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Realistic or Modern Anchored by Love (Draft Four... lol)


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Finishing off my mom makeup routine in five minutes, I rushed off to help my daughter dress while Isabel did the same with Mateo. Luckily, my daughter still liked when I picked out her outfits for her because she "liked to look cute," Giggling when she said it I nodded. "Okay, how about this?" I asked pulling out a long-sleeved floral-printed t-shirt and blush pink cotton overalls with two cute buttons at the hips, typing into a cute bow into the back. It was one of the many outfits I picked out for her for Christmas. Grinning when she nodded eagerly I helped her into it before putting her long blonde hair in pigtails and matching her outfit with gray dress shoes with a bow at her toes. The whole thing was adorable.

"What do you think babe?" I asked as she admired herself in the mirror while I kissed her cheeks. "I think you look really pretty and smart, Maysie.

When she said thank you in her little voice my heart melted. "You're welcome. Are you ready to go have fun at the aquarium?" I asked taking her hand and leading her out of Mateo's room and let her run off to play with Mateo before we embarked on our adventure today. Sitting at the Island while Isabel made her coffee, I smirked.

"See, I told you. Luckily my daughter is tired of Jayden dressing her in things that don't match." When she asked about me and the baby I just shrugged.

"I feel fine today, I should be okay. I need to cave and buy new pants though, it's a real downer every time I try to squeeze in what I have." I was starting to show a lot sooner this time, but for now, I just looked constantly bloated. "Maybe I'll do that later, we'll see how they behave. Do you know where Jayden went?"


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"To the cafe to get your usual. Sorry if you already started the coffee, Isabel," I said with a gentle smile while I walked over to the kitchen and set the drink carrier with three coffees in it. Amelia's usual machiatto, Isabel's mocha, and my straight black coffee. I then gave Amelia her go to bagel, Isabel a breakfast sandwich I thought she would like, and gave Mateo and Bel the bagels they both liked. One blueberry for my daughter and one everything for Mateo.

"It's fine. I forgot you were going there but Lindsey's mochas are so much better than mine," Isabel said while she sipped her iced mocha contently, thanking me before I nodded and gave Amelia a gentle good morning kiss. "Hi beautiful, how're you feeling?" I asked her softly while Isabel walked out to the living room where I saw her grab a few things.

"So, Dynamic Duo, where are y'all headed?"

"The aquarium. I figured the kids would enjoy a day with their mommies," I replied to Jayden with a bright smile before I kissed Mateo's forehead while he sat at the table with his cousin and they ate their bagels contently. "How are your stitches?"

"They're getting better. I'm counting down the days for when I can get back on the field." My friend replied with a sigh while I nodded and ate some of the breakfast sandwich he bought me.

"I bet you are. You gotta take it easy when you get back though."

After I finished my sandwich, I sipped on my mocha some more before going to grab my tan winter coat to throw over my grey turtleneck sweater, some black comfy pants and my white Nike Huraches. The attire was very athleisure.

"Well, y'all enjoy the day with the kids. Have lots of fun. Are you up for all of us grabbing dinner later?"

"I'm up for it," I responded to Jayden while I put my arms through my coat. "Just let us know where and we'll meet you?"

"Sounds good. Then dinner it is tonight." I nodded then walked over to my son and niece who I quickly wiped their mouths and asked them to go clean their hands in the guest bathroom. "Ready when you are, Amelia."
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My face instantly lit up when I saw Jayden carrying coffees. Bless this man. Returning the kiss, I nodded at his asking how I was, "Tired but you're my savior, as always," I whispered before taking my first sip of my macchiato. The first sip is the best.

Listening to the continuing conversation I shook my head when Jayden said he couldn't wait to get back to work.

"We have a lot of things to do before you reclaim your graveyard shift," I reminded him gently with a smile, watching the kiddos eat their food.

Making note of Jayden's dinner plans, I picked up my coffee and other half of my bagel and stuck it in my purse in a napkin. "I gotta go, Isabel is playing mom today," I teased before I kissed Jayden bye, grabbing our daughter's jacket off the back of the couch.

"I love you," I whispered to Jayden. "Call if you need anything. Maybe take your dog to the groomer, she needs it."

Grinning when our daughter took my hand, saying bye to her daddy.

"Bye daddy, I love you this much!" The toddler exclaimed extending her arms as far as they would go before he threw herself on him to hug him and kissing his cheek. "I'll take lots of pictures to show you all the fishes, okay? Tia said there's otters!"


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"The both of you enjoy your time out today. I'll be alright, Amelia. Maybe Liberty will be groomed when you get back," I teased before I hugged my daughter tightly and nodded at her excited statements of taking pictures of the fish for me. She was so precious and I was so glad she was this excited for the time out with her aunt and mom. "You have all the fun you possibly can, Princess. Then you can tell me all about it when we go to dinner."

I chuckled when Bel nodded excitedly and agreed, running out the door after her mother where her aunt and cousin were already in the car. Once the mom and kids quadruplet was out the driveway and heading to the aquarium, I took it upon myself to clean up the kitchen and living room for Isabel. It was the least I could do considering she and Dawson were still so cool with my family living here for the time being. With the day all to myself, I decided to do what Amelia suggested. I would take Liberty out for a grooming, just something to get out of the house so I didn't go insane.

"Momma look! Look at the shark!" My son exclaimed a little too excitedly while he jumped up and down at the sight of the Hammerhead shark swimming by in the glass display in front of us. His and Bel's innocence was too precious and I wanted them to stay this age forever. I never wanted my babies to grow up.

"I see it, Osito," I responded to him, quickly snapping a picture with my phone of his back to the camera while he looked and tried to reach up towards the shark. I smiled in satisfaction at how it came out and then chuckled when my niece ran over to her cousin just as excited, but more so for the stingray swimming by. I sent the picture to Dawson, following it up with a "We miss you! Wish you were here. Love you!" My fiance and I were doing pretty well now but it didn't mean that I was still trying to piece everything out myself. I kept running into dead ends and that's more than sketch. Smiling at my best friend when she walked over, I took some more pictures of our children.

"See, I told you they would love this. They'll especially love the tunnel in a bit. How are you feeling?"


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Five months later...

Please, let today go smoothly, today, just give me the day. Days like today never go as planned. Today was the baby shower for my second baby and given how past events, my anxiety was plausible, on edge that something would go wrong. Jayden and i just pieced our lives back together, we decided on a new home on the opposite side of town after I refused to live my life in fear that we would be attacked again. Things were beginning to feel normal again, but still there were small lingering thoughts that they were still out there waiting to finish the job.

Enough. I thought, putting in a simplistic pair of round stud diamond earrings. Smiling when I felt the baby inside me make their presence known. This time around, I convinced Jayden to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender. i liked the idea of being surprised, even if I was the only one. I reminded Jayden, I wanted things on my terms.

"Today is about you," I whispered to the little one.

Let's go.

For the most part, I had no idea what I was about to walk into. After bickering back and forth with Isabel not to make this a statement event, I relented when she argued that I skipped this completely the first time around. All I requested was an abundance of food, and to not tell a single soul what she knew. In typical Isabel fashion, she convinced let her be the first to know the gender, but not even Jayden knew that she knew. I knew if I told him, he would try to get it out of her and that was a fight I didn't want to get into. We only had two months left, Jayden could wait it out. I was a little bummed Jayden and Liberty were working today, but I knew he would find a way to stop in eventually.

Walking into the venue in my long, green summer dress patterned with white florals and deep brown wedges. My hair done in tight curls to frame my face that I hated right now because of how round it became. A lot of things were different this pregnancy but I was a lot happier this time around, but right now my palms were sweating at the unknown of what I was about to walk into.

I hate surprises when they're for me.

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