was his companion, the second Lower Moon, who was a woman. She had a simple but effective Blood Demon Art. Through touch, she was able to heat up or cool down anything, even air itself.​
During the latter half of the fight, the reality-bending Lower Moon - likely wanting to end things then and there - put a rule in place that prevented Richard from moving more than 5 meters at a time. Naturally, the demon and his companion also had to follow this rule. This rule proved to be a mistake.​
As the woman Lower Moon started to raise her hand to blast Richard with a wide-ranged attack, one she was sure Richard couldn't dodge, she found herself slowly moving forward against her will. Some unknown force was pulling her in. One meter… Two meters… Three meters… Then, finally, five meters. She had broken the rule. After uttering her penalty, Richard watched as the Lower Moon turned herself to ash using her powers. She was done for. Enraged at the unexpected development, the other Lower Moon deactivated his Blood Demon Art, and lunged straight for Richard. This was another mistake, and one that would cost the demon his life. Richard’s shield, which was lodged in a tree behind the demon, would come whirring to life. Before the demon realized it, he was beheaded.​
Richard kept his cards close to his hand until a critical moment, and that gave him the advantage he needed to turn the tables. He was strategic, and had not been using any breathing forms that would hint at his magnetic capabilities. And so, his opponents were completely in the dark. Not to mention, they were also arrogant, as most of the moons were. Richard would use this against them. In an attempt to suss out the full extent of their powers, he lulled the demons into a false sense of superiority. Thinking he was someone they could toy with, the demons grew careless, not realizing that, by flaunting their techniques with no regard for tactics or strategy, they were giving important information to Richard. It was because of sheer carelessness that, once Richard made his move, the demons were caught unprepared, which led to their demise.​
Fighting Style
If you were to ask one of the Hashira to describe Richard’s style of combat, the following words would likely escape their mouths: careful, calculated, measured. And they would be right; he is all of those things. Richard treats the battlefield like a grandmaster would a chess board and the pieces in it. The moves he makes, regardless of their immediate value, all contribute to a higher purpose of his design. They might come across as nonsensical at first, but in the end, they culminate in a plan.​
When most people first see Richard in action, they usually end up thinking, “hey Richard, why make that move here? It doesn’t help you out at all.” What separates Richard from other, less sophisticated fighters is his focus on the “bigger picture.” From Richard’s experience, unskilled fighters like to make commitments too early. These “commitments” come in many forms: needlessly revealing abilities to their opponent, prematurely judging the opponent's capabilities, often leading to incorrect (and at times, fatal) assumptions - there are too many of these "commitments" to count. Worse, when inexperienced fighters commit to a move, they only look at the short-term ramifications, which might very well be advantageous in the moment. But the tide of battle is never stagnant; one perfectly-timed counter can tip the scales in the opponent’s favor. This is something Richard has come to learn at a steep price.​
In battle, Richard first seeks to learn the breadth of his opponent’s abilities, while concealing his own if he can. When Richard finally bares his fangs, that means he’s gotten a good grip on his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing him to deliver a blow where he knows it’ll hurt most. After that, he wastes no time in taking his opponent down.​
Strengths / Weaknesses
+ A strategically and tactically-sound fighter​
+ Possesses decades of demon-slaying experience​
+ Has Hashira-level combat skills​
+ Doesn't usually take many hits, but when he does, he knows how to minimize the damage done​
+ Breath of the Sword and Shield's Seventh Form can guard against omnidirectional attacks​
- Past his prime; his age and compounding injuries are catching up to him​
- Struggles with capricious opponents​


Jian Yu (建宇) | Human, 27, Male | European Demon Slayer, Experience: 9 Years

Country of Origin / Demon Slayer Branch / Familiar
St. Davids, Wales, Great Britain / European Demon Slayer Corps / Clearwing Budgerigar​
To eradicate all demons.​
To continue his mother's legacy.​
Jian is a soft-featured young man, and his face has a rather boyish quality to it. Hazel eyes, naturally reddish lips, and decently-clear skin — that about sums it up for Jian. As far as blemishes go, Jian has been - for the most part - spared; acne has never really been a problem for the guy. Sure, he experiences a couple of stray pimples here and there, but after they go away, it’s like there’s no trace of them. He thanks his mom’s genetics for that. One unfortunate thing he did get from his mom, however, is lactose intolerance. He had to find out what that meant the hard way…​
Standing at 5’8, Jian is by no means an imposing individual. In fact, among the demon slayers he personally knows, he is the shortest of them all. He compensates for this in other ways. Due to the extreme physical conditioning he’s gone through as a demon slayer, he’s pretty jacked. Though, with his choice of baggy clothing, it’s not something that's immediately obvious to other people.​
Jian’s core personality is someone who wants to do right by others and by the world. Perhaps this goody-two-shoes attitude is something that he also inherited from his mother, but Jian is someone who can never lie or shift blame to someone else, even if it would benefit him. As far as people go, he’s an open book, someone you can accurately judge the moment you speak to him.​
A personality trait that Jian has carried with him to adulthood is his mischievousness. To people he considers his closest confidants, Jian likes to play pranks on them, though “pranks” might be a bit of a stretch here. Compared to the so-called "pranks" one would see on the net, Jian's pranks are harmless, something he does to get a laugh out of someone, not to laugh at them. A thing that Jian's friends note about him is his at times child-like demeanor. Various incidents of Jian successfully sneaking up behind people, only to say “boo” and scare the bejesus out of them, have desensitized Jian’s friends to his antics. Some of them even find his antics endearing, in a way. That said, Jian isn’t tactless; he can tell when people aren’t in the mood. So, he chooses his targets carefully, only playing pranks on people who wouldn’t mind it.​
All his life, Jian was raised by a single mother. He had never met his father, and his mother never really made mention of him aside from a couple of superficial comments about him. His father had never really attempted to reconnect with him, either. So, as far as Jian was concerned, his mother was his only parent. And he was fine with that.​
Though Jian is aware of it now, in the past, he didn’t know a thing about what his mother did for a living. Whereas most of his classmates at school would jump at the opportunity to talk about their parents and the jobs they had, Jian couldn’t because he simply didn’t know what to say. What did his mother do for a living? He had asked his mother this once, when he was young. But he received no concrete answer, only a bribe, which was usually in the form of a toy or some sort of candy. This was a tactic his mother used on him whenever she wanted to redirect his attention. And it always worked.​
It was through an associate of his mother's that Jian got an inkling of what she did. Mr. Richard was one of his mother’s colleagues, and he regularly visited their residence, though only briefly as the two of them would be off soon after he arrived. Jian liked Mr. Richard; he was kind, treated his mother with respect, and he brought him a pack of his favorite candy every time he swung by. That last part won over young Jian instantly. During one of Richard’s visits, Jian asked the man what his mother did as a job. That was when Jian got his answer. Smiling to himself, Richard explained to Jian that his mother was “much like the police,” which - while not completely the truth - was not too far from it. This answer seemed to have satisfied young Jian’s curiosity, and the boy left it at that.​
It was only when Jian turned 18 that he learned the true nature of his mother’s work. She was a demon slayer, an exceptional one, and she tragically perished in battle. When he heard this from Richard, Jian didn’t know what to make of it. Waves of conflicting emotions hit him all at once. He was sad, of course. But, more than that, he felt… a sense of responsibility well up inside of him. He understood now why his mother kept him in the dark. Demon slayers risk injury or death with every mission, and that was a life she likely did not want for Jian. It was a classic example of a mother’s love for her son.​
Ever since Jian was young, his mother had always told him to forge his own way in life. In a way, even his name, which meant “to build a universe,” stood as a reminder of his mother’s words. And so, Jian would do exactly that. He would forge his own path; he would build a universe of his own.​
Under the tutelage of Richard, who now served as his legal guardian, Jian studied the way of the sword. Like fish to water, he picked it up rather quickly. So quickly, in fact, that even someone as accomplished as Richard was surprised at his progress. What took Richard multiple years to accomplish, Jian accomplished in just one. Talent certainly played a part in the boy's progress, but it wasn't the driving force behind it. He could see the determination in Jian's eyes. With every swing, Richard clearly felt Jian's conviction. The boy truly wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps: to help others as she did.​
After learning the basics of breathing, Jian proceeded to experiment with the different breathing styles. In particular, he was fascinated by Love Breathing, the breathing style his mother used. For the next 2 years, Jian practiced Love Breathing intensely. And from that 2-year-long practice, he developed a new breathing style derived from Love Breathing: the Breath of the Dragon.​
The title of Hashira is one that Jian had recently inherited from his master Richard, who stepped down from his post in the European Branch. On Richard’s recommendation, the European Demon Slayer Branch promoted Jian to Hashira, replacing his master as the eighth-ranked Hashira.​
An Ōdachi in style and design, except for a couple of notable modifications. Created in collaboration between blacksmiths and engineers from the European Demon Slayer Corp, Jian’s Ōdachi has a special feature that allows it to change states. While solid, it is a sword. That said, it can also liquefy to an extent and become something akin to a whip. This is achieved through the malleable Nichirin alloy used when the Ōdachi was forged, and through the heating and cooling device weaved through its entire length. When the blade is heated up, though it starts to glow red and lose its original shape, it does not lose its integrity. Due to the rapid heating and cooling capabilities of the Ōdachi, which essentially allow for on-the-fly re-tempering, its user can adapt its length, form, and consistency to any situation at a moment’s notice. Of course, since the blade’s temperature can reach absurdly high or absurdly low temperatures, its hilt is made of a special conducting material that makes it comfortable for the user to wield. In terms of size, Jian's Ōdachi is substantially thicker and wider than most other Ōdachi, though that is an unavoidable design constraint. The typical Ōdachi is simply too thin to accommodate the technology inside Jian's Ōdachi.​
Breathing Style
Breath of the Dragon. An offshoot of Love Breathing. It is also a breathing style that takes advantage of the liquid-like flexibility and molten quality of Jian’s sword.​
First Form: Molten Lacerating Strike
Jian semi-liquefies his sword, causing it to glow red due to the heat. With an almost imperceptible flick of the wrist, he quickly slashes forward then back, treating his sword like a whip. Demons on the receiving end of this form usually lose a limb or 2.​
Second Form: Draconic Choke Hold
Jian lashes his sword forward to wrap around a demon’s neck while it is in its semi-liquid state. Strangulation comes first, and then decapitation soon after, as Jian solidifies his sword to finish the job. In some cases, even without Jian’s intervention, the sword’s sheer heat can melt the necks of demons, beheading them that way.​
Third Form: Infinite Hellish Slashes
A more aggressive application of the First Form. With his sword in its semi-liquid state, Jian unleashes an unforgiving flogging towards his foe. The form gets its name from the infinity sign that his wrists make while performing the technique.​
Fourth Form: Dissolving Sword
The quintessential surprise attack. True to its name, the technique actually involves Jian dissolving his sword, albeit not permanently. Jian primes his opponent into expecting a head-on strike with his blade. Then he liquefies it, causing it to go limp on collision and in turn slide right past his opponent’s defenses. After that, the sword quickly solidifies, and (hopefully) slices his opponent’s head clean off.​
Fifth Form: Magma Net
A defensive application of the First and Third Forms. Jian violently whips around his sword, creating a molten defensive perimeter around him and cutting into pieces anything that might approach.​
Sixth Form: Firestorm
Through an impressive feat of footwork, Jian jerks into a blindingly fast rotation. To eyes that are unable to perceive his motion, he presents as a crimson tornado. With his sword closely trailing his movements, those unfortunate enough to be on Jian’s path will be ripped apart and sliced through like butter.​
Seventh Form: Flitting Dragonfly Sting
A powerful thrusting attack. Upon penetrating a demon with his sword, Jian quickly liquefies it in an attempt to melt the demon’s insides and impede their regeneration. Then, in a flash, he retracts the blade, now solidified. Jian performs this retracting motion fast enough to briefly create a vacuum, causing a shockwave to further damage the demon and push them back.​
Eighth Form: Free-Flowing Dragon Dance
An unpredictable flurry of solid and liquefied sword attacks intended to maim and incapacitate, minimizing chances for retaliation. The abrupt changes in the length of Jian’s sword, combined with the equally abrupt changes in its consistency, make the Eighth Form difficult to completely adapt to.​
Ninth Form: The Soaring Dragon’s Terminus
A straightforward but devastating attack. Jian focuses all of his strength to his legs, and then dashes forward. With his sword turned solid, he lurches to a stop in front of his target, catching them by surprise, and subsequently converts his built-up momentum into a powerful horizontal slash. For maximum damage, his sword is heated up near the point of partial liquefaction upon impact, glowing a menacing red before sending the target to the afterlife.​
The Ninth Form shares similarities to Thunder Breathing’s First Form, which is completely intentional since it was inspired from it. The windup to both attacks is practically the same, after all. The difference between the 2 forms lies in how the slash is delivered. In Thunder Breathing’s First Form, the swordsman follows through with the motion of the slash. Meanwhile, in the Ninth Form, the swordsman stops just short of the target and then performs the slash. The brief stop before the slash gives the Ninth Form far more striking power than Thunder Breathing’s First Form.​

Despite his relative inexperience (at least, when compared to his mentor, Richard, who's been in the business for 25 years), Jian proves himself to be a sheer force of nature. In his most recent sparring matches with his mentor, out of 10 instances of combat, Jian was able to best the grizzled veteran 6 times. Although Richard is certainly far from being at his best, with his skills having deteriorated over the years due to age, the former Hashira is still a formidable fighter. Even in his state, just eking out a win against him would be difficult, let alone beating him decisively as Jian had done - 6 separate times, in fact.​
While it is true that Jian became a Hashira due to Richard’s recommendation, even without it, his body of work would still - at the very least - put him in consideration. In his 9-year (and counting) run as a demon slayer, he has slain over 100 demons, some of which comparable in power to Lower Moons. He's even lived through an encounter with Upper Moon 4, who retreated after reinforcements arrived with multiple Hashira in tow. During his fight with the Upper Moon 4, Jian awakened his demon slayer mark: twin dragons on both of his arms. It was likely because of the mark that Jian survived in the first place. Through practice, he has become proficient in using his mark in short bursts, turning it “on” and “off” at will.​
Fighting Style
Jian’s fighting style revolves entirely around the state-changing capability of his sword. The fact that his sword can turn liquid or solid in what seems like an instant adds a dangerous unpredictability to his swordplay (which the Breath of the Dragon’s Eighth Form puts on full display). One moment, his sword is actually a sword, and then in the next, it is a whip. His opponents are often forced to make split-second decisions on how to properly guard against his attacks, and sometimes they decide wrongly, giving Jian the opening he needs.​
Adaptability. It’s one of the most important things for Jian, something he kept in the back of his mind as he developed the different forms of Breath of the Dragon. When needing to protect himself against projectiles, he relies on the Fifth Form. When a slashing maneuver would prove to be ineffective, he uses the Seventh Form, a thrusting maneuver. When he needs to strike from a distance, he turns his sword into a whip and performs the First Form. Essentially a Swiss army knife, the Breath of the Dragon gives him numerous options in combat, allowing him to respond to anything his opponents might throw his way.​
Strengths / Weaknesses
+ A well-rounded fighter with an inclination to speed​
+ Has Hashira-level combat skills​
+ When marked, possesses superior physical ability​
+ His unpredictability can make him hard to deal with​
+ Given its versatility, Breath of the Dragon can be adapted to many situations​
- Not as durable as the other Hashira / can be easily knocked out if caught off guard by a well-placed attack​
- Likes taking risks, which sometimes don’t pay off and can put him in harm's way​

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