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Character Creation Guide for Robotech: Broadsword


Kaerri's Man. =)
This is the method I used, complete with all of my little extras and twists. Enjoy and have fun! (Last updated on 13th November, 2019).

1. Develop a character concept, a personality, someone you would like to roleplay. Begin with things like alignment, race (human, Zentraedi, or both), ethnic background, age, gender, history, personal background, family, and the like. Get to know this character a little at a time. Let him or her grow on you. I have learned it is nice to make a character that has some trait that you admire or respect. Somehow it makes this process more fun. But in the meantime, have fun with it while taking your time. After all, it's a game not a job. =)

1a. Answer this list of In-Character Quiz (answer from your character's perspective). From question 1, this will help flesh out the character a bit more. Enjoy! =)
In-Character Quiz

1. Describe your butt. (Small? Flat? Round and healthy? Be honest!)
2. List your close family with a heartfelt description of each.
3. Discuss your favorite mecha and why it is your favorite.
4. Discuss our least-favorite mecha along with your reasons.
5. Describe one of your favorite meals and why you like it.
6. What was the last song you really enjoyed?
7. If you could visit anywhere in Florida, where would it be?
8. If you could get a kiss from anyone, anywhere, who would it be?
9. If you could mind-control all of the Malcontents, what would you have them do?
10. Write down whatever is on your mind.

2. Select your Attributes from the following list:
Character base attribute selections
Things to know:
1. All I.Q., M.E., P.S., and P.E. scores were increased to a minimum of 12 to qualify for the O.C.C.s.
2. All P.P. scores with the exception of High Dexterity were increased until they provided a bonus (I rolled a d4 until the attribute went above 16). High P.P. will be necessary.
3. Each player may choose one of their eight scores to increase to 18. I like the idea of the player having the choice of a second attribute to further color and benefit their chosen character.

Brainy: I.Q. 21, M.E. 15, M.A. 14, P.S. 15, P.P. 17, P.E. 12, P.B. 13, Spd 15.
Strong-willed: I.Q. 12, M.E. 24, M.A. 13, P.S. 12, P.P. 19, P.E. 14, P.B. 15, Spd 14.
Charismatic: I.Q. 16, M.E. 14, M.A. 23, P.S. 12, P.P. 19, P.E. 13, P.B. 15, Spd 15.
Physically Strong: I.Q. 13, M.E. 14, M.A. 11, P.S. 24, P.P. 17, P.E. 17, P.B. 16, Spd 16.
High Dexterity: I.Q. 14, M.E. 15, M.A. 9, P.S. 12, P.P. 22, P.E. 12, P.B. 13, Spd 23.
Great Endurance: I.Q. 12, M.E. 18, M.A. 11, P.S. 14, P.P. 19, P.E. 24, P.B. 12, Spd 14.
Good Looking: I.Q. 12, M.E. 12, M.A. 17, P.S. 13, P.P. 17, P.E. 15, P.B. 23, Spd 11.
Quick-footed: I.Q. 12, M.E. 12, M.A. 11, P.S. 16, P.P. 19, P.E. 13, P.B. 11, Spd 29.

3. Choose your dice and either roll percentile for your character's Special Aptitude (using percentile or d100) for ask me to roll for you. See Robotech: Shadow Chronicles, page 50, for details on the Special Aptitude Bonus list. =)
Special Aptitude rolls! We have a dice roller again, but some of our players don't trust it. If you like, I'll roll for you. Just select a color (from Shop Talk, "Dice are Nice..."). You can change the color of your dice by letting me know you want to switch.

The Special Aptitude Bonuses are...
01-10% Sure Shot: +2 to strike with all types of projective and energy weapons, from pistols to energy rifles to weapons used by mecha and spaceship cannons. Furthermore, the usual penalties for being off balance, moving, etc., are half. Does not apply to missiles.
11-20% Natural Battloid Ace: +5% to Pilot Battloid skill and +8% Speciality Battloid Piloting (one specific non-transformable mecha which the character pilots better than any other). Also +1 on initiative, +1 to parry, and +1 to pull punch when piloting any type of non-transformable battloid.
21-30% Natural Veritech Ace: +5% to Pilot Veritech skill and +7% to Speciality Veritech Piloting (one specific Veritech which the character pilots better than any other; his or her favorite). Also +1 on Perception Rolls, +1 to dodge, and +1 to roll with impact when piloting any type of transformable mecha.
31-40% High Perception and Solid Gut Instincts: +1D4 on Perception Rolls. Roll 1D4 once when the character is first created in front of the Game Master to Determine what this bonus is from that time forward.
41-50% Quick Reaction Time: +1D4 on initiative. Roll 1D4 once in front of the Game Master when the character is first created to determine what this bonus is from that time forward.
51-60% Naturally Strong: +1D6+3 to P.S. attribute and +1 to pull punch.
61-70% Fast Learner and Jack of Many Trades: Select one extra M.O.S. but without benefit of the usual bonuses for it.
71-80% Quick Reflexes: +1 attack per round and +1 to dodge.
81-90% Fearless: Dannigan Note: I've changed this one as it normally adds only to Horror Factor ("Fearless: 81%-90%). At this stage, I don't imagine we'll be using Horror Factor much (if at all), so if someone rolls that, instead of adding +1d4+2 to save vs. Horror Factor, I will instead add the result of that roll to the PC's Mental Endurance Attribute.
91-100% Charismatic/Charmer: +1D4+2 to M.A., this character is especially likable and affable.

4. Select an O.C.C. (Occupational Character Class). Message me and we will discuss which path of life you would like your character to walk. O.C.C.s already in the game include A.T.A.C. Hover Tank Pilot, Veritech (Valkyrie) Pilot, and T.A.S.C. Veritech Pilot. (Marine) Mechanized Infantry is also in (in my game gets 2 "O.C.C. Related" skills at first level instead of zero, not counting step 5 below for a total of 4.). I'm confident I can find an O.C.C. to fit most characters. If you have one in mind, let me know.

4a. I provide all combat Mecha pilots the Navigation, Sensory Equipment, and Weapon Systems skills free of charge (if they are not already included in their O.C.C. package). Any Pilot Related percentage bonus from "Other O.C.C. skills" (if any) is added to these skills. Why? Because I honestly don't believe any combat mecha pilot can do the job without these skills.

5. Add two extra "O.C.C. Related" skills to your character. Also, select your skills from any of the Skill Categories (adding O.C.C. Related percentage bonuses if you have any).

5a. If your character wants to go beyond Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Commando, or Assassin, your character may select a Dedicated Martial Art at the cost of one or two "O.C.C. Related" or "Secondary" skills. See "The Martial Way - Allowed Systems (The Two Tiers)" for current options. Dedicated martial artists have many edges over the non-dedicated. Want a martial system that isn't available? Let's talk. =)

6. Time for more dice rolls. Roll hit points, S.D.C., and any Attribute bonuses provided by your character's O.C.C., M.O.S., or skill selections. Note: Concerning hit points, I allow maximum hit points at 1st level (6 + P.E. Attribute). Also, roll results of one on the d6 may be rerolled (not just counted as two) for every level of experience the character attains after the 1st.

7. Add up all of your combat bonuses in and out of your character's mech(a). Some players also enjoy keeping a spoiler or two on future bonuses gained by experience (say from hand to hand skills and Mecha Elite Combat Training).

8. Equipment and money will be provided to the character. If you have any special requests, this is the time to make them. Special requests often include optional weapons or armor, nifty non-combat items, or unusual trinkets that somehow add to your character.

9. Post the character in the Character section. Use replies to that thread to decide future skill selections and Attribute gains. I will give your character a thorough check prior to play. I am looking for accuracy and completion.

10. Enjoy the process of bringing something very cool and longlasting to life. Also enjoy being around like-minded people who are just as thrilled to be involved in it as you! =)
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