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Hircus Hornbrow
!!! UPDATE !!!
We would like to add another Hunter to the team. Please add your character idea below. So far we have a Mundane, Monstrous, Expert and Spell Slinger. Some moves have been borrowed from other playbooks via level ups, but there are lots available. Feel free to use the additional playbooks found here.

We are on Season 1 Episode 2 heading to Northeast Pennsylvania.

We have moved the game entirely to Discord because the conversational nature of the game makes RpN posts very difficult to keep up with. I look forward to your ideas!!


Title: Knock on Wood
Game: Monster of the Week
Player Count: Let's start with 4

This is important! We will create the world together! I have some ideas about the direction I want to go, but one of the most appealing things for me about MotW is that we work together on the stories. I want to give you all a setting and a direction, but the lore and details we will design together. My abstract inspiration will be pulled from the many horror and fantasy tropes that I love. Certain concepts will come from books like American Gods or The Great and Secret Show. I have a real connection to the places and nostalgia in Stranger Things. I love to laugh and wonder at the crazy theories in the radio show Coast to Coast AM. These are the things I have been thinking about as I dream up the loose cloud of vapor that is going to be our back to back binging of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Doo, Supernatural, X Files, etc.

The title "Knock on Wood" implies my overall theme of luck and superstition. I want these things to be the inspiration for my monsters. Manifestations of the things that can go wrong when the superstitious forget to knock on wood or throw salt over their shoulder or don't step on the crack or whatever rituals we perform to ward off the scary consequences of life. Of course, a little magic will be involved to amplify these consequences incarnate.

I don't want to take it too seriously, so I am very open to humor and having a good time. I do want it to be scary and full of big bad baddies. Expect that you will learn to love an NPC and they will die at the hands of a monster and it may be your fault or you may have to explain it to their parents or better yet the cops or a priest or a half-awake diner waitress.

I want it to be set in the nineteen eighties. I am nostalgic for that time, but it also avoids the "Google it" or "Call them on my iPhone" cheating. You might have to actually research things in a library! oooh maybe that library will be in a nice old ladies basement and it might be filled with ancient demonic tomes and she might scold you if you spill your cocoa or drop fig newton crumbs on the 2000 year old manual of magical monster traps.

Oh, and expect a good bit of road tripping. We will be the A-Team of chupacabra choppers.

Character Creation:
We are going to talk a lot about this in Discord before we begin. It will be important to get our character's backstories connected so that we can be the team of monster muggers we were born to be. If you don't own the book that's ok. There is a lot of info about the game online. The different "classes" are called playbooks in MotW. These playbooks can be found on the Evil Hat website for free download. You are a Hunter and I am the Keeper. The free resources are all you NEED to play the game, but the book is so fun to read that I highly recommend picking it up and supporting the Publisher. If you can't swing it no worries! I can give you the info that you need as we play.

Other Details:
I am a total newb at running this game. If you have played before or you have a better grasp of a concept in the book please feel free to correct me! The rules are pretty simple, so I doubt there will be much of a learning curve for any of us. You will have a great deal of flexibility with how you affect this world we are going to build.

Here is what I am looking for from potential players! I want you to choose one of the playbooks in the resources section of the MotW site. Please describe to me your reason for choosing this playbook and a rough sketch of the character you might want to play. I am looking for posts daily and regular activity in the Discord channel. The pace will be moderate. I have free time in the evenings between 8-11 and that is when I will be the most active, although you should expect to get quick answers to questions and requests randomly throughout the day. I live on the East Coast of the US (EST), so it may be best to be within a few timezones of me. I am not a great writer, so I won't demand that of you, but please do your best to bring this world to life. Lastly, I want you to really enjoy this with me! I think it's going to be awesome!
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My introduction to Monster of the Week-style stories was largely from Scooby Doo, and then later Stranger Things and The Adventure Zone.

My character is Erik Clairborne, and he is the Mundane. I like the idea of Erik having recently graduated high school, and taking a gap year to drive around the country and visit national parks before going off to college. It's been about 7 weeks since he set out, so he could realistically be anywhere in the country. He's out to experience the world outside of his home city, and in doing so stumbles upon monsters everywhere he turns.

Charm+2, Cool-1, Sharp+1, Tough+1, Weird 0

The moves I'm taking for Erik are: Always the Victim, The Power of Heart, and Don't Worry, I'll Check it Out. He actively goes looking for the weird stuff, and sometimes it gets him in trouble. Not to worry though, because he always seems to have something to help his rescuers actually rescue him.

His gear includes: a pocket knife, a small handgun, and the van he drives around in.

At Level 2 he takes the Mundane move What Could Go Wrong?
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Alright then, here comes version 2.0.

So, Selene's parents, still hippydippy, were very sheltering and preferred that she learn all of her values and morals from them and not the big scary world that loves nuclear deterrence and class-action lawsuits. But they were fine with T.V. and the radio and especially fine with books. So she read a lot. A whole lot. For years. She got a good head-start too, reading was basically instinct. She went to school, graduated, then, having read so many books, decided she'd try and write one instead, and what's a better form of inspiration than travel? So she's been taking trains and Greyhound's and even a bit of hitchhiking. So she's wandering the US, visiting museums, art galleries, landmarks, and historical sites. But lately she's been feeling like something's out there, something spooky and unfriendly.

So, this particular kid is a Expert, with Often Right and Preparedness as the extra moves. Her haven is the magical world of books, and her key to the gate is her library card, so, as in her youth, as a young lady, her haven is the Lore Library.

She has, in her fashionable rucksack, a Juju Bag full of little oddities, a Magical Dagger she bought in a flea market, and a Mallet and Wooden Stakes, from a tent she lost.
Stats are Charm 1, Cool -1, Sharp +2, Tough +1, Weird 0
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Erin Rose the Spell Slinger doesn't recall being given a prophecy when she was young, nor did she inherit her powers from an ancestor who was spoken of in secret: She borrowed a book from the school library during her brief goth phase, "Practical Witchcraft", and practiced until the spells worked. Huh.

Erin was an average student otherwise and has put off her college for a couple years to see the country and get some perspective. Her clothes are often rumpled from sleeping on the go and has tired, weary eyes from a continual lack of sleep. Even without her defensive magics (formed into a Missile or Wall, with Force added), she still keeps her Ritual Knife handy.

After a few more cheap mass-produced magical books, Erin has Advanced Arcane Training and somehow developed an Arcane Reputation. After careful perusal of a book on spiritual sight, she also has the Third Eye.

If you'd like to be friends, well, she wouldn't turn down a nice cup of coffee. Or maybe that cheap magic paperback over there?

Erin's ratings are Charm+1, Cool=0, Sharp+1, Tough-1, Weird+2
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