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Fandom Age of Calamity/BotW 1x1! SPOILERS


a cosmic confluence of pyramids hologrammed
Hello, I've been craving Zelda roleplays lately and I really want to do some shippy stuff in Botw or AoC! There will be spoilers for AoC if you chose that verse, so please be wary of that!

My ships for this are:
Young Impa/Zelda

For my personal comfort, I will only roleplay with people who are 18 or older!
2.) You must write at least write 2 paragraphs in response!
3.) You must write in 3rd person perspective!
4.) Do not constantly bump me! If I haven't responded in a week, feel free to bump, but please no more than that!
5.) If you introduce a background character in the scenario (ex. Sidon, Purah, etc.) you must play as them!
6.) All characters will be of age in a post-canon setting!

If you're interested, feel free to message me and we can discuss plot!

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