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Seraph X

Prince of the Realm of Dreams
Hello, world.

I'm just a simple guy with a ton of excess imagination looking to practice writing and have some fun. I've got a list of some fandoms and stuff I'd like to RP for, with some details for those I've got listed, and I'm constantly thinking of more. Reply below if you're interested.

Oh, and one more thing: if you desire any romance, I do MxF or possibly FxF, but no MxM. Just my preference.

RPs I'm Craving

Fandom: Video Games

* Kingdom Hearts = A personal favorite, I'm looking to start a completely new story based off the concepts, but with few to none of the original KH-specific characters, and with new worlds from either other movies (Disney and/or animated preferred) or from other video games. OCs are not only desired, they are required, and suggestions for new worlds to add are welcome! (OCs can be human or anthro or some sort of fusion, but all characters must be approved)

Sonic the Hedgehog = Another personal favorite, I'm looking to create a new adventure with OCs/FCs welcome, as well as any canon characters the player(s) might wanna bring in. I, myself, will most likely be playing a version of Tails the Fox.
Fandom: Cartoons & Anime

Avatar: The Last Airbender = Looking to do something that creates a new story either in the background of Aang's journey or, if possible, that occurred during the Hundred-Year War.

* Digimon = Looking to create a new story with concepts from Seasons 1, 2 and 3–Digivolution is classic style, but DNA is possible as well and Digimon can be enhanced or given new attacks through cards like the Tamers did–and with any Digimon being welcome provided each player's partner Digimon is unique from the rest (essentially, this means only one person could have a Renamon or Agumon, etc.) and I call dibs on a Renamon partner by default.

Danny Phantom = New ghostly OCs both good and bad, new human interlopers in the mix both Hunter and civilian, and the same classic black-and-white Halfa hero, I want to build up a new plot where Phantom Planet didn't happen and new adventures came a callin' for Danny.

* MLP: Friendship is Magic = New species, new lands, and a whole new adventure! I'd love to do a Crossover of this with Sonic, but I'm also more than happy to do a straight-up FiM adventure. Alicorn OCs, of course, are forbidden, but all others will be considered readily for use!

Fandom: Movies

Original: Fantasy

Original: Sci-Fi


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