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Fandom Anyone down for some My Hero Academia rp?

Phoenix Feather

Weeb in progress
It’s been a while! I really wanted to get back into the swing of rp, and have had tons of inspiration for some MHA OC roleplays! Of course before I got ahead of myself, I wanted to check with y’all : ) While I really want to do a big group rp, I’m also down for 1x1 action.


Well I found ya in the group interest check forums so that means it's in the right place lol. Yeah been awhile since I dabbled in BNHA RP. I've got characters locked up in my workshop I can bring back.

Phoenix Feather

Weeb in progress
Oh nice! People are interested! To answer your question, Protag, I’m still working things out haha! Everything will start with the main characters doing their entrance exams, and various training classes will happen afterwards. A lot will depend on who all will make some villain characters with me, and we’d be molding that plot from there. I do have a few things in mind- like some repercussions to having such a strong rivalry as the top two heroes (guess who lmao). For now, organization is all I’m really worried about : )

Phoenix Feather

Weeb in progress
Gonna hop in this thread real quick to make sure everyone got the message, because protag missed it and notifications are wacky on this site. So, sorry for the spam, but
hollyleafx hollyleafx , Blanche Blanche , and Astralworks Astralworks
It has been done! we’ve just barely started but I’m definitely hoping for more recruits!


New Member
Hello! I am new to this website as I'm just getting back into RP, but I would be interested in joining this! I hope that you would consider me!

Thank you!

Phoenix Feather

Weeb in progress
yep the rp is still very open! It's right here!
and G Godslayer we can dm and I can help you get oriented! It can be a little overwhelming at first but I'm a veteran when it comes to being confused haha.

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