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Chapter VII: Revelations


Kaerri's Man. =)
Auri Grashaal the Insatiable

- Drakkar Ambassador to Asgard -

Auri moved protectively near Dina in case more than harsh language was thrown her way. Above all, he kept calm. "Well, you won't know the facts if you continue to speak over them, that's for certain," he told anyone who would listen. In the meantime, he used his huge armored body to intervene between Dina and anyone who came too close. "Do you think closed minds and open mouths will pull us all out from under the yoke of the Sorceress? Or will wiser heads prevail?"

Wolf Rawrrr

Date: October 11th (Saturday), year 3321
Location: Tyr's Retreat, Darkvale Mountains
Weather: A clear and cold Autumn day.

Around 18:00 h
The Great Hall, Tyr's Retreat

The man with whom Maggie had been trying to reason with, a tall, finely dressed nobleman from the north, was just in the process of explaining to her why such a thing couldn't be proven when he was suddenly interrupted by a loud, crushing sound. The same sound that interrupted Auri while he was trying to give Dina some relief and temper the hotheaded remarks that had been coming her way.

Within a second, the entire great hall was dead quiet. One by one, people's eyes converged on the source of the disturbance, coming to realize that a certain dwarf had leapt out of the crowd (sans battle cry) and struck the floor with his greataxe. Long, twisting cracks in the tiled stone spread out from the point of impact.

"I am a Runemaster of Knalga," he said. "'Twere my people who toiled to set these stones that you lot be usin' now to quarrel upon - spittin' in the face of friend and ally alike, while our enemies grow stronger! I won't be havin' it."

Silence continued for a few more moments until Knight-Commander Natalis spoke again: "There will be no quarrel. This girl has laid a claim on the throne of Asgard before all of us as witnesses, and before us, here and now, her claim will be proven true or false - in the same way that such claims have always been resolved, since time immemorial."

"But how? The Amulet is lost to us!" someone shouted from the back.

This time it didn't turn into a heated discussion. All eyes remained on Natalis, who unexpectedly turned his back on the crowd and approached the throne to pick up the small wooden box that had sat there all this time. With the flat, unremarkable-looking container securely held in both hands, he faced the rest of the room once again and declared loudly: "The Amulet of Kings is not lost! It was recovered from Alicante, even as the city burned and demons poured through the palace gates!"

With that, Natalis opened the box and took out the Amulet - a round piece of jewelry just big enough not to quite fit into the palm of an adult human, like a large, thick coin; except it was made of some black metal, as dark as obsidian, aside from the silver lining and the silver chain that it was attached to. The glint of firelight betrayed some symbol or pattern across the medallion's dark surface, but what exactly it was could not be discerned from afar.

For the moment, Natalis said nothing else.

Behind him, Violet looked relaxed and curious, much like Dina who eyed the amulet up close with silent wonder. Wonder was written on the faces of most, mixed with awe, for even though few in that room were likely to have ever laid eyes upon the Amulet of Kings, everyone knew what it was by reputation: An ancient relic that's been in the possession of House Tenárus from before Men came to Asgard, predating any of the official royal symbols such as the Gryphon Crown. It was said that the Amulet could tell who was of the royal bloodline and who was not, though none of the Chosen could say how exactly it did that. Until today, it was thought to have been lost when the Sorceress seized the capital.

Apparently, that wasn't the case.

Wolf Rawrrr

"Dina Ailsa," Natalis called out, facing her with the amulet still dangling off its chain in his hand. With the other he produced a long, ornamental dagger, likely to everyone's surprise.

"Your claim is made, but only your blood can answer the challenge it poses." He offered both to the girl, the dagger and the amulet. At the same time, he paid some heed to Maggie. "May we have your assistance as well?"

Dina stood motionless, her eyes glued to the two items before her.

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