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An Empire Divided


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For Centuries, the Olvani Imperium has ruled over the continent of Ovalina, bringing order and peace to the inhabitants. As the Olvani grew in size many conflicts came its way, with the leadership of the divine emperors the Imperium, through strength and cunning the Olvani Emperors led their people to greatness conquering Ovalina and in time, beyond. However all good things come to an end as slowly but surely its territories away from the homeland fell due to native insurrection and traitorous kingdoms. The slow decline of the empire's power was evident as colony after colony fell eventually the only territory the empire controlled was the Continent. In which it ended in a period of stagnation and peace where the people and the government lived in blissful ignorance. Many new individual kingdoms, barons, duchies rose at around this time as the population grew after advancements in agriculture slowly rose and with the growing population, so did discontent.

10 years ago a group of separatists mages who were outcasted by their institutes for their research on heretical and banned practices in world bending and other unsavory rituals attempted to bring ruin on those who accused them. They ventured into a recent cave which lead them to the heart of Serenity's Summit, the largest mountain of the known world. there they found what no one had witnessed, and what became their tomb and the demise of the current empire. Using forbidden magic they made the mountain churn and waver disturbing and awakening it, eventually angering the mountain letting off its fiery rage upon the empires unsuspecting denizens. However the magic the magi used was unstable and caused the volcano to buckle and crack causing most of what would be its power to dissipate.

But the damage was felt as a massive earthquake shattered the land and a large plume of ash covered the skies for weeks before falling back to the ground, covering much of the land around the mountain and its nearby people in a dark ash which stuck to them forever. Five yeas after this event the current emperor died due to, complications and without a clear legitimate heir to the throne the imperium fell into disarray and confusion with many searching for the rightful heir while others plot behind closed curtains. Will your small kingdom help restore order and the empires rule? Or will it seek to conquer of what remains?


One Paragrapth minimum
no godmoding
no metagaming
no kill them all/undead factions
keep an eye on their stats and balance themselves

also you have a choice of two combat mechanics: the standard narrative one or another one which @Shireling has devised

Mods are as is: @Crumbli@KindlyPlagueDoctor @Shireling

Empire divided Lore
Empire Divided CS
Empire Divided Maps

For OOC ask the gm or one of the mods for a discord link
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