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Futuristic Arcane Space: Reboot

The Story so far......

The Great Dorogan Empire has rained over the known galaxy longer than anyone can remember. Its people prosper where bureaucratic hierarchy is greatest, and suffer where it lacking. Reinforced by a Naval fleet that lays down the laws of the Empire with an iron fist. This gives many in the galaxy comfort, while others fear the power the Empire holds more than anything else. This fear is mostly felt in the outer rim of the Galaxy where the lawless and the anarchist cling desperately to some semblance of civilization. Here, much of the empire is lost or not found all.

When a ship crash lands into the sulfuric research planet of Mag'leous, the researchers there contact the empire after one of their own begins ranting and raving about a lost civilization beyond the stars. Avalon.

Admiral Luthar Gru'ha of the S.S. Brazen is the first to collect the afflicted and what remains of the crashed vessel. When word reaches him of the possibility of the ships origin and the rants of the mad doctor, he begins to speculate the possibility of acquiring the fabled Avalon location and the secrets of its Mythical technology from the stories told to him and many others when they were children. With the temptation of technology that can turn the tides of the rebellion in the empire, Gru'ha devises a plan under the nose of the empire so as not to draw unwelcome attention. He arrests a group of the lowest criminals in the outer rim and brings them to his ship. There he makes a simple offer; find Avalon first and bring him to it, and he will wipe their slates clean and give them more money than they can spend in a life time. The group, consisting of five vagrants agreed to the offer and "escaped" The Brazen aboard Cael "Iron Fist" Hunters ship, The Odyssey.

Together with his new crew, Cael Hunter took The Odyssey to the planet of Cardaleon, where he meets with his friend Glak for supplies and repairs to the Odyssey before they embarked on their trip into the unknown. While on the planet, many of the crew decided to embark on their own resource gathering. Glo'cer "C-Virus" Maltune the Solidus tracked down a data pad from a local scrap pile and restored it with his technological abilities while Rosalyn "Noble Slayer" Gallowmere, a Srin Mercenary, left the ship to find rations for their trip. Back in the ship yard, Cael is met by a blaster wielding Gehemian named Tiberius, looking for the previous owners of the ship to right a wrong done to his family. After some careful negotiations, and some interference from Cael’s friend Glak, the Tiberius joins the group as they load up and leave the planet.

While the group settles into their quarters, Nu the Kryx who had taken to her quarters early awoke to a low humming imitating from in her quarters. Upon inspections, Nu finds a lock box and brings it to the group. Once Glo'cer is able to break into the box, they find a small device within that springs to life and attaches itself to Nu's neck like a choker. Without warning, Nu's touch activates the hyper drive of the Odyssey and launches the crew into unknown space. When the group awakens within the ship, they find themselves orbiting a large blue planet covered in white fluffy clouds. Checking the navigation instruments, Cael informs the group that their flue has been completely depleted and they are hovering over a planet that is not charted on any imperial, or smuggler, maps. Without much choice, the group descends to the planet below and finds a large complex floating on the water that envelops the planet. They are greeted by a race of Sub-aquatic fish species known as Koiple. They are only able to decipher this after they have very unique snails to the base of their necks, which allows them to speak with the natives. The Koiple explain that they are natives to the planet which they call Ictra. A Tribal race, they are met by the matriarch and her guards who invite the crew to dine with her. Interested in the Koiple, the crew learns that they follow a religious leader who speaks to a god that they say gave them ability to survive on the planet by calming the seas and providing them with the floating structure they now live in. The group is taken to the religious epicenter of the structure to meet with The Magistrate. There in the halls of their god, Nu and Roslyn begin to feel something pulling them towards the alter, where it is revealed Tiberius had been captured and strapped to a machine for "sacrifice". The group watches as Tiberius is enveloped in a blinding pink light that seems to send a pulse of power throughout the ship. Nu, irate by the blasphemous practice that parallel her own beliefs, begins attacking the Koiple guards along with several of the others.

During the fight, Roslyn reaches the alter and find a small gem-like fixture that has been calling to her since leaving the ship. Without hesitation, she reaches for the gem which affixes itself to her wrist as Nu's choker had her. Immediately the floating structure begins to shut down, turning the Koiple into raving lunatics bent on killing the group for taking the artifact. The group escapes the temple and makes for The Odyssey. Almost instantly with the removal of the Artifact, the storms of Ictra envelope the structure and begin to sink it. The group makes it to the ship just as the hangar begins to fill with water and launches into the hurricane. Now aboard the ship, Roslyn's artifact being to fill the ship with pink radiant light while Nu's begins to trace the lines of the ship and sends the group into hyperspace in an unknown trajectory again.......

The first thing Cael noticed was the immense headache that seemed to be emanating from behind his eyes. He knew the symptoms of a hang over better than most, but those types of headaches were usually the product of a night of drinking in the local taverns. As far as Cael could remember, he hadn't been to a tavern since he was kidnapped on Raq'tak and forced into a crazy adventure by a lunatic admiral. Those thoughts began to force more memories to the for front of his brain, which only exacerbated the headache more. He began to remember Iktra, the Koiples, the temple, the screams and howls after Roslyn took the artifact. Now he began to remember the others; Glo'cer, Nu, Larassa, Artemis, an Rosalyn. Last he had seen of them was seconds before the ship was enveloped in crazy light again and shot them into unknown space again.

It was only when he remembered The Odyssey that his eyes flew open and he gasped as if he hadn't taken a breath in two years. His eyes darted from side to side trying to piece together where he was. He could certainly tell where he wasn't, and that was on his ship. The room was darkened save for a single solar lamp sitting beside the bed casting long shadows to the far side of the room. The shadows lay over piles of what appeared to be scrap material tossed into various bins along the far wall. The brought a twinge of pain to his head as he lifted himself up and tried to focus on the growing familiarity of the room. When he was finally sitting upright he was able to get a better view of the other sides of the room and find more piles of junk piled nearly to the ceiling. Had it not been for one familiar item strode across the floor, Cael would have sworn he had been tossed into the salvage tankard some junker was hauling off to sell. But the small empty canisters strode across the floor tipped him off to only one location that he could be.
"Its ah-bhout time you stuuuurd"

The thick bubbling voice came to a slight shock before as the dark brown material he was waiting for began to reveal itself from the piles of junk. Dark brown sludge crawld across the floor and began to congregate into a growing mass at the end of the makeshift cot that Cael had been laying on. The mass continued to grow, on moving one small device along with it so that is sat where a normal bipedal humonoid's mouth would be. The constant flow of sludge that seemd to only flow back up to the top of the figure so it could slide back down made a gesture with a slimy appendage towards Cale. Cael did not flinch as the slime rolled away from a flask that Cael knew all to well. He took the flask from Glak with his metal arm, and ran his hand through his loose hair with his biological one to remove it from his face. He unscrewed the flask and knocked back the Alterian Whiskey that he always kept the flask full of for a long minute. He lowered the flask and sighed heavily before looking hp at Glak with a smirk.
"How long have I been out?"

The figure slid across the floor as bubbles began to form at the base of the neck signalling its speech.
"I can not say for shuure. The Odyssey ab-rived in Cardaleon or-buh-it two days ago. Buh-fore that, i can not say. Rosssco and his crew found you floating in or-buh-it and buh-rot you to me."
Cael scoffed and turned his waist so he could put his feet on the ground. His makeshift metal appendage hit the ground first, followed by his bare foot. The soft clink of the metalic tubes on the ground chimed through the room as Cael's foot hit them. He stoppered the flask again and slid it into the back pocket of his trousers as he stood. His head protested for a moment, but it seemed to subside with the movement of Caels body. He rolled hsi shoulders a few times before turning back to Glak.
"The others that were with me. Where they all on the ship with me?"

Glak's "head" seemed to nod as his bubbles began to rush to the surface.
"Mosssst of them. I did not find the Gehemian on the sssshipa. And the Android vanissshed yesssterday. The others are resting as you have buh-een. I have sheen to their woundsss assss well."
Cael nodded and looked around the room again. He was searching for his armor, his weapons, but most importantly, his hat. When he did not see them, he turned back to Glak who had moved closer and was already creating his bubbles.
"Cael, bwut have you gotten yourssself into?"


After what seemed like a life time, Cael and Glak exited the main shop "office" that Glak used as his personal quarters. Cael had found most of his effects, but his armor had been left on the Odyssey for him. Cael sighed at the sight of the garage, it was the closest thing to a home had had other than The Odyssey. Glaks Garage is made up of a centralized shop/equipment area that has 4 hangars connected like soap bubbles to the central. Each of the four hangars does offfer two spare rooms attached to them, that all look very similar to Glaks which is connected to the main shop.

Within each of the rooms that the crew was spread out into, there was a small brown goo figure watching over them. These did not have respirators, so they would not talk to them, but upon them waking, the figure would show them to the place that their gear was being kept, and then once they were ready they would encourage the crew member to follow them to the main hangar of Glaks Garage. When they decided to return to the land of the living, Glak and Cael would be waiting for them in the main garage.

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Larassa Commission.png
Name: Larassa SovnaAlias: Raven
Race: SiklaidHome Planet: Sikla
Occupation: Bounty HuntressEquipment: Bow, Quiver (10/20), Twin Daggers, Herb Pouch (nearly empty), Poison Vials (4/4)
Larassa awoke with a groan, a throbbing headache pulsing behind her eyes. She kept her eyes closed, as she brought a paw to her head and tried in vain to massage her temple. The last thing she recalled was the crew escaping the storm-ridden planet just as the city was collapsing in itself. It had been so chaotic, she did not recall everything that had occurred. She did remember Sparkles claiming the artifact in the temple and inciting the small war that broke out as a result. Larassa had been right to assume those people were too obsessed with their religion.

Carefully, Larassa opened her eyes, squinting at the fluorescent lighting above her. She groaned again, as her headache pulsed harder in response. She knew that all of the screaming on that planet had deafened her and she gingerly brought a paw to one of her ears, feeling fur coated with dried blood.
When she finally turned on her side, Larassa froze with a snarl at the sight of a slime person, who reminded her of Glak. While Hunter had been comfortable in Glak's presence, Larassa made it a point to not trust anyone.
"Vat are ye lookin' at, Slime?"
Larassa continued to glare, as if to make a point, but the slime did not appear to care in the slightest. It merely turned away and began making his way out of her room.
As he made his progress very slowly, Larassa pushed herself up into a sitting position with yet another groan. She swung her legs over the side of her cot and then glanced down to see her knapsack was beside her feet. While she felt suspicious of her missing gear, Larassa figured that they had been rescued, as the slime had been creepily watching over her.
Picking up her knapsack, Larassa dug through it to find her herb pouch, though it was practically empty now. Collecting the last of the herbs, she felt no rush to follow the slow progress of Glak and so she pulled out her mortal and pestle to ground the last of her medicinal herbs into a fine powder. She then pulled out one of her carefully packed water vials and added the powder to it before corking the vial. She shook it up and down a few times until the powder seemed to blend with the water.
Packing her stuff back into her knapsack, Larassa stood and pulled it over her shoulder before holding up the vial. She uncorked it and downed the contents before stashing the vial back into the knapsack.
She blinked a few times, as the medicine kicked in, and Larassa sighed at the subtle relief that it brought. The headache was not gone, but it had abated to a more manageable amount of pain.

Trailing after the slime, Larassa stumbled a few times despite trying to walk with confidence. She kept slowly shaking her head, as if she were dazed. Whatever had happened to them all, Larassa doubted she was the only one affected like this.
With her head no longer trying to make her black out again, Larassa glanced ahead at the slime and growled, "Ver is my gear? My weapohns?"
It remained irritatingly silent the rest of the way and Larassa finally took the time to look at her surroundings more closely. She was definitely not on the Odyssey, but if the slime was here then that must mean they were back on that rustic planet once more and Glak would be here somewhere.

They turned a corner in the seemingly maze of similar hallways and the slime paused outside a door, staring at her once more.
Larassa raised an eyebrow, but it did not bother to articulate its intention. Sighing, she brushed past it and through the door to find herself in some small storage closet and her gear was neatly placed on some shelving. Larassa felt her heart speed up at the sight and she grinned to herself, as she donned her leather armor over her clothing. She then slung her bow over her knapsack and attached her quiver to her hip. Her dagger hilts were attached to her belt once more and then she turned back to face the slime once more.

Silent as ever, the slime began to make its way elsewhere and Larassa, still at a loss for what was going on, quietly trailed after it.

As they entered the main hangar area, Larassa caught sight of Hunter and Glak together. She walked past her irritatingly slow slime guide and then stopped short of Hunter.
Looking around now, Larassa definitely recognized the hangar and she frowned, as she did not understand why the artifact would relocate them to this planet, of all places.
Returning her gaze to Hunter, Larassa asked, "Vat is goin' on he're? How did vee get back he're?"

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Glo'cer Shifted in place, their semi-amorphous swaying like jello, appearing to have a horrid dream. Clutching a towel laid on their body to help absorb any remaining water, they lurched upward and to the side with a bubbled gasp. They attempted to reach out to catch anything as they feel off the cot to no avail and fell face first to the dusty cold ground in a water-balloon like manner. Quickly the towel followed after draping him once more. His senses came back as the internal bio-luminescent liquid flowed through limbs. The feeling of the cold ground was much welcomed as his whole body shook in pain from what other creatures would call a "headache". His ocular slits finally felt a rush the same liquid allowing him to see his current location. Filtered with the faint blue glow from his own body, he adjusted his vision to the garage around him. Fitted with tools, spare parts, and other junk he was sure wouldn't last long if used for repairs. His eyes settled on the small brownish goop that slithered near him.

"I see I have returned to Glak's shop. I am rather curious as to how-" He began his analysis and attempted to prop himself up but was met with a burning annoyance of itching on his back. His body visibly shook in place while his thin fingers twitched in an attempt to reach it. The sensation became too much as he let out a light eek of pain before flipping over on his back. The introduction of the cold surface to the rash was euphoria to the Solidus as his body flattened slightly. "I remember now. The horrid water filled planet and that cursed storm. I don't believe I considered possible outcomes of my actions at the time. Although I survived, I most likely would not have this affliction had I cleared my head. I do wonder, however, how long it has been. I recall being far away from charted space and experiencing another wave of light. I didn't get to see just how bad that rain damaged me. It was rather sudden and quite heavy, hmmm. Too many unknowns to calculate a median at this time. A shame really. I am fortunate that your larger form knows Solidus bio-makeup and dried me off appropriately. I would advice you not sort through my belongings next time though. They are sorted for me to react quickly." He said, lifting an arm and pointing a finger to the air.

They spent a solid minute on the ground as they sorted through any memories that could be invoked. Their body swirled as the electric fluid sparked yet memories remained hazy at best. Sighing at the lack luster experience, they peeled off the ground to a standing position. The rash continued to itch but Glo'cer was able to shrug it off with some success now that he had the mental capacity to understand where it came from and thus the mental capacity to distance his mind from it. The Glak slime slithered over to a stand which held the contents of what was their items since the planetary escape. They opened the bag with a huff as the contents were shuffled out of their designated pockets.
"This is what I was talking about. Everything out of place makes of insufficient reaction time. I'd rather not have to calculate the chance my hand will grab the GPS rather than my gun. No, this wont do at all."
Spending some time picking out the contents of the bag and laying them out, Glo'cer inspected each one meticulously for any signs of damage. Luckily the syringes had not a single crack. Often others would attempt to sell dirty ones to him. Although it doesn't matter for his bodily make up, it's the principles that annoy him about such actions. Next, the GPS seemed operational. Turning it on and calibrating it, he was indeed back in Cardaleon. The energy pistol wasn't as lucky. The core had cracked making it effectively useless until He could use some tools to patch it up or just acquire a replacement. He rolled up the towel and all the other contents and sorted them as he saw fit back within his pack. Noticing the Glak-ling moving to the door, Glo'cer followed out of their wing of the building.

Walking into the hanger, he took in the familiar surroundings from the last visit. Besides the noticeable greenish rash across his back giving him trouble focusing he saw two of his co-workers out and about. "Ahh, as I assumed. The others were fortunate enough to survive as well. Recalling my memory not many took damage during the escape. Having woken myself, it was fair to assess other capable hands managed as well. I have mulled over recent history but am unable to account for many variables for an accurate assessment as to what lead us here. My educated guess is Nu's foreign device or perhaps the powered gem now in our possession. Either or, Cael... Raven. It is er,... pleasant to see non aquatic beings in my midst."

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A stroke of luck, Grim considered it, that the ship he was looking for was in the very first place he had looked for it. The Odyssey sat in a garage in a little pocket of Cardeleon. The place seemed busy, and no one noticed an extra body milling about the hangars open to the public transport ways and daytime traffic. Getting into the more private sections of the garage only took singling out a newbie, watching him for a moment, and then strutting out to act like he ran the place. Key in hand, Grim could explore a little deeper into the complex. As an added measure, he grabbed a holo-noteboard, tool belt and a hat with the company's logo, humming pleasantly as he strolled through the corridors. The Odyssey sat behind the glass of a small observation deck and was only a short lift-ride down to the hangar floor.
He took in the scene with just a few seconds, noted the small group gathering to the side. They all fit the descriptions he was given. If only all his missions went this smoothly. Grim contemplated going over to them, but, his experience told him that just because the first part had been easy, didn't mean that all of it would. He would need something extra.
Fortunately, the opportunity practically fell into his lap, with a technician just about to replace a part over the engine exhaust vent.
"Hey, vat is zat?"
The technician looked at the plate in her hands and back at Grim, for one moment he was afraid she would ask who he was, but she snorted and answered.
"A T35 Stetanium heat dampener. Reduces pipe bowing and makes the filters last longer."
"Stetanium good for freighter-class screp haulers meybee, ship here not scrap hauler. Ikorium. Spreads heat more eevenly, which, on ship like Odyssey, vill reduce bowing by fourty-eight percent. Cheaper too. Looks like ve hev..." He ran his fingers along the holo screen of the noteboard. "..three left."
Grim climbed the landing gear over to the exhaust port.
"Vell? Ikorium dampener. Go go. Take zis eway."
Without another word Grim set to work checking what had been done.
He opened the aft circuitry panel and poked his muzzle inside.
After a quick look he craned his neck so he could peer around the exhaust port at the gathering group.
"If you switched main and auxiliary output ports, you could run with five percent more efficiency!" He called out to them. "Reduces subspace trensmission too, shrinks distance for Imperial scenners to find you!"
He looked back up at the Odyssey. "I leik zis ship! But one zing I do not get, employer hez better ships. Why didn't you get one of zose?"

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She was aware of the pain first. It was in her skull, clawing its way down her long spine, down to the tip of her tail. She thought that the pain was enough to bear. But the half-second after she felt it, a wave of nausea flooded her senses.
Nu rolled toward the edge of the cot and let her head hang over the edge of the bed. She waited her her body to heave, but it never came. The memories did, though.
The Koiples. The temple. The artifact. The... sacrifice.
Their escape.
Another wave of intense nausea, and this time the muscles under her skin lurched. She spent the next few moments dry heaving over the edge of the bed. When it passed, she dropped off the bed and onto all fours, and tried to place the strange creature that was watching her.

They must be.. back at that garage, from right after they were arrested. Glak had been the name of the owner. They had blinked here. Nu reached an arm up, and found her jewelry still firmly in place. The rest of her belongings were not.
"My.. my t'hings?" She croaked out, and the little being made a motion she guessed was pointing.
Nu all but crawled to gather her toolbelt and goggles. Now that the nausea had subsided, it was guilt and anger keeping her low to the ground, in amounts she had never felt before. As she clipped her belt on and put her goggles in their rightful place, she wished the nausea would return.

The little being sludged in the other direction now, and Nu stood slowly, pulling herself to her near-six-foot height. She could hear, from beyond her little room, a few of the others talking, and then an unfamiliar voice. The Kryx followed the little being slowly, and found herself staring at the Odyssey again. The unfamiliar voice was a.. well, she didnt know what he was. But he wasn't like Glak, and he was poking around their ship.

Nu glanced over at the few that had risen before her, ears drooping loosely toward her skull, and then back.
"Anot'her stowaway? Last one worked very well."

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