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Multiple Settings And be my love in the rain: an original & fandom-based request thread.


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Ah, hello there!

Nice to meet you, Potential Partner. Thank you for stopping by. Essentially, I'm creating this post to segue into writing a couple of interesting stories. They're based on the ideas I've been playing around with of late, and also involves various genres. If that sounds as if it'd be right up your alley, I hope you'd stick around to read this in a proper way (it might be better if I just high-side it, instead of rambling on...).

To start off with, there are a couple of things you should be aware about:


Post-length: I'm looking for an Advanced Literate partner. I'm a sucker for highly descriptive paragraphs written in vivid detail. I write exclusively in the third person (past tense), and I'd require you to do the same. As far as how much I post, it depends on the scene in question. I'm not a huge fan of asking for a lot more than is required. But having said that, my replies range around at least 500-700 words per response. I might even write up to a thousand if inspired to.

In short, I hope you wouldn't give me anything less to work off of.

God-modding: Don't indulge in it. It's self-explanatory, but I'd like to be the one that controls my character(s). I'm open to sharing a few, though.

Duration: My responses are usually quick enough, but it might even take up to a week sometimes.

Also, if you'd like to reach out, please make sure that your message doesn't look as it's been copy-pasted. That's a huge buzzkill. In other words, show some passion!

And lastly, I'd expect you to include a writing sample with your first message. It's just to make sure that we'd be compatible, and I'd of course be providing one myself.

• Muse A, a world-famous psychiatrist, has been consulted by a young woman (Muse B) who alleges that her sister is behaving strangely. Her temperament is erratic, and she's unusually violent towards others. Their family believes that she's been possessed, and wants to pay a visit to the local parish. However, A knows enough to figure out that it's likely to just be a mental condition. And yet, when he leaves his hospital in New York to travel across the country to have a look at the patient, he realizes that there's something in the case that he can't put his finger on. (*) [Sidenote: I'd prefer to set it in the Victorian era of the nineteenth century).

• Having decided to live together, two friends move into a huge mansion further away from their hometown. It's not long before they realize that the locality is a little unusual, or that their neighbours appear to be taking a lot of unnecessary interest in them. And while they explore the house later, they stumble across ancient secrets which were better left hidden. (*)

• The social outcast, Muse A has been bullied throughout his life, and is friendless. To his surprise, he once discovers a ruined and mysterious-looking box in Muse B's house while visiting her. There's a note pinned to it. It reads: "Make a wish-- if you dare." (*)

• Muse A is a scientist who's determined to bring his partner back from the dead. He approaches his colleague (Muse B), to help him clone the cadaver. They'd learn the repercussions of trying to play God soon enough.

• Despite his refusal to try and be friends with other children, Muse A's parents force him to make acquaintance of the new girl next door. She's really pretty, and yet he isn't sure that he likes the place. For one thing, he's never seen the family in daylight before, their teeth being a little too pointed. Of course, when the nineteen-year-old welcomes him with a wink, he's hardly able to resist the temptation of trying to figure out more about them. (*)

• A group of college friends are vacationing near a lake-side during summer. Muse B's boyfriend is cheating on her with another girl amongst them. Muse A is a psychopath who uses that to his advantage to slowly manipulate her into becoming a serial-killer, and to eventually kill off the others (Slasher horror and a spin on the 'Final girl' trope).

• Muse A and B are siblings who are visiting their grandparents' house for the holidays. They are warned after arrival that every full moon, there's a werewolf terrorizing the village. They laugh away the idea, considering it preposterous, but they soon begin to doubt whether it might be actually true.

• Muse A, who's at the end of the pecking order in high-school, and has been abused by her friends throughout her life, embarks on a task to kill someone: the young woman in class that's behind everyone making her existence miserable (Muse B). And that night, some malevolent force ensures that their bodies (and, of course lives) are switched.

• Amidst the lightning strikes that engulf his hometown during a derecho, Muse A discerns something unusual in the sky. They look like winged, prehistoric creatures that appear to be searching for prey. A second later, he realizes that the fateful storm was just a dream. He receives a phone call from Muse B later: had he also read the government's report about a meteorite traveling through earth's atmosphere?

• The silence stretches on, and Muse A figures out that he's been left semi-conscious in a dark forest. As he's unsure as to how he'd got there, he bolts to his feet and runs headlong into Muse B. A voice informs them that they're trapped in an extremely realistic simulation.

• A malicious group of extraterrestrials invade the planet, using mind-control to subjugate humans and establish their dominance. Muse A, who realizes that he's immune to the threat, pairs up with his friend (Muse B) to try and figure a way out.

• A knight (Muse A) works under the rule of a powerful monarch. And when a sorcerer plans to kidnap one of the King's daughters (Muse B) to perform a strange ritual, it's up to him to protect her.

• A voyager on a drowning ship, Muse A has developed amnesia. He was rescued from the sea by a mysterious figure that he later finds out is a gorgeous mermaid. Would he be able to figure out what exactly had happened before he lost his senses?

• When his son was born, a witch had prophesied to the Monarch that the boy would be in mortal danger when he grows up, but that it can get averted if he weds the young woman who's destined to marry him. When he's of age, the King is determined to find out who the ideal candidate would be to become Muse A's wife. He scours all the Princesses of every continent in the world, but is not aware that it's actually the youngest daughter of a Peasant in his kingdom. Having an ethereal beauty which rivals that of the most extravagant Princesses in existence, Muse B is approached by A one day when he accidentally encounters her [It's Dark Fantasy, and would not be completely romantic. Let's just say that it would not be incorrect to place this in the 'Horror' section either].

Harry x Hermione: A few months after getting abandoned during the Horcrux hunt, the War rages on between the remaining members of the Golden Trio. And yet Harry has thoughts he wouldn't dare to confess to his own soul . (*)

Ron x Hermione: Post-Hogwarts, Ron Weasley is suffering from nightmares. However, he's disquieted when he figures out that all of them appear to be coming true. And when he has a brief (and yet vivid) vision of Hermione getting attacked during the night by a familiar figure, he knows she'd have to be protected by any means possible. (*)

Draco x Hermione: Working at the Ministry of Magic with his colleague Hermione Granger is certainly a tall older. Although he tries his best to be civil, Draco hasn't entirely gotten rid of his prejudices yet. During a brief stint at her office, he sneaks a look into the witch's Pensieve and figures out what she really used to think of him back at school. (*)

Draco x Hermione: The war's at a stalemate, neither side emerging as the victor. Meanwhile, the Golden Trio are nowhere near to locating all the Horcruxes. Hermione thinks back to her time at Malfoy Manor, and finally clutches on a straw that could be their last hope. Based on a conversation she'd overheard between Bellatrix and Draco Malfoy, the latter might be privy to certain information. She Polyjuices herself as his girlfriend (Daphne Greengrass) to attend a ceremony thrown by one of the senior Death Eaters and worm it out of the boy.

Harry x Ginny: The magical world is under the threat of a "Vampire's Association" that aims to subjugate wizards/muggles, and establish their dominance over them. Harry, as an Auror, is tasked with rounding all of them up. During a weekly visit to The Burrow, however, a few of the vampires infiltrate the house to try and put him out of action. In the fight that ensues, Ginny Weasley gets bitten [Alternatively, it could be a Harry x Hermione pairing). (*)

Harry x Cho: After the war, Harry makes the decision to travel to the United States to get over his malaise and put everything out of his head. Much to his surprise, he realizes that Cho Chang would be accompanying him in the journey.

Draco x Hermione: Post-war, the Malfoys have fallen into disrepute. Draco Malfoy has had face to watch his parents being carted off to Azkaban (he was himself spared on the grounds that he was below seventeen while joining the Dark lord), aside from facing mockery by the rest of the wizarding world. It was with a sense of surprise, therefore, that he'd reacted when Ron Weasley once invited him over to The Burrow for Christmas Eve. It doesn't take him long to hatch up a plan to use a bottle of Amortentia, and make the Muggleborn girl consider him in a way she never had before.

Ash x Misty: After managing to win a Pokémon League, Ash Ketchum returns to Pallet Town to realize that his former companion has been abducted by Team Rocket.

Ash x Serena: In the course of their journey, Ash and Serena meet a Professor who believes that the legendaries in Kalos are likely to be in danger.

Ash x May: On the pursuit to achieve yet another gym badge, Ash. and co are surprised to learn about an organization called 'Team Magma/Aqua', who are supposedly involved in researching the ancient Pokémon of the Hoenn region (Alternatively, of course, it can be a Brendan/May pairing as well. We can explore how their relationship progresses as they leave Littleroot town).

• Red/Green: After a brief encounter of the Phantom Pokemon at Pallet Forest, Red embarks on a journey to become one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers in the world. Along with the other two Pokédex holders who make up the legendary trio, it remains to be seen what happens between him and Green as they continue in their attempts to rescue the world from the clutches of evil forces.

• Doki Doki Literature Club.
• Sherlock Holmes.
• The file of young Kindaichi.
• Jujutsu Kaisen.
• Demon Slayer.
• Stardew Valley.
• Genshin Impact.
• A Song of Ice and Fire.
• The Lord of the Rings.
• Something which is inspired by a Stephen King novel.

Well, that's about all I've got to say for now. Hit me up if you're interested!
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