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  2. If you're taller than me, I'll fight you
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  3. wow low hanging fruit
  4. Omfg I don't need face palms this late in the day
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  5. it hasn't even been an hour you guys, chill pls
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  6. I'm chill. What are you talking about.
  7. I'm excited! I'm going to wait for @n i h i l s m to post a CS first because idk. It just feels polite to let the creator make the first sheet? I dunno. Is this just like, a weird thing I'm making up or am I right to say that it's polite to let the creator of the RP make the first character post? This was just supposed to be a quick checking in message not a question about roleplay etiquette heck.
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  8. bruh if you're going to wait for me to make a cs you might as well wait for the ice caps to refreeze.

    nothing rude about posting a cs first, have at it friend
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  9. Ah okay, I shall then! I don't know why the heck it didn't tag you but that is life today I guess. I'll make some code first though.
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  11. Why thank you! your character looks like she will be absolute EPICNESS!
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  12. Aww thanks. I was gonna make an alternative character to, but I noticed that ive been making A LOT of those. Im trying to create some different characters.
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  13. The code is a bit broken so I'm probably going to change the format up later. I'm just too tired right now so I figured I'd post what I have.
  14. meep.

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