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Fandom Creepypasta, dark, slow burn, romance: Killers in the Dark (mxm)


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Killers in the dark - slow burning, lore heavy, canon creepypasta, gay romance.

Ships: mxm, Jeff the killer/Eyeless Jack/a human. Found family trope with any other creepypastas. In this scenario, you rp as a regular human. (male only.)

The Mythos- that's how the humans call them. Myths are and have always been here, lurking through mirrors and dark forests, searching for prey to feast upon.

They're vicious, enraged like rabid animals, hunting humans down and slaying them to feast upon the screams.

Too bad, then, that the humans have caught on: figuring out where they laid their lair. In 2004, the mansion was burned to the ground, creepypastas captured and experimented upon, and the others hunted down like pests.
There's only a few of them left, now, laying low alone and scared, starved of food and shelter, running like mice from a cat.
Humanity has won.

However, when [your regular human oc] finds one of them chained up in their uncle's basement, they wonder who's the real monster now. Determined to find out what happened, the weak, grey-skinned murderer has to accept the human's help, because no amount of coping with thirty years of trauma and starvation is going to get him up on his feet quick enough to find the others: and they're searching for a man who used to be young, scarred, raven haired and alone, last time they met.

It's now 2027, the world has changed, humans also have changed- and it's time to find out who the fuck led the humans through Slender Forest. Specifically: did Jeff betray them all?

THE SLOW BURN I'M LOOKING FOR IS JEFF X EJ !! I won't ship your OC unless he's THIRTY YEARS OLD OR MORE, since the gang is in fact fourteen years older than normal (all teens in the mansion era except Slender). The OC HAS TO BE A HUMAAAAAN. at least at first. I will allow polyamory with your OC if it's just as much of a slow burn. I can also accept other canon pairings.

I'd love someone over the age of 18 (gore/adult topics but no smut whatsoever), who can English good, will write often (unless stuff happens) and just generally isn't a meanie. If you're not over 18, be aware I am 21.
I usually roleplay on discord.

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