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Commission AI Art for Your Roleplay Scenes & Characters (Open)


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Hello, RP Nation!

I'm QuantumPixel, a new member of the community. I'm an experienced roleplayer with a newfound passion for AI-generated digital art. Using Stable Diffusion models, I would like to offer to create unique and engaging visuals for roleplay characters and scenes I'm interested in at no cost to you.

AI art offers a different take on visuals, allowing for a blend of unexpected aesthetics that can truly enhance the immersive experience of our roleplays. Whether it's a dynamic character portrait or a vivid depiction of your story's setting, I want to have fun and help bring your vision to life.

If you're interested, please DM me with the following details:
  • Character/Scene Name:
  • Brief Description:
  • Preferred Aesthetic/Style:
  • Any Specific Elements to Include:
  • Example Image (if any):
  • Deadline (if any):
Please note, while I would like to share the artwork I create for users in the Arts section or my profile to inspire others and showcase the possibilities of AI art, the final artwork will belong to you. I will always ask for your permission before sharing anything publicly.

Feel free to reach out even if you just want to discuss the possibilities of AI art or have any questions about the process. I'm here to learn, grow, and contribute.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!


Some art samples:

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