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Fantasy Changelings

"My name is Kennedy." Oh shoot, what was her new last name.... uhhh, oh no it was Ainsley. That was pretty Irish. What was a catholic last name? Or, no, she said she was from Bethlehem. Cohen? Sure. "Kennedy Cohen. What's yours?"
(Kennedy, by the way, is an Irish name. He may or may not know that, depending on how into Irish stuff he is.)
(He's not very well versed in Irish stuff lol)

"Sveni," He answered as the manager began ringing up and voiding the boots for them. Sveni thought for a moment. What else mattered when you were on the run? "How old are you?"
Uhh... she tried to subtlet glance at herself in the reflection of the window. Would it be better to say she was younger so wanting to get out of the system was more believable, or older so he wouldn't freak out. 16 was a happy medium, but she didn't want to tell the truth.
"Uh, 15? I'm 15."
"You don't sound certain," Sveni commented, giving Kennedy a skeptical look, "Are you 15?"
"Yeah, I just had a birthday recently. Had to do the math."
She was lying so much. The last time she had lied before this she was 11. Now every other breath was false. Why did it come so easily? It made her feel itchy, how comfortable she was with lying.
"Aren't you a little young for forgetting your age?" He asked with a chuckle, "Well, either way. I gotta get bait too. When we get outside why don't you put your new boots on?"
She nodded and followed him outside. She put the boots on and picked up Brennigan, stroking him. But that brought back too many memories she couldn't process right now, so she quickly- almost conspicuously- put him down and pushed back the emotion.
"You ready then?" Sveni asked when Kennedy put the cat back down. He nodded for her to follow and began the ten minute walk to the hunting and fishing store. The store itself smelled like wood dust and something stale. He quickly picked out his supplies and paid and took Kennedy back to the woods as before, "Alright, So first, watch your step. And if you smell anything weird, say something."
"It is dirt and plants.." Sveni said rubbing his face. This was going to be long. He supposed that if it became too much, he could change his face and start over somewhere else. But then there would be some helpless girl in the middle of the woods, all alone. It just wouldn't sit right on his conscience.
"Ok? I used to garden and grow plants in the ap-house, but the smell wasn't everywhere, just in the planting beds... I like it though, the smell and the plants."
How were her plants doing without her? They were probably dying of thirst... no, it had only been what, 2 or 3 days? Still...
"Well, good. It's gonna be very prominent out here," Sveni said with a nod before starting the hike back to camp. He didn't want to take too long getting back and end up having to make camp out here for the night. He made sure to keep a slow pace, so Kennedy could keep up. It would be a few hours until they got back. Sveni only hoped Kennedy could handle the walk.
"Ah.. Well, I think," Sveni pondered the questioned, "I think his cat instincts will kick in. He won't ever get lost. Lose you, maybe, but I think He'd find his way back to camp, once he'd used to bein' there."
"Ok," she said nervously. He did have a drop of fairy blood in him, and black cats were lucky, but that didn't mean he could survive inherantly. "Thanks. Oh! I also bought seeds to start a garden somewhere. I'm really good with plants."
"Oh, Are you? That's nice. What did you get?" Sveni asked. Maybe she wasn't going to be totally helpless. And a variety in his diet might be nice. Sveni thought about where they might put a garden. He'd be better off making another platform for it, to keep wildlife off it.
"I bought them from Hannafords, in Morrisville, with the last of my money. I bought 2 packets of carrots, 1 packet of green beans, 1 packet of cabbage, 1 packet of strawberries, and 1 packet of potatos." Dang it! She hadn'tmeant to tell him she had used the last of her money. It wasn't reallyyy the last, she could probably find something to do with her shapeshifting. Stealing was the only thing that came to mind. But there were other things!
Sveni listened to the list of seeds his new companion had bought, paying no attention to the botched detail, "Oh, a nice little variety. Cucumbers wouldn't be bad, but I know someone who can get them for free."
"What kind of life skills do you have?" Sveni asked as they hiked along, watching for hidden markers along an invisible path. There's that tree. That pile of rocks. The broken, rotten canoe. Though it seemed like they were wandering aimlessly, Sveni knew exactly where they were and where they were heading, having noted the land markers on his trip out.
"Well, Sounds like normal thing for a 15 year old to be interested in," Sveni thought out loud, "Are you any good?"
"With the h-fiddle? Decent. I love music. I sing more, though." That was a lie. She played the harp more. But if she was asked to play the violin, she could. Same with the flute or bagpipes. If he tested her abilities, though, she couldn't be shown a liar. And she would absolutly not admit that she played the harp or bagpipes. That would be crazy.
"How long have you been playing?" He asked, "I mean.. fiddle, you gotta practice a while to be good right? Pretty good discipline. Shows a lot of promise."
"Oh, gosh. A while now. I think since I was 8, maybe? Then I picked up more instruments over the years." Shoot! She said she only played the fiddle and sang! Maybe he wouldn't notice? Gah! She looked up, looking for birds as she always did when stressed. "Hey, look at that! That's an eagle! They're rare up here." Plsase be distracted, please be distracted!

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