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Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Hello! This page is the alternate CS page for non-main cast members. Examples include: Magi-chat girls, maids, butlers, soldiers, living weapons, and more. Feel free to make character concepts here for fun too.






Personality/Likes and dislikes:

Brief Backstory:


Abnormal Abilities:


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Basic Information
Human Name:
Margaret Stalvern

Magical Girl Name: Memoria

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

Human Appearance:

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Memoria stands at 5'5 with shoulder length hair that has been recently dyed blue. Her stationary life-style is apparent by her mildly chubby build. She wears glasses sometimes, but she does not require them.

Magical Girl Appearance:

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Once transformed, Margaret slims down tremendously, and her breasts triple in size. She has a signature gas-mask that gives her an intimidating appearance that also mildly muffles her voice when she speaks. Her dyed blue hair turns to a grey color and her eyes become red.


Margaret is a pseudo-intellectual who only takes people who think like her seriously. She is an unapologetic racist and homophobic. Margaret is convinced that those who fall into that category are genetically inferior and will talk down to them. She tends to explain basic concepts to them despite them being fully capable of processing them. She is not without any positive points. Margaret is loyal to her family and loves them with all her heart despite not approving of her fathers pseudo-news show. She is also incredibly reverent and defensive about no-one forgetting the soldiers who have fallen in war, regardless of their race.


Junk food
Video games


Popular people
Opinions that are not hers
Historical inaccuracy


Margaret's racist and intolerant ideologies were fixed into her brain from a young age by her father, John Stalvern. They were forced to live in an inner-city for a time, and he utilized the crime that minorities committed as a catalyst of fear to make Margaret grow up afraid of anyone who was not like her. She was home-schooled by her father who pushed the importance of history onto her while her mother was part of the NATA military at the time. Her mother suffered a gruesome injury in combat and was honorably discharged. Maragert's father, John, was attempting to support his family via a failing career as a YouTuber. In reaction to this, her mother disappeared for a time, and suddenly money began flowing in.

They moved out of the inner-city into a large house. Her father began to distance himself from his racist ideologies, but Margaret remained stalwart in her ideas because she desired to feel superior in a world she could not control. She took to researching the science of genetics and published a book with their newfound wealth under her fathers name (with his permission). It supported the idea that different races are innately superior to other ones. It was a success with a core group of people and gave Margaret a feeling of belonging in the world. This feeling was only emboldened when she gained her power.

She ignored the vision of the Gheists and rather reveled in her power as a Magical Girl. Margaret now had the means to shape the world in the way it should have always been. As of right now, she keeps her identity as a Magical Girl a secret from her father, and instead uses her human form to push him the direction of pushing increasingly more and more racist agendas on his web-show. He has taken to pushing ridiculous ideas in an effort to impress her. Margaret feels flattered that he would go so far, thus she lets him push craziness for her own amusement.

Powers and Abilities

Human Skills & Talents:

Minor hacking skills, firearms, writing, chemistry, and biology.

Magical Girl Power(s):

If she is within approximately 10 miles of a historical act of violence, that she has done sufficient research on, Memoria can pull any number of people into a pocket dimension that recreates the events. She can alter the events to be more fantastical, or keep them close to reality.

Smell of Suffering: Memoria gets a euphoric high from harmful fumes, or the non-harmful fumes of harmful things (Example: Gun-smoke). Constant exposure only increases her high enabling her to have increasingly more powerful abilities. She is unable to use this power to its full extent due to the euphoric feeling clouding her judgment. To utilize this power beyond level one she must be within her pocket dimension.

Level 1: Memoria can cause auditory illusions, utilize her "Memorial" power, and fly.

Level 2: Memoria can summon soldiers, traps, weapons, and other things of this type so long as it fits the pocket dimensions setting (Or reasonably could exist at the time).

Level 3: Memoria can begin to shape the ideologies of those in the pocket dimension. Magical girls will eventually succumb to this if they are exposed long enough to this mental attack. She can make them believe things, or think things that they would otherwise never think. In-addition, she can summon soldiers, traps, weapons, and other things so long as they exist in the real world (And she has a good understanding of them).

Level 4: Memoria becomes all powerful in her pocket dimension. She can do whatever she wants to the people within the pocket dimension so long as she has the dimension up.

Note: Each level requires more and more stimuli of stronger doses to reach them. She has never reached beyond level 2 thus far.

Deadly Toxins: Memoria can enhance the effects of medicine/poisons to be up to one-hundred times the effect. This allows her to poison magical girls reliably.


Majestic Dinosaur


Rosetta Midorikawa
(Bloom Boom)


Human appearance
Rosetta has natural brown hair and brown eyes, but she despises her mundane appearance and thus dyed her hair pink. She also wears colored contacts of different colors, depending on her mood.

Magical girl appearance
Rosetta’s magical girl form has wavy pink hair with her bangs tied back. Her eyes turn pink, and if one looked closely, they can see that her irises are in the shape of flowers. In her magical girl form, she looks like a cute 13 years old.
(Character created using li.nu/attrade/itemsearch.php)

Rosetta is always happy and bubbly in every situation she finds herself in. She’s friendly towards everyone, and will shower them with physical affection, regardless of whether they like it or not. Despite being 21, she speaks in a cutesy tone and acts like a middle schooler. As someone who didn’t have many friends when she was younger, she treasures each and every single one of her friends, and will display rare anger if any harm comes to them.

Beneath her sweet appearance lies a cruel, apathetic side. Towards people whom she dislikes, typically those who disrespect her or her friends, Rosetta will unrepentantly murder them. Friends who betray her suffer the same fate, and she never hesitates in disposing even people who may have been her closest friends.

Being cute!
Being the cutest!

Mean people

When Rosetta was younger, she attended a predominantly white school in the states. Being perhaps the only Asian kid at school, she was ostracized, and she would frequently hear her classmates mock her appearance. Her lack of a social group left her awkward and unable to make friends even when she moved on to middle school and high school, and the bullying only grew worse from there. Many girls, who’d learn to put on makeup and dress themselves up, openly criticized her appearance and would push her around. Her only reprieve is when she got home, where she would watch anime with kind, cutesy girls, whom Rosetta would imagine as her friends. As she graduated high school, she thought that her life would continue on in the same way...

But one day, she became a lovely magical girl.

In the beginning, Rosetta was simply elated. She rarely transformed out of her magical girl form, and even in her human form, she felt more confident. Rosetta decided to dye her human hair, learned to do her own makeup, and bought colored contacts in bulk. She felt that her human form needed to be just as cute as her magical girl form. But her classmates’ bullying didn’t relent. Instead of calling her ugly, they began to call her a weaboo, said that she looked like a kid, and even said she looked like some hentai anime slut.

Resentment swelled within Rosetta. Before, she had to bear the abuse, but now, she had the power to fight back. She gathered the information of all those who have bullied or disrespected her in the past, and with her magic, discreetly killed each and every single one of them.

Rosetta loves flowers, and is knowledgeable in gardening. She’s also good at doing makeup, though since she’s only started recently, she could be better.
Rosetta can make flowers of her choice bloom on any surface that she touches, including flesh. The flowers’ size can be whatever Rosetta wish them to be, and they also take root in whatever she has touched, regardless of how tough the material is. With just a thought, the flowers and roots can disappear into thin air.
Rosetta has a shepherd’s crook with a cute, pink ribbon tied on it. The crook can extend as long as she wishes, and she has yet to find a limit to its length.


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