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Fantasy Changelings

"Catholics," she responded carefully. She was pretty sure that would hold up for a jewish person, but if he was fae he would know right away what she meant. "They say... I'm a witch." She was pretty sure catholics used to call all kinds of minorities witches, so she could still claim to be Kennedy if she had to backtrack.
Sveni frowned at the answer. He didn't trust it. It felt fake, "Dont lie to me.. I can't keep you safe if you play it down. And if it's worse, it could be both our lives. I don't have any reason to harm you, or fear you, but if something or someone is trying to find you for any reason that isnt.. human.. you need to tell me. Right. Now."
She was pretty sure he was a changeling. She paused for a moment, sighed, and dropped Kennedys face. "My name is Seanait Elfrun. His is Brennigan. My parents were murdered by fairy hunters and my brother is missing. The fairy hunter who killed my parents saw my tell. I'm from Boston and I got here by bus and hitchhiking, I didn't get lost." She shrugged, then pulled out her phone and presented the article about her family she found. She reassumed Kennedys face, since she felt safer hiding her identity, just in case some passer-by saw her. Her face was probably on news nation-wide. "Also I speak Gaelic fluently and don't know a thing about Judaism."
Sveni took in the information and nodded, "Alright. Well, in that case, I will teach you how to use animal forms.. well.. sort of. It'll help hide your scent." He closed his eyes, focusing for a moment. His face changed to resemble a fox, though his body was still humanoid from the neck down. His once lightly tanned skin grew red and brown fur and his tell, a fox red tuft of matt-locked fur behind his left ear.

"Keeps you warmer too," He said, this form donning a more Scottish accent, "It'll make trackin' ye wee bit harder. You'll smell like an animal."
"So you're a changeling too? Do you know how I can find my brother?" Unbidden, tears started bubbling to the surface, though she forced them down. Someone who might understand!
"Not without knowing him," He admitted, "But there's a chance he can be found. If the hunter chased you, your brother mightve gotten away."
She shook her head, shoulder shaking. "I don't know what happened. And he was out with friends at the time. All I know is he doesn't answer his phone and the news says he's missing, pressumed dead. But they say the same thing about me."
(Sorry, I'm too tired and emotionally frayed to write her being upset right now.)
(Its all good)

"If he was out," Sveni hummed, "He probably thinks you're dead too. I think the chances of him being.. well.. it's slim."
She looked down, fighting the dark monster rearing its head inside her that told her he was dead. "No. He's alive. He has to be." But what if the Hunter hung around? Or saw the family pictures and tracked him down? Or tortured him? "No. He's ok."
"I'm sure he's looking for you too," Sveni mentioned, "Hoping he will find you alive and safe. He's welcome here if we find him."
She nodded. "His name is Niall... we're practiclly opposites, but still close. That's why he was out, he's much more outgoing than I am. He w-is an actor. We were going to do a musical together. I would play the music offstage and he would act. I don't play the fiddle, by the way. I mostly play the harp, and sometimes the bagpipes or flute. I do know how to play violin and several other instruments, but not the fiddle."
"I dont know the difference, so that's ok," Sveni joked, "I wouldnt have known any better anyway."

He thought for a moment. It meant that their walk back was traceable for a while. They'd be sitting ducks if they stayed here too long, "Well, were gonna have to move camp. Sometime when it warms a little. Boston.. thats. East of here? Ish? If we head that way a bit we might have a better chance at finding Niall."
"Ummm... Vermont is above Massachusetts on the map? I think. I never really payed attention. Is it safe to go closer to them? Oh, and his tell is a birthmark on his hand, though I think he would cover it with makeup. I would have gotten brown contacts if I could afford them." She knew he was a changeling, but didn't want to share his tell. It would be impolite at best to share his tell without permission. At worst, traitorous. And besides, the less he knew the less could be tortured out of him. She wouldn't share her brothers greatest secret with a stranger.
"I didn't really pay that much attention either," He admitted, "I just remember them both being it the corner all crammed into a tiny space. It may not be entirely safer, but we also have until spring for things to kinda of turn stale."
"Get some rest, I'll start teaching you to take more animal forms when you wake up," He said, "Lot of information that needs to settle on the mind before we can focus on that. "
She nodded and crawled into bed, but spent the night between wakefulness and dreams, nightmares tearing at her as she sought rest and weariness sapping her as she sought respite. In the morning, she awoke and felt as if she had only slept a few hours. Bradigan was laying on her and purring, so she stayed where she was.

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