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Nation Building Create and Own a Country game/rp


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Generally, the rules vary among the RPs, because of different concepts, settings or just different hosts. General rule of thumb is to not be a dick, give others Chance to play too and don't bloat your nation with stupid or ridiculous statistics and things, if nto all, then at least majority of your advantage should come from your own intelligence and skill.
Gotcha thx I just wanted to know limitations and such ya know :3 how and who do I submit my nation to ?
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Back after a year! Hello again!
If you join us, you create a country, an area for the country, trade with others, have wars, and maybe even merge or Ally with others! You control your country’s ideals, race, religion, work, and everything like that. Join us and have fun!

1. War IS allowed
2. Feelings may be hurt, but no hard feelings, k?
3. NO complaining or Undos/Redos, you can’t do this in real life either anyway.
4. I MUST confirm the race you will use for your custom country
5. Stay aware of rule adding/changing
Hey! Is this still a thing?

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