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The Great Adventure...

Mark of The Sanctum: The CS


The Mark.

And so they were Marked. Whether they knew it or not, in their mothers' wombs they were each marked by a dream. Was it a sign from the truly divine or was it from something even closer than that? Whatever it was, the dream manifested, focussed into a literal birth Mark on their body. But it was not fully formed yet. No, just like their lives, it had just begun and a true shape it did not take yet.

And so the day came when they first 'felt' it. Yes, they could feel it . Certain emotions, thoughts and feelings coursed through them, but not yet knowing which ones in particular allowed them to feel their Mark. For just like their birth Marks, they were not clearly shown to them. But then it happened, didn't it? Something happened to them and they knew exactly which emotions, thoughts and feelings allowed them to 'feel' for the first time truly and completely.

And so that night they dreamed but they could not fully grasp the dream for it was the one and same dream that marked them in the womb. But in that moment right there between sleep and awake, just dead and still alive, they were granted a vision. A face made of stone with eyes that shone and glinted like amethysts themselves. Upon the forehead of that slate face was a gem, the colour of which they knew they had seen before, but one that they could not name... but feel. The voice of that face was old, soooooo very old, "Find Unity, unlock your Sanctum. All of you. Together..."

And so when they woke their birth Mark glowed that dreamscaped hue and their Mark was fully formed. Somewhere on their body was a dormant power. A power that held the balance of this moment in time and right here, right now on the lands of Archaia.

And so that urge, that drive to go forth in the world and gather became too great and they had no choice but to heed the Calling. They were to gather with the others that bore The Mark of The Sanctum.

The CS Rules.

So along with the regular RPN rules, here are our rules.

∘ | Do NOT post your charrie until you are accepted. Please post your drafts and WIP and final CS in the OoC.
∘ | Do NOT post comments here please. This thread is just to keep track of CS, no need for clutter.
∘ | All characters will be Marked and gather together. Please read over the Lore page. The races and magic are the only types to choose from.
∘ | You may have up to 2 charries but this is not first come first serve, your charries will be looked over by your GMs first for approval. **If you say nothing, Ghost for a week, expect your charrie to get Bunny'd.
∘ | Fancy assed code more fancy than mine needs to have a Plain Text Version too cuz my phone hates your coding lol

∘ | Yes, this is a violent and fighty RP but pls keep a lid on it, no gore. And all other TW and fade to black scenarios please try to keep at a minimum and discuss with us first if you ever feel like you may be encroaching on iffy territory k?.

K I think that's about it.

The Template.
[The Coded Form.]

[bg=black] [HR][/HR] [CENTER][SIZE=4]🔹🔹🔹[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][IMG]https://i.ibb.co/7NGB6bK/warrior.jpg[/IMG] [FONT=Georgia][COLOR=rgb(239, 239, 239)][I]{{Please resize pic to about 400px tall max. [/I][/COLOR];)}}[/font][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][B][I][FONT=Georgia][U]Name / 'Role'[/U][/FONT][/I][/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=4][I][FONT=Georgia][U][I]'Titles' and 'Nicknames'[/I][/U][/FONT][/I][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][B][font=georgia]Sex | Age | Ht | Wt | Hair | Eyes |Skin | Body Type Ethnicity | Mana Sphere | Occupation | Homeland | Faction [/font][/B][/SIZE] 🔹🔹🔹 [SIZE=5][I][FONT=Georgia][B][U]Your Mark[/U][/B][/FONT][/I][/SIZE][/CENTER] [INDENT][SIZE=3]What does it look like? Where is it located on your body? When do you 'feel' it the most, what emotion do you experience?[/SIZE][/INDENT] [CENTER] [SIZE=4][I]🔹 🔹 🔹[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][I][FONT=Georgia][B][U]Talents and Techniques[/U][/B][/FONT][/I][/SIZE][/CENTER] [INDENT][SIZE=3]What kind of magic do you have and what can you do with it? What special abilities do you possess? [/SIZE][/INDENT] [CENTER] [SIZE=4]🔹🔹🔹[/SIZE] [SIZE=5][B][I][FONT=georgia][U]Skills[/U][/FONT][/I][/B][/SIZE] [/CENTER] [INDENT][SIZE=3]What skills do you possess and how are they used?[/SIZE][/INDENT] [CENTER] [SIZE=4]🔹🔹🔹[/SIZE] [SIZE=5][B][I][FONT=georgia][U]Personality[/U][/FONT][/I][/B][/SIZE] [/CENTER] [INDENT][SIZE=3]What are they like? Include both positive and negative traits pls![/SIZE][/INDENT] [CENTER] [SIZE=4]🔹🔹🔹[/SIZE] [SIZE=5][B][I][FONT=georgia][U]Backstory[/U][/FONT][/I][/B][/SIZE] [/CENTER] [INDENT][SIZE=3]What even is your life? Tell us about your homeland here too please![/SIZE][/INDENT] [CENTER] [SIZE=4]🔹🔹🔹[/SIZE] [/CENTER] [HR][/HR] [/bg]



{{Please resize pic to about 400px tall max. ;)}}

Name / 'Role'

'Titles' and 'Nicknames'

Sex | Age | Ht | Wt | Hair | Eyes |Skin | Body Type
Ethnicity | Mana Sphere | Occupation | Homeland | Faction


Your Mark

What does it look like? Where is it located on your body? When do you 'feel' it the most, what emotion do you experience?

🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques

What kind of magic do you have and what can you do with it? What special abilities do you possess?


What skills do you possess and how are they used?


What are they like? Include both positive and negative traits pls!


What even is your life? Tell us about your homeland here too please!


The NPCs.

'The Stone Lady in the Vision'


A mysterious woman who came to you first in the dream when you were Marked. Then later on in a vision to 'Unlock your Sanctum.' There is an ancientness about her presence even though you've only met her in your minds.

Allonah, the Eternal Flame Shaman

This woman first arrived in a battle against the infernal Ogre. Since then she has travelled with you, yet revealed little about the Marks. She has only talked of her place as an Eternal Flame Shaman. Allonah is being hunted by those that seek to claim her Inner Sphere; she is a direct descendant of the Primordials, the first peoples of the Realms. Her mana is an eternal flame; it does not stop burning no matter what. And her innate Sphere magic can be harvested and turned into such a weapon

The Roster.

BuggaBoo BuggaBoo 'MiMI' - Goblin - Shaman/Hunter - (Mark to the left above navel.)
BuggaBoo BuggaBoo - 'Arz' - Feline Hengi - MiMI's Bodyguard - (Mark near tail base.)
Darkbloom Darkbloom 'Kaito' - Human - Shoji Board Master - (Mark on chest above heart.)
NamelessTrax NamelessTrax 'Kal' - Orc - Wandering Healer - (Mark on back of right hand.)
AtlannianSpy AtlannianSpy - 'Seneca' - Elf - Demonology Scholar - (Mark on right side of face covering eye.)
Lost Martian Lost Martian 'Vatumis' - Elf - Wandering Monk - (Mark on right side above hip.)
Clownery Clownery 'Rune' - Human - Devout Crusader - (Mark on back of (l or r) hand.)
Dovinique Dovinique - 'Noir' - Wolf Bestial - Pack Huntress - (Mark behind (l or r) ear.)
@RoninN7 'Michelle' - Vampire - Runaway Blacksmith {TBD}

Applications. {Please don't Post CS here until accepted k?}

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Just a Reflection of a Reflection...

"MiMi" - Princess Miriannia DeValinz - 'The Seeker'


'Princess', The Sighted One, 'Miri'

She/Her ○ 28yrs ○ 3'11" ○ 75lbs ○ Black Hair ○ Yellow Eyes ○ Green Skin ○ Athletic build
Goblin ○ Inner Sphere ○ Hunter/Shaman ○ SE Verdantwood Sunstrider Tribal (DeValinz Royal)

"Arz" - Aura The Princess' Royal Protector - 'The Sentinel'


'Guardian', The FireCat, 'Aurrie'

He/Him ○ 28yrs ○ 8' L / 3.5' Shoulder ○ 600lbs ○ Orange Eyes ○ Black Fur ○ Powerful build
Feline Hengi ○ Elemental Sphere ○ BodyGuard ○ SE Verdantwood Sunstrider Tribe (Laer'Dan Tribe Allied)

This is The Princess and her Guardian...



~The Marks:



Black Double Diamond:
∘ | The mark is located just above her navel and a bit off to the left. She 'feels' it the most when she is feeling happy and in a really good mood.



Shattered Diamond:
∘ | The mark is located the base of his rump near where his tail connects. He 'feels' it the most when he is feeling aggressive and in a very snarling predatory mood.

~Talent and Skills:


Body Magic:
+ | Able to alter her form to create animal body parts like: claws, wings, fangs, fur, armour, etc
+ | Able to alter her phsyiolgy to adapt to environmental conditions: gills to breath underwater, salamander ability to resist fire, eagle eyes to see far, etc.

- | Has lots of Mana but can only alter herself and cannot create multiple types of animal parts/adaptations at once.

Spirit Magic:
+ | Able to commune with spirits. Knows proper rituals to appease, fight, bargain or act as a medium. Can Dreamwalk if needed too.
+ | Able to manipulate others emotions using her music and spiritual influences. Cannot read minds but can detect lies/truth and malicificent/beneficent intents
- | Has lots of Mana but still must sing and dance to keep good repoire with spirits

+ | Musician and Singer. Also skilled performer and a dancer too.
+ | Educated Royal. Knows multiple types of cultures and has diplomatic training. And as such has been trained to lead and can speak several languages at conversational level, but grade 4 reading level in said languages.

+ | Hunter. Excellent archer, stealth and survivalist. Knows about flora and fauna. Trained by her mom who was a reknown Hunter Prime before becoming Royal Chieftain.
+ | Medium. Shamanic training. Knows rituals, conventions, dreamwalking/interpreting, symbols/sigil, wards and trinket making. Trained by her father who was the First Son of the Shaman Prime Elder.
+ | Soul Bonded. She and Aura have an empathic connection between them. They can sense each other and know how each other are feeling up to 10km apart.


Fire Magic:
+ | Able to ignite his body with flames that radiate out 1m around his body. Can manipulate and move already lit fires up to the size of a wagon fire. Can manipulate and move already available smoke at the same size too. Able to extinguish fires as well.
+ | Immune to fire and extreme heat and smoke inhalation

- | Slowly learns to use fire/smoke for other applications. Just perfected the ability to extinguish fires a few years ago

+ | Royal BodyGuard. knows how to spot and circumvent danger, position himself to protect the Princess, how to fight against armed and animal attackers. Comfortable with wearing armour or weaponry.
+ | Educated Royal. Knows multiple types of cultures and has diplomatic training. And as such has been trained to speak several languages at conversational level, but grade 4 reading level in said languages.

+ | Hunter. Master ambush predator, stealth and survivalist. Knows about flora and fauna. Trained by his family who were reknown Guardians for the entire lineage of the Royal Chieftains of The DeValinz.
+ | Spirit Sense. Like almost all Hengi, he may sense spirits and their overall dispositions. He may also sense Damned and Forbidden Magics.
+ | Soul Bonded. He and Miri have an empathic connection between them. They can sense each other and know how each other are feeling up to 10km apart.

**Convergence Technique: The Chimera


When they Converge their Mana:
+ | The Monstrous Chimera. The pair have been taught to use Body, Spirit and Fire and manifest into a monster. The creature is a spiritual beast that breathes intense smoke and fire. It has diamond teeth and claws that make for devastating weapons. Spines line its mane and it has an studded armoured hide. It has giant bat wings to fly and a deadly, venomous stinger for a tail that causes pain and paralysis. The spines on the tail can be launched like arrows as well. The beast is ferocious, agile and powerful. It has a distinct roar that causes an innate primal fear upon all that are within 30m that hear it.
- | Limitations. The form takes a mnimum of 1 hour of ritual to take place. Once shifted, the form will last 1 min for every hour of time the ritual takes place. So for example, if they do a 2 hour long ritual the form lasts for 2 minutes. They however, cannot break this form early; they will revert to their own forms once the time limit elapses.
**They are still working on this Covergence Magic since this combo shapeshift works only 20% of the time. They must also always appease and be in good standings with the spirits that aid them to shift. The actual process is quite draining and arduous so they will only practice this when they have some real down time and are in a very isolated situation.



+ | Well-Spoken, Considerate and Witty
+ | Driven, Leadership, Family-Oriented
+ | Perceptive, Steel Nerved, Studious
+ | Animal Whisperer, Acrobatic, Musical

- | Arrogant, Entitled, Sarcastic
- | Obsessive, Bossy, Over-protective
- | Curiosity, Impulsive, Has to be Right
- | Prefers Animals, Can't sit still, Nosy


+ | Chatty, Playful and Witty
+ | Considerate, Polite, Protective
+ | Ironwill, Quick Learner, and Hard-working
+ | Daring, Athletic, Intimidating

- | Soft hearted, Rough Play, Culture Shock
- | No concept of monetary value, Vain, Over-protective
- | Stubborn, Curiosity, Suspicious
- | Daring, Show off, Aggressive


∘ | Born into The Clan DeValinz Royalty with her 4 litter sisters and only brother. Miriannia is the eldest of her siblings and thus the heir to the Goblin Chiefdom of the Laer'Dan Tribe in the south east of the Verdantwood Forest. Once her mother deems her worthy or passes away the penultimate title would be hers. Their father is the lead Shaman's son but he played no part in rearing them only training them in all things shamanic.
∘ | Born by her side was her life long Hengi protector, Aura. He was an only child, the others of his litter were sickly and died within a few months. But he was chosen for he literally had fire in his eyes. She and he were imprinted together and would have a Soul Bond between them that would grow as they would.
∘ | Groomed and trained together, she, as a royal Princess and heir, and he, as the loyal and fierce Guardian, the Devalinz Goblin and her bodyguard Hengi lived luxuriously in the forest despite the harsh training. But both were excelling as a royal pair and their bond grew.
∘ | But Miri dared defy her lineage the day she fell in love with another Goblin female from a rival tribe. Of course, Aura protested but of course his protest fell upon deaf ears. These Clans were mortal enemies and they had warred with each other for generations now. They fought over things as serious as food and territory to even petty things as name calling.
∘ | A secret raid upon the rival clan was lead by Miri to prove herself as heir proper to the Chieftain headdress. And she was successful in leading her squad in behind enemy lines. But the opportunity to slay all the heirs of the rival royalty fell short when she realized that amongst their captured was her lover. The other young woman was a princess too!
∘ | Miri could not find it in her to kill the other Goblin; she loved her. Instead she grabbed the other female and fled the scene, never to return. As her loyal Guardian, Aura turned his back on his peoples and family too and fled with them.
∘ | For months the trio made their way across the continent until they finally made it to the southern coast. They boarded a ship to escape to wherever the winds took them. They were however attacked by pirates and captured. They were to be brought to a secret place where they would be sold to the highest bidder.
∘ | But once they made it to the docks, the Princess and her Guardian did their Convergence Rituals and took their Monstrous Chimera form to break out those captured by the pirates horrbile clutches. But sadly in the chaos, they were separated from Miri's lover; she did not know that the Chimera was actually her allies and fled without them.
∘ | Miriannia and Aura have been tracking her down ever since. And so their chase has led them her right into the midst of those others Marked just like her.
∘ | To hide her royal identity, she covers up as much as possible her tattoos and scarrifications. And they go by 'MiMi' and 'Arz' when they travel.

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Name: Kaito Hiroshi
Titles and Nicknames
none acquired

male | 29 | 5' 10" | 165 lbs | raven-black hair | eyes | tanned skin | Athletic build with defined musculature
Japanese | Mana Sphere | Magical Artifact Curator | Hikarimori | Factionless


Your Mark


The Mark of the Divine manifests as a radiant symbol imbued with celestial light, intricately etched into the skin with shimmering golden hues. It resembles a sacred sigil, symbolizing the blessings and favor bestowed upon Kaito by celestial beings.

Located on the center of his chest, just above his heart, the Mark of the Divine serves as a constant reminder of his divine connection and the sacred responsibility entrusted to him.

Kaito feels the presence of the Mark of the Divine most profoundly during moments of intense magical exertion or spiritual communion. When channeling divine energies or tapping into the celestial realm, he experiences a profound sense of serenity and purpose, accompanied by a deep-seated conviction and unwavering resolve. This emotion is akin to a profound sense of reverence and awe, as if he is communing directly with the divine essence imbued within him.

🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques

Shogi magic
Pawns control earth magic
knights manipulate wind
bishops command fire
rooks harness water
the king possesses all elements

the Gold General acts as a stabilizer and enhancer. As it moves, it emits a subtle aura that
resonates with the magical energies on the battlefield, providing a protective buffer against
disruptive effects. This protective field grants adjacent pieces a brief immunity to certain
disruptive forces, shielding them from the chaotic fluctuations of the magical environment.
When strategically positioned, the Gold General can amplify the inherent strengths of nearby
pieces, enhancing their magical capabilities for a limited duration. This enhancement allows
Kaito to capitalize on the strengths of his other pieces, creating strategic advantages amid
the magical tumult. The adaptability of the Gold General lies in its ability to attune itself
to the prevailing magical energies, acting as a stabilizing force in the midst of chaos while
also empowering nearby pieces to navigate the unpredictable battlefield more effectively.

The Silver General, in tune with the dynamic energies of the enchanted Shogi board, harnesses
the essence of shadow. Its nimble movements cast subtle shadows that intertwine with the magical
currents, granting it a unique form of elusive maneuverability. As the Silver General advances,
it can temporarily meld with the shadows, becoming partially incorporeal and thus elusive to
certain magical attacks. This ethereal quality allows the Silver General to navigate through
chaotic magical disturbances with increased resilience. Moreover, when reaching strategic positions,
the Silver General can manipulate the shadows to cloak nearby allied pieces, making them momentarily
difficult to perceive or target by opposing magical forces. This strategic advantage provides Kaito
with opportunities to surprise opponents and create tactical openings amid the magical tumult. By
incorporating the element of shadow, the Silver General becomes a master of elusiveness and misdirection,
contributing to the intricate dance of magical forces on the enchanted battlefield.

The Lance, attuned to the element of sound, serves as a disruptor amid the chaos of the magical battlefield.
Its movements on the enchanted Shogi board release disruptive sonic waves that create pockets of disarray within
the magical energies surrounding the pieces. When the Lance maneuvers into a strategic position, it amplifies its
sonic disruption, causing momentary confusion and discord among nearby enemy magical forces. This disruption may
vary based on the proximity and positioning of opposing pieces, adding an element of unpredictability to the magical
battles. Essentially, the Lance becomes a disruptor in the midst of the chaos, using sound to sow confusion and exploit
openings in the opponent's magical defenses. Its effectiveness relies on Kaito's skill in strategically placing the Lance
to maximize the impact of its sonic disruptions on the ever-changing magical battlefield.



shogi magic, for all sorts of things.



Good Personality Traits:

  1. Determined: Kaito possesses a strong sense of determination, fueling his commitment to mastering Shogi magic and overcoming challenges.
  2. Compassionate: Beneath his reserved exterior, Kaito harbors a deep compassion for others, often lending a helping hand or offering support to those in need.
  3. Analytical: With a keen analytical mind, Kaito excels at strategic thinking and problem-solving, enabling him to navigate complex magical situations with clarity and precision.
  4. Loyal: Kaito values loyalty and steadfastness, forming strong bonds with friends and allies whom he supports and defends unwaveringly.
  5. Adaptable: In the face of adversity, Kaito demonstrates remarkable adaptability, adjusting his tactics and strategies to suit changing circumstances and emerging challenges.
Bad Personality Traits:

  1. Reserved: Kaito's reserved nature can sometimes hinder interpersonal connections, making it challenging for others to fully understand his thoughts and emotions.
  2. Perfectionist: While striving for excellence, Kaito's perfectionist tendencies can lead to self-imposed pressure and frustration when things don't go according to plan.
  3. Self-Critical: Kaito holds himself to high standards and is often self-critical, dwelling on perceived shortcomings or mistakes and sometimes neglecting to celebrate his accomplishments.
  4. Stubborn: At times, Kaito's determination can border on stubbornness, making him resistant to alternative viewpoints or strategies that deviate from his initial plans.
  5. Cautious: Kaito's cautious nature may lead him to hesitate when taking risks or seizing opportunities, potentially missing out on valuable experiences or growth opportunities.


In the bustling city of Hikarimori, Kaito was born into a family with a rich heritage of magical practitioners. From a young age, he exhibited a natural affinity for the intricate art of Shogi magic, spending countless hours studying the ancient texts and honing his skills under the guidance of his parents. Despite his reserved demeanor, Kaito's passion for magic burned brightly, driving him to excel in his studies and master the complexities of enchanted warfare.

As he matured, Kaito's talents caught the attention of the prestigious Hikarimori Academy of Arcane Arts, where he embarked on a journey of higher learning and magical discovery. Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of magical academia, Kaito delved deep into the study of Shogi magic, exploring its nuances and uncovering ancient secrets hidden within the enchanted realm. Alongside his rigorous academic pursuits, Kaito also found solace in the tranquility of the enchanted forests surrounding Hikarimori, where he would often retreat to commune with the elemental spirits and draw inspiration from the natural world.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to protect those he holds dear, Kaito's journey is one of growth, discovery, and self-realization as he navigates the complexities of magical society and unravels the mysteries of his own destiny.



Hikarimori, nestled amidst verdant valleys and majestic mountains, is a land steeped in magical tradition and ancient mysticism. The city itself is a vibrant tapestry of bustling markets, ornate temples, and towering spires adorned with intricate enchantments. Known as the heart of magical academia, Hikarimori is home to the prestigious Academy of Arcane Arts, where aspiring magicians from far and wide gather to hone their craft under the tutelage of esteemed masters.

Beyond the city limits, the enchanted forests of Hikarimori teem with mystical creatures and potent magical energies. Ancient groves of shimmering trees whisper secrets of times long past, while hidden glades serve as sanctuaries for elemental spirits and guardians of the natural world. The land is alive with the essence of magic, its every corner imbued with a sense of wonder and possibility.

Despite its magical splendor, Hikarimori is not without its challenges. The delicate balance of magical forces often teeters on the brink of disruption, requiring constant vigilance and the efforts of skilled practitioners like Kaito to maintain harmony and order. Yet, amidst the trials and tribulations, Hikarimori stands as a beacon of hope and enlightenment, a testament to the enduring spirit of magic that courses through its veins.
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Seneca Mistingdale / The Scholar

"Associate Professor of Demonology (Former)", "The mad hermit of Silverwind Peak", "Demonbinder" , "Witchtongue" , "That crazy bitch who burned down half of the campus summoning an infernal behemoth"

Sex: Female | Age: 87 | Ht: 6'2" | Wt: scrawny | Hair: black | Eyes: one is brown, one is neon green, apparently due to the influence of her mark |Skin: Extremely pale | Body Type: Beanpole
Ethnicity: Elf | Mana Sphere: Outer | Occupation: Hermit Researcher | Homeland: The City of Aetheria | Faction: The Arcane Council (former)

Your Mark

Seneca's mark covers the right side of her face, from her temple down to her cheek bone, with the central, inner pattern manifesting over the surface of her eye. The coloration is bright, neon green. Seneca feels the mark the most when she is engaged in focused, manic intellectual work, especially arcane research. Seneca usually keeps her mark covered with her hair.

🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques

Seneca is proficient in both summoning and warding, although the latter is primarily a supplement to ensure her summoning goes smoothly. She can forge binding contracts with demons, extracting service from them in exchange for payment in the form of mana and she can banish or confine lesser demons who are hostile.

Seneca carries a large, leather bound tome which records the roster of demons she has standing contracts with. Seneca can summon and dismiss these demons at will albeit at the cost of her mana. Any other demon Seneca might want to work with will require negotiating a new contract, which can be an involved and costly process and can be outright impossible if the demon in question is unwilling. Seneca can communicate telepathically with her bound demons to issue orders or receive information.

Seneca can reliably maintain two of her normal summons at once for a period of perhaps a few hours and can manage to maintain three for a short period of a few minutes. Seneca can maintain one summon for an extended period of several hours if necessary, though it would not be a pleasant experience.


The Wretched Tribe: A pack of five, winged imps. They are pathetically weak and small, so much so that they had to forge a contract collectively instead of as individuals, but they are capable of concealing their presence with magic and so are excellent scouts and spies. In combat they can serve as distractions by throwing small stones and shouting jeering insults but they are too cowardly to directly attack.

The Questing Rook: A misshapen: vulture-like demon with; powerful, grasping feet and a sword-like beak full of sharp teeth. The Questing Rook is large and powerful enough to fly while carrying up to two people and it can emit a forceful spray of venomous, acidic bile from its maw. One of its favourite strategies is to blind a foe with its bile, seize them with its claws and drop them from a lethal height.

The Harvest Maiden: A loomingly tall, slender demon of feminine appearance with four arms. Clad in a bone mask, a red robe and armed with four, razor sharp sickles, the harvest maiden is a swift and powerful melee combatant. Able to scythe through lesser foes like wheat before the scythe the harvest maiden can also unleash a wailing scream with a brief, paralytic effect. More powerful foes can resist this effect and it becomes markedly less effective if used in succession.

The Shattered Tyrant: Seneca's most powerful summon, so much so that she can only manifest a fragment of its full might and even that is an exhaustive ordeal. The tyrant manifests as a gigantic arm and hand reaching up from a tear in reality, with eyes at the tips of each finger. Besides crushing opponents with its sheer bulk and strength, the tyrant can fire sustained beams of concentrated, fel energy from each of its five eyes.

Seneca's contract with the tyrant only allows her to summon it once per lunar phase and due to its arrogance it demands all other summons be dismissed before it takes the field. At present Seneca would be unable to do anything else at the same time anyway due to the demands on her concentration and mana.



Arcane Knowledge:
Fully trained by the foremost magical authority in the land, Seneca has extensive knowledge of arcane matters, her expertise is demonology, but she has a purely theoretical understanding of most commonly known branches of magic as well from interacting with her peers and keeping abreast of their research.

Dedicated Researcher: Seneca is highly proficient at combing through vast quantities of information. She is able to quickly sort through and analyse data to zero in on the most relevant and useful points.

Canny Negotiator: Anyone who regularly has to bargain with demons is obliged to quickly master the art of the deal or they are likely to lose their soul. That merchant wont know what hit him.

Esoteric Polyglot: Seneca has learned several ancient or obscure languages in order to study certain texts, including the infernal language of demons. None of these languages are in common use in the present day so they won't be of use in communicating with actual people, but that is of little interest to Seneca anyway.



+Driven, focused, relentless.
+Pragmatic, practical, straightforward
+intellectual, curious, astute
+meticulous, organised, prepared

-blunt, asocial, caustic
-obsessive, self neglectful, sometimes manic
-petty, vindictive, argumentative
-repressed, un-empathetic, cold



Seneca was born to elven migrants to the vast city of Aetheria. Studious, curious and logical from an early age, Seneca seemed destined for a career in academia, sometimes to the bemusement of her parents. Perhaps this pursuit was partially driven by the strange birthmark Seneca saw everyday in the mirror and the odd sensations that sometimes seemed to emanate from it. That very same, highly distinctive marking set Seneca apart from her peers, who regarded her with a combination of unease and ridicule but Seneca taught herself not to be bothered by such trifles, she grew into a focused, slightly cold child uninterested in childish pursuits and opinions.

Seneca's talent for magic manifested early and she demanded proper tutelage in the arcane arts younger than was the norm. Natural talent and an obsessive, meticulous hunger for new knowledge propelled Seneca through her studies at a rapid pace and assured her entry into the hallowed institutions of the Arcane council, first as a student and then as a researcher and finally a professor. Impressive as it was, Seneca's rapid rise through academia left enemies in her wake, jealous and frustrated peers who were further disgruntled by Seneca's generally cold and dismissive attitude towards, well, everyone.

As Seneca burned more bridges and alienated more people they began to conspire against her, restricting her funding and access to important resources and rare texts. It didn't help that, at the same time this was occurring Seneca's research was moving beyond the realm of conventional demonology into more radical, untested ground. Over years Seneca became an increasingly marginalised figure within the council, her reputation transitioning from child prodigy, to eccentric genius, to plain old eccentric.

Seneca didn't care one whit for the opinions of her intellectual lessers, but as they interfered with her funding and access her ability to actually do the research she was passionate about become more and more impeded, infuriating her. Eventually Seneca snapped and resolved to prove the validity of her research and her genius with a live demonstration of a bold new summoning method.

Now because no one would willingly come and observe her demonstration Seneca obviously had to take the initiative and perform it impromptu at college wide assembly of the students and faculty and of course because the ritual invoked a greater infernal there was a certain amount of brimstone, fire and structural damage to the university grounds. Really though the whole thing was blown out of proportion by her detractors who, if they had been paying attention instead of screaming, would have noticed how mana efficient and stable the summoning was!

Alas, genius is never appreciated in its time and Seneca was unceremoniously stripped of her position and title and ejected from the Arcane council. Vowing vengeance and vindication, Seneca disappeared into the Mistveil mountains in search of the solitude that would finally allow her to focus on her research. Eventually Seneca found a suitable location near the peak of Silverwind mountain, setting up a crude laboratory in a convenient cave system. For decades Seneca essentially lived as a hermit, descending only sporadically to the villages at the base of the mountain to trade her arcane services for supplies and equipment. The villagers quickly came to think of her as some kind of mad witch, but unlike her colleagues these yokels had absolutely no ability to interfere in her work and so she happily disregarded them.

For decades Seneca happily, patiently expanded her understanding of magical theory and demonology, charting countless breakthroughs and discoveries that no one else witnessed. Eventually Seneca turned her attention back to the mystery that had started it all for her, the strange mark on her face. Frustratingly, maddeningly even, the mark resisted all attempts by Seneca to unravel its properties. No matter what experiments she performed, no matter what obscure texts she consulted, the mark remained an enigma. For the first time Seneca was stumped.

It was around that time that Seneca began experiencing unusual visions of a stone woman, instructing her to seek out a shaman. It was the kind of thing Seneca might have chalked up as a sleep deprived hallucination but it was also the only clue Seneca had obtained after months of fruitless study. Frustrated but determined, Seneca packed up her modest belongings and descended once more into the wider world in search of answers.



Extra Features; Dark Green eyes, wearing simple clothes of large boots, belt and black pants, duster coat and tan shirt with the sleeves folded halfway up. The overall look conveys civility, oftentimes helping with larger stature. [/I][/COLOR];)}}[/font]

Kal’reigh Silvers / 'The Healer’[/SIZE]

'Doc, Doctor, Medic, The Wandering Healer’

Male | 32 | 6’10’ | 260Ibs | Black Hair | Dark Green Eyes | Green Skin | Muscular Build | Orc | Elemental Sphere | Traveling Doctor | Sunstrider Plains | Silvers Tribe(Former)


Tribal Healing - Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 Recovery

Kal’s mark is located on the back of his right hand, glowing when he utilizes his magic to heal or mend.

🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques

Healing Magic: The ability came to Kal at a young age, immediately earning him the unfortunate fate of witnessing the horrors of warfare. It manifested as Water Magic at first, seeing as how it was commonly used in medical practice. Throughout his years, He discovered its application could be used with various types of magic. This practice of honing his Magical talent, would give him a wide variety of healing abilities. At current time, Kal could use healing magic with; Water, Light, and Air, at near expert levels. While the types of Fire, Shadow were barely up to basics of simple first-aid.



Combative Prowess: His natural strength was one thing, but knowing how to apply and use it was another. He was learning his tribes methods when he was a boy, but has forsaken them as ugly and cruel. His travels often found him among military encampments, and picked up various styles of hand to hand. However, his favorite was of those who called themselves Monks. Their martial ways were agile and flowing, with most of their weapons being non-lethal when used properly. He has been training for years in this form, and has aided him many times in fending off dangerous enemies.

-Languages and Cultures: 20 years of experience in his travels gave him basic knowledge of different languages and cultures. Though vast and many, Kal could at least speak conversationally, and enough to get by a majority of the time. His basic understandings of cultures was helpful in places not used to the sight of Orcish kind.



Despite a large physique of natural muscle, and his resting straight face, Kal is a gentle soul. Years of travel has helped shape him into a character capable of matching his surroundings, if only to survive and keep others around him at ease. At least, enough to not attack him on site. Becoming refined for Elven speech, rougher to maintain relations with a dwarf, and empathetic to beastfolk and others. Humans are the hardest, but he found that wearing clothes of similar design, strangely goes along way. Nonetheless, persecution is almost always imminent, and He will bear it to avoid violence as much he can.



Born to a Tribe of aggressive Orcish, Kal had been unable to keep such hatred and violence in his heart. Nevertheless, his Tribe treated him as any other, no doubt due to his healing capabilities. When he was of 11 years, a combined effort by villages and victims of his Tribe’s violence and a few Alpha Beast-folk, his Tribe was wiped off the map. His life spared by an Alpha who saw the lack of blind violence in his eyes, Kal was told to run, and never reveal his tribal name again. He never looked back once after that.

The next two decades were spent wandering the continent of Aetheria, surviving and learning the languages, adapting to the different cultures he encountered. His innate talent of healing magic opened many doors for him, and he continued to hone that into different types of magic, seeing as different races responded to different types of magic. He made money as a traveling healer, then as an adventurer to help bring in criminals of various degrees.

Upon having a dream, a vision from what he could only suspect as divine, he was branded with a mark of crimson wings on his right hand. Along with his deepest desire being given a magical form, practicing that would be first on his newly given agenda.





Vatumis Winterkin / 'The Trickster'

'The Foolish One’, ‘Murderer’, ‘The White Monk’, ‘Old Long Ears’

Male | 24 | 6’2’’ | 181 lbs | Long White Hair | Bright Blue Eyes | Pale Skin | Athletic Body Type | Elf | Inner Sphere | Wandering Monk | SW Mistveil Mountains | Mistveil Clans (In Exile)


Your Mark


Vatumis’s mark is an eye surrounded by lines, which is normally a dark purple, almost black in color. The mark is located on the right side of his body, just above his hip. When in use the mark glows a bright violet color. He feels the mark the most when he is feeling clever or that he figured something out.

🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques

Body Magic:
+| Vatumis is able to change his features to appear like that of another person. His entire body will alter to resemble whoever he is trying to impersonate.
+| Vatumis can also temporarily transform his limbs into weapons, turning an arm into a mace for example. The limb remains flesh, it just gets stronger and more durable.
-| For Vatumis to replicate someone’s appearance, he must either know them very well or have an extended period of time to observe them. Otherwise the features don’t come in properly and Vatumis looks strange and very easy to pick out in a crowd.
-| Using such transformations drains on Vatumis’s mana reserves. The greater the change, like say switching species, the more mana burn happens. As Vatumis begins running out of mana, his disguise will begin to unravel, eventually just fading back into its natural visage.

Mind Magic:
+| Vatumis is able to picture something and then recreate it in the minds of those nearby, making it appear that the object or creature was really there. The illusions may move around and do complex tasks.
+| Vatumis is able to distort the sense of those around him, making him just appear like anyone else in a crowd.
-| All illusions that Vatumis makes must actually exist in his head as something he has designed. An off the cuff illusion would be smaller and not as convincing.
-| All of Vatumis’s illusions can not actually interact with another being. If an illusion was to try and touch a person they would just pass right through.


+| Martial Artist. Since childhood Vatumis has been trained in both Elven and Dwarven martial arts. While by no means a master, Vatumis is able to defend himself well with both his fists or the bo stick he travels with.
+| Well Read. Part of Vatumis’s lessons were in the classic tales of Archaia. He is easily literate in several languages, though he has troubles with some pronunciations, and is knowledgeable in a variety of fields.
+| Tracking and Foraging. A key skill among the Elves of the north, Vatumis has been trained in both hunting game and in knowing what plants are edible.
+| Stealth. Something Vatumis came into on his own by exploring the monastery, the young Elf would find that he had a gift for getting around unnoticed.
+| Vocal Mimicry. As Vatumis pulled pranks over the years with his Body and Mind magic, he would learn to replicate the voices of others as well as throwing his voice. He can currently replicate almost any sound he hears.


+| Intelligent, studious, focused
+| Quirky, fun, unique
+| Dedicated, hard working, reliable
+| Creative, free spirit, original

-| Childish, juvenile, immature
-| Lack of foresight, impulsive, reactive
-| Self-doubt, inner turmoil, anxiety
-| Lack of empathy, no social awareness, awkward


Centuries ago, a whole tribe of Wood Elves were forced out of their home by rival species, the mostly peaceful Elves not prepared for war. The Wood Elves would head north, ending up in the southwest Mistveil Mountains. There they would try and eek out an existence, making temporary shelters and trying to hunt the few game that existed in the north. In all likelihood they wouldn’t have lasted long, but they received aid from some nearby Dwarves.

These Dwarves would teach the recently arrived Elves how to carve stone and thrive in the cold mountains. In only a few generations the Elves and Dwarves intermingled, forming a new society in the southwestern mountains. Soon a new culture would emerge based on the practices of Dwarves and Elves, one with its own views on things and rules for how to live. The apex of this new society would be the monasteries, places of great knowledge hidden in secret valleys within the mountains.

In recent years the monasteries have remained mostly the same, one of their core rules being that they will take in anyone who is willing to train. This apparently included abandoned children as Vatumis was taken in by them after being left at their doorstep. He was a child conceived out of wedlock, a major issue in this society, so to save face his mother dropped him off at the monastery.

Given the traditional orphan’s family name of Winterkin, Vatumis was taken in as a foundling at the monastery, his story being the same as many other children, save the curious mark he had on his side. From a young age, Vatumis would be the class clown in both studies and training. While he caused many distractions, in truth he was taking in every word said and technique showed. It was just so easy for him that he grew bored and wanted to push the boundaries of the monks of the monastery.

Vatumis’s misbehavior only got worse when his magic manifested. Discovering that he had access to the Inner Sphere, it wouldn’t be too long before he discovered that he could cast minor illusions, messing with his fellow pupils by faking ghosts and mysterious noises. Eventually the older monks caught on and began to chastise Vatumis, but also taking a personal interest in training him in the magical arts.

With the help of a senior monk, Vatumis was able to learn that he could use Body Magic, able to transform his visage to look like the other monks at the monastery. This advanced magical ability at a young age, as far as Elves go, was a source of pride for Vatumis, as he felt much more skilled than the other pupils in his age group.

This would draw the ire of another Elven monk, one who would become a rival to Vatumis. This rival was not a foundling and had instead decided to join the monastery of his own volition as a child. The rival would begin to spread rumors about Vatumis, attempting to turn the other pupils against him. This would prove to work and soon Vatumis was a pariah among the other young Elves and Dwarves of the monastery.

Vatumis would lean into this archetype, pulling many pranks around the monastery. He thought that if he were to be hated, at least he should have fun with it. Using his ever increasing power with Body and Mind magic, Vatumis would mess with everyone from pupils all the way up to the Abbott of the monastery. He would be rescued from expulsion several times by the Abbott, who apparently saw something in Vatumis.

Angry that Vatumis was still around, his rival would start a nasty rumor that Vatumis’s mother was a prostitute and that he was a bastard. This enraged the normally chill Vatumis, who vowed to get back at the rival. So he followed the rival on his morning run outside the monastery, planning to spring a trap.

As the rival passed near a cliff side, Vatumis conjured an apparition of a large dire wolf. The dire wolf would charge at the rival, forcing him to the side of the cliff. The rival would then prepare to fight back with magic, only for Vatumis to dispel the illusion. Laughing at the rival, who’s face was flushed with red, Vatumis was happy. That was until the ground gave way and the rival fell down off the mountain side.

It would take many hours for the monks to find his body, but eventually the rival was discovered dead. Immediately the whole of the monastery turned on Vatumis, people calling him a murderer. Even the Abbott could do little to help, only helping make the local clan leaders view it as an accident. Still, it was a terrible affair, one that resulted in Vatumis in being exiled from his home.

Before he left, Vatumis would be told by the Abbott to search for a purpose, a redemption of sorts. Vatumis would take this advice, and instead of simply heading for the next big city, he decided to wander Archaia. Realizing that he needed to grow up, Vatumis would try and help the people he came across in his travels, in an effort to improve himself as a person.





Rune Everlight/ Cleric-Bard

Dame Everlight or just Rune

Female/NB| 26 y/o | 5'9'' | 128 lbs| Silver eyes| Snow White Hair | Fair skin
Slim-Athletic Build| Human| Elemental Sphere | Crusader | Artheria | Order of the Silver Crusade


Your Mark

Rune's mark sits atop her hand, a luminous symbol etched with ancient significance. It glows with a radiant yellow hue, its brilliance a testament to the arcane energies that course through it. Like a beacon in the darkness, it serves as a constant reminder of her connection to something greater than herself.
She experiences a curious blend of exhilaration and apprehension. A tingling sensation courses through her veins, stirring a mix of excitement and caution. It's a moment that ignites her adventurous spirit while also reminding her of the weight of responsibility she carries. As the glow fades, she's left grappling with conflicting emotions, knowing that the journey ahead holds both thrills and challenges she cannot yet foresee.
🔹 🔹 🔹

Talents and Techniques
With Rune's Elemental sphere, she has the ability to possesses a unique blend of divine magic and bardic spells. Though she has some good knowledge on the elements, her expertise is primarily Light or Divine magic. As a cleric, she heals wounds, cures ailments, and banishes darkness with the power of the divine and her sphere. Rune's musical talents, together with her magic, also allow her to manipulate the very fabric of reality through the power of chants. She can weave enchanting melodies that inspire courage and bolster the resolve of her allies, granting them enhanced strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Likewise, her music can also sow discord among her enemies, disrupting their focus and leaving them vulnerable to attack.
Though this doesn't mean that Rune is no stranger to combat. She possesses skill in dueling, wielding a sword with finesse and agility when the situation demands it. Her training with the Order of the Silver Crusade has honed her abilities in battle, making her a formidable opponent against both mundane foes and supernatural threats.
In addition to her prowess in combat, Rune possesses a silver tongue, adept at diplomacy and persuasion. Her charisma and eloquence allow her to navigate social situations with ease, whether negotiating with allies or convincing adversaries to see reason. Combined with her magical abilities, her silver tongue proves to be a potent tool in achieving her goals.
Rune is a complex individual, her personality shaped by a blend of duty, loyalty, and a dash of irreverence. At her core, she is fiercely loyal to the Order of the Silver Crusade, viewing her role within the organization as both a privilege and a solemn responsibility. Her sense of duty drives her to always put the needs of the order before her own, and she will stop at nothing to defend them and uphold justice.
Despite her dedication to the cause, Rune is far from stoic. She possesses a casual and outgoing demeanor, often using humor and sarcasm to lighten the mood in tense situations. Her laid-back attitude can sometimes be mistaken for irresponsibility, but those who underestimate her quickly learn that behind her easygoing facade lies a sharp mind and a steely resolve.
Despite her admirable qualities, Rune is not without her flaws. At times, her pragmatic approach to morality can border on cynicism, leading her to make decisions that others may perceive as cold or callous. Her tendency to prioritize the greater good over individual concerns can sometimes come across as dismissive or uncaring, causing rifts in her relationships with those who value empathy and compassion above all else. Furthermore, Rune's sarcastic wit and irreverent demeanor may rub some people the wrong way, alienating those who prefer a more serious or diplomatic approach to interactions. Though fiercely loyal to the Order of the Silver Crusade, Rune's unwavering devotion occasionally manifests as blind obedience, as she seldom questions or challenges the motives of the order, even when they may conflict with her own sense of justice.
In essence, Rune is a multifaceted individual, equally comfortable wielding a sword in battle as she is weaving spells of healing and inspiration. With her quick wit, silver tongue, and indomitable spirit, she stands as a shining example of the ideals of the Order of the Silver Crusade.
Rune's story begins in the heart of Ethereal Haven, where her family has long been intertwined with the fabric of the Order of the Silver Crusade. Her father, Sir Thorne, was a revered knight of the order, known for his unwavering dedication to justice and his unmatched skill in combat. From a young age, Rune idolized her father, eagerly absorbing his tales of valor and heroism as he regaled her with stories of his adventures.
Growing up amidst wealth and privilege, Rune wanted for nothing, her every need attended to by a retinue of servants. Yet, despite the opulence that surrounded her, she yearned for something more, a sense of purpose that eluded her amidst the trappings of her luxurious upbringing. It was in the halls of the order's stronghold that she found her calling, drawn to the noble ideals of justice and righteousness that the order espoused.
As she grew older, Rune's natural talents as both a healer and a musician became apparent, her soothing melodies and gentle touch bringing comfort to those in need. Under the guidance of her father and the other knights of the order, she honed her skills, training tirelessly to become a worthy member of their ranks.
But Rune's path was not without its trials. As tensions within the order began to rise, fueled by rivalries and competing ambitions, Rune found herself torn between loyalty to her family and her own sense of justice. When her father's reputation was called into question by jealous rivals, Rune was forced to confront the harsh realities of the world she had so idealized, grappling with doubts and insecurities that threatened to shatter her faith in the order.
Yet, through it all, Rune remained steadfast in her convictions, refusing to abandon the principles that had been instilled in her since childhood. With determination and courage, she faced down her adversaries, proving herself time and again on the battlefield and earning the respect of her fellow knights.
And though her journey has been fraught with challenges and uncertainty, Rune continues to walk the path laid out before her, guided by the timeless values of honor, duty, and sacrifice that have come to define her as a member of the Order of the Silver Crusade.




🔹 🔹 🔹

The Huntress
“The Oath Breaker”

Female | 28 | 170cm - 5’7’’ | 67kg - 147lbs | Broken White | Red | Pale | Slender
White Wolf Bestial | Outer Sphere | Solitary Huntress | The Verdantwood Forest | Factionless

🔹 🔹 🔹



Noir’s mark resembles a wolf's head, located at the back of her right ear. Its color is black when not active, but will glow in dark blue once activated. Noir feels her mark most intensely when she is in the thrill of hunting.

🔹 🔹 🔹
  • Noir is a complex creature, having both the fierce independence of the untamed wilderness and the cunning resourcefulness required to survive within it. She roams the forest as a solitary hunter, valuing freedom and autonomy above all else. However, her independence also breeds a certain level of distrust towards others, particularly humans or beings from civilized lands, whom she sees as threats to her way of life. This wariness extends to forming attachments, as she is wary of relationships that could potentially be used against her.

    Noir's loyalty though, once earned, is unwavering, underscoring her capacity for deep connections despite her initial distrust. Though she is not easy to trust and fiercely independent, she is not cold; she treats others with respect, recognizing the value of mutual understanding. Her cautious nature arises from a deep-seated instinct for self-preservation, a trait honed by her solitary existence in the wild.

    Noir is deeply in tune with her animalistic instincts and primal nature. She embraces the thrill of the hunt and the freedom of the wild, reveling in her role as a predator within the ecosystem. She follows her instincts more than her heart when making decisions, relying on her wits to outsmart everyone.

    While Noir respects the natural world and strives to live in harmony with her environment, she can also be aggressive and territorial, fiercely defending her hunting grounds against intruders. This territorial behavior stems from her deep connection to the land and her instinctual need to protect her territory and resources. However, Noir also acknowledges her place within the larger ecosystem, taking only what she needs from the land and viewing herself as an integral part of the natural world.

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