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Fandom Current cravings~~ manhwa, naruto, zombies & more!

Willow Tree

No matter what, I'm not guilty
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Hey there! I go by Willow here! I'm currently a sophomore studying psychology. I work on weekends, so replies might come a bit slower but I generally try to reply at least once a week or keep my partners updated otherwise. I've been roleplaying at the very least since like my 4th grade year, so I've sort of been at this for awhile lol.

Generally, when it comes to roleplaying with me, you can expect:
  • A good 500-1k words (Or about what you give me!)
  • Always happy to double as any gender for your pairing (if needed!)
  • Plenty of ideas (for both pairings, if doubling)
  • At least a reply a week
  • Happy to chat in ooc! Or not, if thats not your thing!
When it comes to you I would prefer:
  • At least a good two paragraphs per reply
  • Lets me know when replies take longer than usual
  • Happy to double as M in MxF for my side of things (Again, I'm happy to play any gender in mxm/mxf/fxf/etc)
  • Contributes to plotting

I began reading Pure Villain/Villain with a Crush and I sort of have a big craving for something similar? Would love to plot out a misunderstood hero x villain type dynamic! I feel like it could be a fun dynamic to manipulate? I have a few ideas, like the hero being convinced the villain is actually a great person and attempting to make a relationship between them as civilians, etc, etc! I think the concept is a really good starting plot for a great rp!

Of course, I've been reading lots of the good old heroine/villainess manhwa as well and would love to plot out a rp around it! I don't want to put too much in this thread, but I have plenty of blurbs I'll happily send you if you ask!!! (please I have a whole pinterest board of dresses to use for these rps lmaoo)

I also have a craving for a good Naruto rp! I'm open for either oc x oc or oc x cc!! I'm sure we can get a decent plot going! I have a few characters to pull from, or I will happily create a new character to fit whatever ideas we come up with! Naruto rp's have a special place in my heart, so I'm almost always looking for them!

I'm also up for some demon slayer, although I don't have as many ideas for it. I'm completely caught up on the manga though and would love to come up with some new characters for it!

The concept of an oc-only death note roleplay is also something I've been looking for for a very long time! I think having characters with different goals find the death note would be interesting - like the investigator maybe being friends with the person who finds the death note and as people keep dying the investigator starts to get a bit suspicious?

The last of us!! Please, I've been wanting a good zombie rp and I haven't really been abe to find one. I think the concept of TLOU's infected is interesting - it gives more of a danger factor than the stereotypical slow moving zombie that doesn't understand doors or anything like that. Besides, no one really cares if your an asshole in the apocalypse right?

Please dm me if interested!
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