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Realistic or Modern Autumnvale Character Sheets


i just wanna stay in that lavender haze
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They can be as long or as short as you want, just make sure to include the following:

Personality (or personality traits)

Coding is not necessary, though it is welcome. Happy writing!

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    • name
      August Edward Young.

      Auggie, Aug


      Cisgender male.


      date of birth
      June 9th.

      place of birth
      Autumnvale, PA.

      Heir to the Ignis fortune/independently wealthy.

      Eli Brown.

    August Young

    code by low fidelity.

Name: Gloria Velvetine
Age: 62
Gender: Cisgender Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
DOB: Sept. 18th
POB: Autumnvale, PA
Occupation: Inheritance Baby (None)
Personality: Glamorous, yet Paranoid

Faceclaim: Gloria Swanson


History: The only child of a wealthy iron-industry tycoon family, Gloria spent her entire life in one massive house. When she was in her forties her parents died in a freak accident, and she began to view the outside world as dangerous. The sudden departure of her favorite maid (and secret lover) drove her distrust people even more. She would have died a shut-in if not for a recent fire that burnt down her estate. Now Gloria is forced to live in a motel, make new friends, and start life from scratch.
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    • My talent is coming off warm and inviting and open but still remaining a fairly closed off person.




      hair c.


      eye c.


      hair styling

      Her very thick hair is usually thrown into a messy pony, half-pony, or bun. She very rarely takes the time to straighten her waves


      Curvy, not much muscle but fit

      body mods.

      Double ear piercings, tattoo of the sun on her right shoulder


      Rachel Sennott

    ♡coded by uxie♡

Name: Martin Dukakis
Age: 41
Gender: Cisgender Male
Sexuality: ???
DOB: Feb. 12th
POB: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Therapist

Personality: Helpful, but Neurotic
Faceclaim: Dylan Baker


History: Martin is a therapist descended from a long line of criminally insane relatives. After his brother Ronald nearly strangled someone to death, Martin decided that it was probably a good idea to move to a calmer town. His practice has been up for around five years, and he knows a lot of secrets. While it is his duty to keep what he knows confidential, he cannot help but feel like certian people must know the truth. Sometimes he worries if he is like his family... and maybe he is.
Name: Leonard 'Lenny' Lal
Age: 23
Gender: Cisgender Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
DOB: July 25th
POB: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Film Director
Personality: Passionate, yet Pretencious
Faceclaim: Abhi Sinha


History: Lenny is a film student trying to make a new art-house film. He was kicked out of his old school because the movie he made was "too controversial." Many think he is just using his project as an excuse to talk to pretty women (he is), but he really wants to break into the scene. He is willing to go to great lengths to get a scene, and as a result has become infamous in the town as a "noisy outsider." His newest film idea is vague, but it involves recording ordinary people going about their lives.
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"I'm gonna wing it." —Me, about something I most definitely should not wing.

town psychologist


full name

Hazel O'Neil




16 July


Autumnvale, PA.


Cis Female











hair c.


eye c.



Taylor Hickson



*arranges a meeting with my mind, body, and soul* so what the f*ck is going on around here


Empathetic, perceptive, great sense of humour (subjective), lively.


Sarcastic, impulsive, a little childish, can be a bit awkward at times.


Waking up late, cats, books, playing guitar, roller skating, people watching, card games, traveling.


Waking up early, laser tag, people who take conspiracy theories too seriously, maths, apocalyptic books, flashing lights.


Dying alone, letting down a patient, losing her own sense of identity, public speaking, dolls, being buried alive, dentists.



Hazel was born into a healthy family as an only child. She grew up in a supportive and honest household and was given all the tools to grow up into a moderately okay-ish adult with ADHD. After school, she pursued a degree in psychology, and in her second year at university her parents moved away. They remained close via biweekly phone calls and Hazel was able to successfully obtain her degree.





Martin Dukakis

Character of: Dummy Dumbo Dummy Dumbo

Hazel's "work" buddy. She enjoys bantering with the older, more traditional therapist but values his opinion and sees him as her mentor of sorts.

character name

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character name

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character name

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Wears a fidget ring, doesn't have the loveliest singing voice but makes up for it in enthusiasm.

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Name : Cameron 'Cam' Mills
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
DOB: December 7th
POB: Cottonwood, Arizona
Occupation: Firefighter
Faceclaim: Cillian Murphy 1000002757.jpg
Personality: Stoic, rational and quick to action. Generally has a distrusting nature, though is never not polite in his interactions.
History: Cameron was born to relatively well off ranchers, and was encouraged to follow his dreams due to his cushy trust fund. As such, he opted to become a civil servant in Phoenix. After 6 years and working his way through the ranks, an abnormal call one night left the PFD shaken up and several Last Calls had to be made. Cameron was one of 4 who made it out, and upon the last funeral he immediately packed up and moved away from large cities to settle down - and settle his nerves from the night that changed him.
Name Arthur ‘Artie’ Meadows
Age 23
Gender Male
Sexuality Bi
DOB 04/10/2000
POB San Luís Potosí
Occupation Grocery store owner
Body build I tried to make him some feminine features but it didn’t come out as I wanted, but in a good way. He is light, but he is quite strong, not that his body implies it.
Faceclaim(Is is ok if I use Ai for my face claim?)IMG_0120.jpeg
Personality (or personality traits) He’s nice, sweet and thoughtful with a sense of dark humor, and a bit of a vulgar mind, speaking with a tone that suggests he doesn’t know much, but he is very smart and doesn’t show it off much.
History he was born as the product of an affair, when his mother was fired, she went back to her home in Mexico, and when she met his father(Adoptive one, though he doesn’t know that.) she went back, living in Texas for the rest of her life. He went to college and after insulting the son of the dean in a public contest of intelligence, he got expelled, but to make sure he kept him away, he got a diploma in chemistry and to be a pharmacist. He came to Autumnvale to try to get away from the college and try to settle down, building a grocery store and pharmacy in it.
Casey Williams


  • Full Name: "Cassidy Williams"​
    Nickname(s): Casey, Cass​
    Age: 30​
    D.O.B: August 22​
    Gender: Female​
    Sexuality: Pansexual​
    Place of Birth Denver, Colorado​
    Occupation: Florist (Former Lawyer)​

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Jamie Polaski


  • Full Name: James Andrew Polaski
    Nickname(s): Jamie​
    Age: 24​
    D.O.B: May 20​
    Gender: Male​
    Sexuality: Heterosexual(?) Closeted Homosexual
    Place of Birth Autumnvale​
    Occupation: Mechanic​


    Jamie cuts a sturdy figure at 5'11, his robust frame reflecting years of labor as a mechanic. Despite his rugged appearance, there's a charm to his scruffy demeanor. He holds a certain warmth and kindness that's immediately inviting. His boyish smile effortlessly lights up his features, adding a friendly and approachable vibe to him.

    Jamie's eyes, a striking shade of green, carry an earnest twinkle within them. His hair, a rich chocolate brown, adds to his rugged appeal, often tousled from long hours spent fixing machinery. Overall, Joey's appearance blends a rugged, hardworking exterior with a genuine and endearing presence.

    Jamie embraces a wholly casual approach to his wardrobe, steering clear of anything fancy or ostentatious. His fashion sense remains rooted in a down-to-earth and practical demeanor. The lumberjack style defines his attire, often opting for the comfort and durability of flannel shirts, well-loved and frequently worn. Beneath the cozy flannels, he favors simple, white fitted shirts, adding a touch of understated neatness to his ensemble without sacrificing comfort.

Manic pixie nightmare girl
  • anxiety
    feelings of belonging
    Affectionate nature
    Emotional stability
    so she waited patiently, for someone to accept
    the things she couldn't change
    for someone to stop and say 'i chose you'
    Larkspur T. Crestwood
    23 Years old
    February 6th
    Cis woman (She/Her)
    Standing at a short 5'0 Lark's figure is slight and not very strong looking, though she could throw a mean punch when angered.

    A cascade of soft, flowing hair frames her features, giving her the impression of an almost fay, enchanting temptress accentuated by the way she moved. Melodically, innately, as if she was full of this subtle grace, a rhythm that echoed in the sway of her hips and the delicate curve of her shoulders.

    Her eyes, a soft shade of blue, permanently wide and gleaming like snowglobes, seemed to carry the weight of the world in them, begging for someone to take her somewhere else.

    She had a sweet, cherubic nature about her face despite being marred by a constant sorrowful pout, calling others in like moths to flames to ask her what thoughts lay beyond her eyes. It was this mysterious quality to her, a blend of beauty and melancholy that left an unforgettable mark on those who dared to get close. Like claws, ruining everything she touched.

    Her fashion sense was as unconventional as her personality. You'd catch her most days rocking a mishmash of thrift store finds, always somehow making mismatched patterns and colors look effortlessly cool. It was like she had a sixth sense for turning an eclectic mix of clothing into an artwork that she likely got from her adoptive mother.

    Lark's makeup, when she chose to wear any, was a subtle craft. A touch of smudged eyeliner to accentuate her soulful gaze, or a hint of lipstick added a touch of life to her otherwise muted palette. She had an innate ability to turn imperfections into a statement. She looked her best at her worst.

    Her jewelry was a collection of oddities— trinkets that held sentimental worth only to her. Bracelets adorned with charms of questionable origin jingled as she moved, creating a soft, melodic soundtrack to her erratic footsteps. Rings adorned every finger, each one looking older than the last.

    Her skin was porcelain pale, almost ghostly and there were moments when a nervous twitch would dance across her features before she gave a little grin to whoever had the pleasure of her company.
    Soft-spoken and easily wounded, Lark carried the weight of her existence like an unwanted weight. Life, to her, felt like a burden on everyone around her, including herself, a struggle she couldn't seem to escape.

    Her existence, a constant dance between self-loathing and acceptance. As if standing at a crossroads, always unsure if she truly despised herself or was merely indifferent to the concept of living like this altogether.

    She hated how people looked at her. Always dreaming of a connection that went deeper than the surface all her life, but it was as if people only saw her with pity or lust— missing the intricate layers that composed the real her. The ingrained kindness in her being, the softness that defined her, was missed by others so often she was unsure if it really existed herself.

    If only they could see her as she did herself. How she was the type of person who would make others little gifts or listen to other's woes at the drop of a hat. How there was a hint of wistfulness about her, always bittersweet.

    How she kept a notebook with her to scribble down poems and notes on her friend's likes and dislikes. How she got excited over every little thing and loved to dance. But most of all how alone she felt.

    No one understood her. Bone deep, she knew this was the truth, and it wasn't just some wild delusion or paranoia, despite what many of her therapists insisted. They always seemed to have something to say about her. About how she needed to change. When would it be someone else's turn to be in the wrong? When would it be her turn to be cared for?

    Lark knew all about her episodes, how she pulled away and ran, how it hurt everyone involved, and how they were right to leave. She knew the ugly truth that she yelled and screamed and cried and became a horrible mirror of a person. Not someone to love. She knew it all too well.

    She knew she was unreasonable, volatile, and unkind when these fits came about. A monster wearing human skin. So if she stayed away, maybe then she wouldn't mess up again and cling to someone who didn't want her?

    She needed to be fixed, but she didn't want to be fixed. She had her flaws she knew that, but did that make her unlovable? A bad person? She tried so hard and yet... It wasn't worth the trouble was it?

    She was afraid to hurt anyone else. They were better off with her pulling away and doing nothing but going to psychiatrists and hanging out at parks and drinking coffee and minding her own business.

    And yet, in the chaos of her mind, there's a glimmer of hope— a tiny flicker that refused to be extinguished. A hope that maybe, just maybe, someone would see past the walls she'd built. But then, as quickly as that hope surfaces, it's overshadowed by the looming fear of rejection, a fear that she'd never be good enough.
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Faceclaim: Natascha McElhone

Name: Jennifer Lynn Murphy
Nicknames: Jenny Lynn (most used), Jenny (preferred)
Age: Twenty-seven
Gender: Cisgender Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Birthday: March 7th
Birthplace: Autumnvale, PA
Occupation: Owner of Murphy & Sons Hardware
Personality: Quiet, patient, observant, thoughtful, honest. Tired.
Looks: Green eyes, long brown hair, tall—looks exactly like her mother. Dresses exactly like her father: flannels, tanks, jeans, and a perpetual tool belt.
History: Jennifer is the only daughter in a family of three older brothers: Jerome, Jeremy, and Jeffery. Growing up her favorite thing to do was sit in front of the TV watching the news and practicing her reporter voice, hoping her stutter would eventually go away so she could become a reporter (it never did). Jenny turned to journalism instead, choosing to develop her gift of writing in place of her voice. As a teen she started out by writing obituaries in the town newspaper. Ten years ago, she wrote one for her mother.
Her relationship with her father is civil at best. Though he doesn’t know how to have a daughter, he’s taught her everything she knows about home repairs and hardware. Murphy & Sons was her grandfather’s business, and with his three sons, her father was excited to carry on the Murphy legacy with them. But Jenny’s brothers didn’t want to manage the store, and as soon as they went off to college all three moved away for good. Because she cared too much for the store to close or get sold out of the family—her father had been hurt too much—she decided to give up her scholarship and her admission into the journalism school at the University of Michigan… and she’s lived in Autumnvale ever since.
That was ten years ago. She can’t bear to leave, and between running the store and caring for her father, she’s stuck. It’s not all bad though. She loves the town and its residents, loves helping them with their problems. She’s content with her life having its same routines and same sights and same faces. But of course, she still wishes things were different. If you stop by the hardware shop, you’ll find a jar behind the counter with funds to change the sign on the storefront from Murphy and Sons to just Murphy’s Hardware. At the store Jenny always seems to know what you’re looking for before you even step inside. She’s willing to listen to you and offer her two cents, and as the town repairwoman, also offers home repairs in exchange for a beer.

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