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Realistic or Modern Bio Weapon Counter Unit


One Thousand Club
August 8th 1945,
With the Americans pushing on one end and the Soviets on the other the Nazis unleash their greatest achievement.

Reanimated soliders that could infect regular humans. These Ghouls as the Americans would come to call them. Broke the Soviet and American lines pushing both out of Germany and her neighboring countries.

In the pacific as US Marines invaded Japan Unit 731 unleashed their own bio weapon that killed thousands of Marines and Japanese soldiers alike.

Because of these monsters World War 2 lasted into the late sixties. The Soviets and Americans solidified their fragile alliance becoming an unstoppable united fighting force

Now in present day the use of Bio weapons are outlawed. Though that doesn't stop terrorists and reminents of fails governments, and governments in secret from using them to cause major havoc throughout the world. Creating their own versions of the Ghouls and Oni (Japanese one). To combat this US, Russia, China, England, France and India created the Bio Weapon Counter Unit.

These are their stories

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