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Multiple Settings Angelcloud's Partner Search!


Slowly Losing my mind
Hi All! Angelcloud Back again with another Partner search. I am a 28 year old female roleplayer with 10 years roleplay experience. I am a huge fantasy nut with many different ideas for fantasy settings however, Lately i've been craving some Fandoms (Mostly games as i am a heavy gamer) And so my Search will not include my fantasy plots this time. (But feel free to ask about any fantasy plots/stories in my dms!)

With that out of the way here's what you can expect from me.
- A friend to nerd out with ooc as well as in character
- A varied schedule but a very active person on the weekends. though i try to be on daily
- A partner that is unlikely to ghost you
- A casual to semi-literate roleplayer that will always leave you enough to work with as needed

Here's what i expect from you as well

- No one liners please. I will never do that to you, So i don't expect it done to me
- I am expecting you to be active. I am not saying you have to spend every second of the day with me, But i do not want to be left wondering when you're gonna post next
- I am expecting to build up the story as we go
-Please have a discord. this isn't -mandatory- But would make things easier on me roleplay wise as the platform is easier for me to access when i am not home

Now Here's the fandoms I roleplay Actively! * = Craving this fandom

-Pokemon (gens 1-9)
**-Conan Exiles**
-Any Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons game
Black Butler
Vampire Knight
World Of Warcraft

If you're interested in any of these respond here or shoot me a DM!​
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