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Multiple Settings Bending the Thread! [Update 2/26/24]


Said you'd die for me, well -- there's the ground
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It's that time again for an updated thread! Please read the rules of you see something you like, there's a code in there to make sure you read them!

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play all genders, and play multiple roles. Your main character(s) may be just male or just female, but I expect all the side characters and NPCs to have life and flavor, too.

3. I always double regardless of pairings involved, so you are also expected to double.

4. On the note of characters: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. I'm open to all pairing types, and have enjoyed all, so come at me with what you want!

5. I only RP on threads, (or GDocs in rare cases; you’ll have to convince me because I hate cluttering it up), so no PM, kik, discord, e-mail, or other rps with me. So that I know you’ve read the rules this far, please tell me something interesting you’ve read/watched recently!

6. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me. I have tried to do “simple” RPs, but I end up not feeling motivated to respond or continue the RP. I will need you to be able to write a paragraph or two, each post, at least.

7. PM if you are interested. The only reason for you not to PM me is if you cannot do so due to the fact you haven't reached 24 hours/10 posts.


1. I do not like to be hassled for posts. Especially if I have already posted that day or the day before. Do not bother me for posts until at least two days have passed. Otherwise, I will start to resent our RP and lose interest in it.

2. I enjoy OOC talk, however I will not respond to "hi" or "-poke-" or equivalents. Have substance to the chatter, even if it just asking "How are you?".

3. Do not bump our thread, or do anything OOC in the IC thread. I will not post out of spite. I have a problem with this, I acknowledge it, I'm not fixing it.

4. On that matter, please keep OOC to PMs and not on our IC thread. IC is for posting. If you have a question, concern, or comment, just shoot me a PM.

5. In general, I do not enjoy immediate romances or "slice-of-life" RPs, so do not come to me expecting I'll do either. I do want romance in 9 out of 10 cases, though. I may make rare exceptions.

1. Baldur's Gate 3: yeah I'm still on this Durge and Gortash shit, lol. Also somewhat interested in Durge and Shadowheart, maybe as a friend pairing, maybe romance, story will dictate. I'm happy to double as most characters, just ask!

2. Avatar: the Last Airbender: obviously the new live action has revived this. I'm more inclined to play in the cartoon verse, either during the story (aged up), or post ATLA, but just a few years. I'm not interested in the Korra timeline. I'd be looking to play across Azula, maybe Sokka, and I have ideas for fire bending OCs! Happy to play most characters in Avatar for you!

3. Final Fantasy XII. This craving is unending. Happy to write Balthier, Fran, and plenty of others for ya, looking to play across Vayne, and I do have ideas for stories, haha.

4. DMC 3, or DMC Post-3, playing out Vergil and Dante stories with OCs. Mostly looking for Vergil on my side, but open to considerations of playing him if you’ve got some great ideas.

5. Vampire Hunter D – but just The World, not interested so much in playing with D, but it’s not off the table. I’ve got plots about childes, sires, the nobles, and mutants.

6. Game of Thrones: I'm going to be picky here, because I hated how it ended. I have two different character "types", one a surviving Reyne, the other a trueborn Bolton. I'm looking for either Tywin or Jaime, or Book!Euron, Yara, Daenerys, or Margaery. I have the most experience playing Robb and Jon but willing to play most others! Looking to play during the events of the series, I usually prefer within the first three TV seasons, but open to the others.

7. Star Wars: Also picky here because Disney has disappointed me immensely. Looking for sequel era,I have a scion of the Tarkin family I'd love to play across Poe Dameron, and quite willing to play most others. I won't do Kylo across an apprentice though, that pairing bores me.

8. General Vibes I’m feeling: Elden Ring, The Witcher, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hell Girl, The Dark Tower, Berserk, Claymore, Madoka Magica. Very much would love to work out some original ideas with these (not all together) as a base.

With regards to original stories that take inspiration, it's good to come to me with character ideas, plot bunnies, or themes. I've had a blast with a Witcher inspired plot, and still have a Final Fantasy story going that used zodiac theming. I enjoy world building, but I'm a lazy builder. I want some of the foundation there, or built into something familiar.

I'm also willing to theme off of fandoms I want to RP in, so don't think I won't do that, either! You can feel free to ask about other fandoms, I'm mostly familiar with older anime and games. I didn't play FF after 13, so I can't be Gladdy for you, sorry, lol.
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